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  1. And the second: JAL 747-400C and -400F Ok, I cheated on the JAL. The -400F has all natural metal finish as far as I can see, and I rather doubt I can do that justice. So mine is all white like the PAX conversion. However if you would you like the challenge, feel free :D JAL 747-400F V4.zip JAL 747-400C V4.zip
  2. First twin pack of the evening: Korean Air Cargo 747-400F and -400C Korea 747-400F V4.zip Korean 747-400C V4.zip
  3. Korea 747-400 PAX. I just noticed I missed the flag from Singapore in the previous paint :oops: Korea 747-400 V4.zip
  4. Perhaps the same with FSX, both aircraft had originated from the same airport. Anyway, I found yet more interesting things in the API, a suggestion that you can control taxi speeds. So you could have in bound taxis go faster (to clear the runway faster), and outbound taxis slower (to avoid long queues at the runway), and hope you don't get a pile up somewhere. I have got SimConnect talking to me about AI now, and telling me when something changes. Having to learn .NET in the process. Not a bad thing to do, but it's lots of small time consuming steps. Sorry to hear the cat is on number 8. Hopefully at least one more left. Simon
  5. Singapore Airlines Cargo. Next up, staying in the Far East with Korean, PAX and Cargo, and then JAL Cargo. 744s done V1.5.zip Singapore 747-400F V4.zip
  6. The AI slider would not really help on this occasion, as I have just 3 flights in my traffic database. I'm being rather hard on FSX in making them all arrive at the same time, my real frustration was having both planes land on the "R" runway while the "L" runway is vacant. I think there is more opportunity for AIsmooth. While I was looking through the SimConnect API for another project, I found that it is possible to request the speed of an AI aircraft to be set. This could be an alternative pacing mechanism in addition to holding patterns. Perhaps we'll see a new version one day.
  7. The grey shows up fine on the cargo version when in flight, so maybe there the light was too strong on the ground. Anyway I won't worry about it now.
  8. One of the Air China Cargos was on final immediately behind and had to go around as MAS did not get off of the runway quick enough. Kind of frustrating, the L runway was empty. Must plug AISmooth back in. Hope the cat's OK. Simon
  9. MASkargo. Screenshots here: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=64332 MAS 747-400F.zip
  10. While doing a lot of painting, I often find myself solely looking at static displays of aircraft at the gate/ramp. For a change today I decided to show up at JFK, where many of my custom schedules terminate. It was delightful to watch Burkhard's model in all it's glory, something I had not really appreciated until watching a landing. Things look good for myTrafficX and FSX.
  11. Malaysia. A couple of things with this one. - The lower half of the fuselage is painted grey, colour matched to the A330. However it was hard to make the grey show up. Perhaps a little darker? - I decided to omit the "Visit Malaysia 2007" because I felt it would date the repaint as old as soon as we are in 2008. Painting a curve that extends across the two fuselage halves (nose to tail) is a world of fun! Malaysia 747-400 V4.zip
  12. I think they had some leases that ended in 2006. So one for the time machine list, which I'm sure we'll get to one day.
  13. Malaysia pax and cargo, and Singapore cargo next 744s done V1.4.zip
  14. And the final Air China 747, the pax to cargo conversion. That helicopter had better shift, who let it park there? :wink: Air China Cargo 747-400C V4.zip
  15. Air China Cargo, great job with the animation Burkhard! Air China Cargo 747-400F V4.zip
  16. Small critiques are always welcome :) Yes the tail writing is so down hill you could roll a ball down it :lol: As far as the antialising is concerned, what techniques do you have in photoshop to help with that? For this one, I did as you said and recoloured the letters and the background. I felt there was a lot of "dirty" looking pixels (i.e. quite dark) in what you might describe as the antialias area around the shapes. So I removed those and redrew the edges of the letters with the line tool, which does include an antialiasing effect. I try to keep a light touch with that, perhaps too light. We'll see how we can improve it for V2 :wink:
  17. Here's Air SouthWest Dash8-300 I noticed a couple of odd effects in the second screen shot (and only on the port side). The bottom of the letter "r" has slipped on the rudder, and there seems to be a double line where the main opening door is at the front. Perhaps an experienced Dash8 painter might help us fix those (this is my first). If there's anything you'd like me to change on this paint, or we need others painted, give me a shout. Air SouthWest Dash8-300.zip
  18. Thanks Burkhard. Good thing that we have a public holiday on Monday in the UK - there's work to do 8)
  19. Perhaps I've missed it - is there a 744-F zip package or similar available for download now it is moving to its own folder? I had a little trouble making the Air China Cargo texture work last night, and ended up deleting the F model where it used to be (in 744MX). The texture works on the pax model, so there's hope :D
  20. Here's the work in progress to get hopefully get ightenhill excited about his journey home (unless his laptop does FSX!)
  21. Air China, with a little rain in Bejing Next: A change of pace with a Dash 8 paint for Air SouthWest, and then back to the 747 grind with Air China Cargo, all model variants. Air China 747-400 My12 V3.zip Air China 747-400 My12 Night V3.zip 744s done V1.3.zip
  22. Unless there's a rogue aircraft out there.... Picture IDs 1249900 and 1247242 shown F-HSUN with Corsairfly.com on both sides. 1224579 and 1223112 show Corsairfly.fr both sides on F-GTUI with a TUI logo tail. Looking through about half of the 170 photos, only F-GTUI has the alternate scheme, so perhaps a one off. Simon
  23. Yes, I am sorry - this would have been better as a PM. And apologies to any painters whom are now confused about what to do about night textures. It will be resolved. Simon
  24. I'd be glad to provide a -l texture any time windows get deleted from the day texture, by modifying the "master" -l. The question then is how does the "night lighting template" work in the process, the one we worked on to illuminate the tail. Currently, that does not care about the -l, since it builds a new -l from the customised -t? I think I'm having another morning of slow thinking :D
  25. :? Interesting. I'll look at the photographs again and see if there is a pattern.
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