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  1. Here's my files for anyone whom wishes to take a look and make comments. Note KLM and Qantas only have 1 side painted, on the basis that the other side is just a simple mirror image (excluding text). I can finalise once we are happy with the models and comments are applied. Next: NWA qantas.rar klm.rar BA Composite.rar
  2. Quite by chance. I'm lazy when it comes to scheduling, so I just cut and paste and change only the plane id. That means I have a lot of aircraft departing (and arriving) at the same time. When I decided to watch the aircraft from an arrival point of view, FSX puts them all initially in the same space (so they horribly overlap), however they all shortly diverge and for a few minutes you can take nice pictures like this one. Quite the beauty contest! Despite what I said earlier I've also pained a Qantas to an extent. PM me your email and I'll send you the bmp for all if you wish. Simon
  3. Sorry if this is old news. Found a useful Boeing style font which seems to look the part: http://exe.vis.ne.jp/fs_font.html I'll update my small fleet to use it.
  4. Thanks Vikram. Now: Presenting the Flying Dutchman, and friends. I'd like to take a view on any model revisions (e.g. top deck windows and doors) and any comments before finishing the paint, so I'll put the bmp up once we have that. Next: Quantas. Simon
  5. Berkhard, Don't forget my comment about the upper deck windows, they look too far forward on the model and presented a few problems for me with positioning the BA logo that paints across them. Simon
  6. Also having a look at KLM next. Lots of solid colour so should be easier!
  7. Built with winzip 11 probably using an 11 only compression. Here's a version that should be compatible with winzip 2. If that does not work, I guess I'll stop swimming against the tide and get winrar! BA Composite2.zip
  8. Are the A319/A320/A321 model and paints available as a single download, or it is a case of working through baddog's repaint thread?
  9. Here's a more complete repaint. I've also included the texture that I composited together if anyone wished to make critical observations to improve my technique. That is welcome, be ruthless, but kind words are always encouraged for this labour of love! My comments: The tail was a lot of work in the end. And it is not as clean (image noise wise) as Baddogs. I tried to use that but trying to fit/stretch it became time consuming. However I can always carry on in that direction. Nearly but not quite lined up the blue on the front and rear fuselage. The BA banner logo does not quite fit right over the door. I did this to balance with the upper deck windows. On one of my reference pictures, the windows start further towards the rear, more above the door than to one side of it. However, could I be looking at the wrong member of the 747 family? Paint.net worked out real well. Somethings worked better in MS paint, like line drawing to fill an enclosed area. ba747.zip
  10. Some help please on how to create the LOD bitmaps. I'm creating the -t.bmp, but only at 1024x1024 I think. How to do the others?
  11. I think I'm missing a step. To create the AI plane, I copied Burkhart's Lufthansa bmps into a new texture subdirectory, and then replaced B744-t.bmp with my creation. However at more distant views from the AI aircraft, the original Lufthansa scheme shows through. What do I need to do to generate the lower LODs? Getting there :D Simon
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. Right now I'm having a good experience with paint.net, which does have layers. That makes things easier. So I'll proceed with a rough version of the major elements and then refine.
  13. Hi Burkhard, You mention that the 737 paints are not FSX format. What does that mean, or what is the downside? Does that mean you can take an FSX SP1 model and use say FS9 repaints with it? Just wish to increase my understanding of this area. I'll look harder for BMIBaby. Since they operate 737s, they should still show up in the FSX SP1 only schedule which I'm now using, right? In any case I'll continue to explore repainting the 747. What tool do you use, as baddog is right in paint being less than ideal? Simon
  14. Is the concept of "layers" something generic or specific to a package like "paint". Where can I learn how to do it?
  15. Absolutely right, I will come back and correct that once I have proved I can do the other major elements ("British Airways" and banner logo, tail logo on the other side (!), and overall colour tone).
  16. I'm having trouble finding blank textures for repainting these. Could not spot them in the aircraft folder, and a search here did not find them either. Can someone help point me in the right direction? I'm looking at adding BMIBaby. Thanks Simon
  17. Thanks Baddog. I sent you a PM with a request for a bmp. I'd like to do some more work to ensure I've touched every area of the process, and then have you tear it apart! Simon
  18. That was a good idea, because source images and the blank texture pattern are easy to find! Originally I had planned to do "BMIBaby" since I had not spotted this operator so far. Can't see it in the editor.
  19. To learn the necessary techniques, here's my first (ever) attempt at a repaint, which I offer for suggestions to improve it. Clearly it's very rough and is viewed with the sun behind the aircraft, so we are looking at the darkside. Some questions: 1) How do I get the best colour tone for BA? The white is too cream (compare body with tail), however should I try to match to an existing repaint such as 737 or airbus? Should I need the original (non-DXT) bitmap for that, so I can acquire the pixel colour directly? 2) For the body and engines, I used the paint line and fill tools, picking a colour from the original jpeg. Is that best, or should I try cut and paste of the entire engine just like I did for the tail? 3) How to do images like the BA "banner" logo that goes around windows? 4) How to do text "British Airways"? Directly onto the fuselage? Long way to go, but pleased to get this far!
  20. How do I find out (easily) What repaints are already done? What repaints people are working on? To avoid duplication? Simon
  21. I don't have much time but I'll try to find some over the next few days. My photoscenery and road traffic projects are pretty much done now. Just read the Just Flight annoucement. If they have rebuilt all 65 models in FSX SP1 format and repainted them, that would be quite an achivement. I hope they clarify that, but at least right now we know exactly which MyTrafficX models are done, and what's next.
  22. Maybe I can help with the effort. I don't know whether I'll be any good, I'm not particularly artistic, but is there an "idiot's guide to repainting aircraft" anywhere? Would it help if I were able to contribute in this way?
  23. So we are making great progress on all fronts, particularly with the airbus, and soon 747 and 757. Where do the 777 and Hs146 (or whatever it's called these days - RJ?) come on the roadmap? Incidentally there's a lot of noise over on the just flight traffic forums about an annoucement this week - we'll see.
  24. Of course the programmer in me tells me to do it the hard way with the SDK :wink: So now I've used the mytrafficX editor, and Lufthansa has at last commenced its new daily service from Birmingham to LAX! However it was necessary to put mytrafficown.bgl in its own scenery library entry, and disable the others for MyTrafficX. The 747 is put at a cargo ramp at Birmingham, I guess there are no gate spaces big enough. And perhaps there is just too much competition for spaces. How does FSX decided which planes to use from its collection of BGLs? I would like mytrafficown.bgl to take precedence. I'll try putting it higher in the scenery library later.
  25. Yes - thank you - now I see them. Back to my original question, I would like to answer the challenge of compiling traffic plans with the FSX tools. If anyone has a source code sample and compiled BGL, best using one of the FSX SP1 aircraft models, I would be glad to try it. Once I did have this working, now I cannot.
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