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  1. NWA, as before with old Air France NWA 747.zip
  2. Here's JAL, again with night lighting. JAL 747.zip
  3. With all this sport, how do I find time for FSX? oh yeah, no sleep. 8) Here's Air France. This is generated with Burkhard's latest master texture, compatible with and including night lights. Air France 747.zip
  4. Jaap: :D Fortunately I'm from Wales now living in England, but that's probably worse as far as Rugby is concerned right now. At least you didn't mention the cricket! Ben: Thanks, that is a better picture than I have. Perhaps I'll take another look at it later this week.
  5. New Zealand has got the better of me so I'm putting it away for another time; it's up for grabs if anyone wants it. In the meantime, I'll book out Singapore next. Simon
  6. Thanks Burkhard. I had a quick look at the -400 master texture and it looks good. Tomorrow I'll try to get everything done so far updated and uploaded, and try to get to the -300s started as well. It may be quite late tomorrow! And now we have the -200 to work on! Well done, we'll be finished everything by Christmas :wink:
  7. Daniel - do you have the master texture I uploaded the other day, V1.5? I think it's in the 747-400 thread. Burkhard is designing the night lighting around this I believe. The windows are shifted around a little. Simon
  8. Thanks Daniel. Your NWA looked great and I can't wait to see United. Slowly but surely our hubs are begining to fill!
  9. Thanks Jaap - that makes it clear now. Yes I think I'm seeing this on every paint to a greater or lesser extent. I had presumed it was a lighting effect made by FSX so had rather ignored it, but you are right to point it out so we can check into it. I wonder if it is so on the dark side of the plane as well, away from the sun, I'll have a look later. Perhaps Berkhard will have insight.
  10. So just a summary of the 747-400 painted so far: British Airways Qantas (RR and PW) KLM NWA JAL Air France Only some of those uploaded, just waiting on the night texture for the rest. New Zealand is underway, although my tools may not beup to the job - we'll see. Also I'll get to any -300 variants of the above this weekend (hopefully)
  11. I have done an NWA, and indeed did use Baddog's A320. Not uploaded yet since as I was hanging on to look at the night lighting. Don't really mind which we end up using, perhaps Daniel will produce a better one. I had some trouble with the alignment of the components at the front and ended up with a little compromise rather than absolute fidelity. Jaap - Can you give me a picture of the rudder artifact? All my recent work has been on a 7600GS based system. However my Core2 with X800XL has just been fixed (needed a new motherboard) so I can compare as required. Do you mean this one: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=63922&sid=41f87ee070a9eb5847577de00ff7efce PS. Air France in the picture is the old one, however I've just finished the new one. Next I'm looking at Air New Zealand
  12. Do you have a list of operators for -300, like you made for -400?
  13. It's been a funny day. Had Air France all done then somehow lost it. Managed to find an old copy with at least the tail painted, which was most of the work. So France soon, then Air New Zealand. More uploads once night lighting is done.
  14. My742. Did you predict right :wink: I hope the 747 paints will let you spend a little more time on the models. On the freighters. Did you see the Just Flight screenshots with the opening nose cargo door (hint!)
  15. My 747-400 Template. Please let me know if I need to make changes as a result of the night lights, or if there are any other files like the -l.bmp I can create for you. B744-t.V1.5.zip
  16. Yes, I will certainly pick up the 300 series too. You may want to take another pass at Qantas. I've updated the 744 template with a stronger red (from B737 or 738) to fit better with the rest of the fleet (see paint thread). Simon
  17. I see we've had an upgrade! The "local" master will come tomorrow. Good point about the night lighting, I should be checking that on the repaints. Almost every repaint so far has required some window deletions to match the requirements of the carrier. With the board down I've accumulated quite a few updates, which I'll keep for a short while to verify the lights. Is there another step I need to do for the lights, considering the window layout does get changed? Updates to come: - Changed the main colour tone of KLM a little and Qantas a bit more to match their friends in the7 737 fleet. After a lot of searching I finally found a DXT viewer that worked so I could match the pallette to what had already been created. Qantas was quite a bit too light. - Fixed overexposure on the BA banner logo that turned the grey shadow effect to a sand colour. - Completed NWA and JAL, colour matched to FSX repaints. Next: Air France Simon
  18. *** Updated attachment, see below. BA747RR.zip superseded by BA747RRa.zip *** BA, featuring RR engines. Until the 777 takes a turn, the 747s dominate Heathrow. Next: either NWA or JAL, depending on how my work day goes tomorrow! PS. Thanks to Baddog for the help with this one. BA747RRa.zip
  19. *** Updated attachment, see below. Qantas-RR.zip and Qantas-PW.zip superseded by Qantas-RRa.zip and Qantas=PWa.zip *** How about a trip to Sydney next? Here's Qantas. The only way I could improve the artifacts on the tail was to replace the blue with gold completely. However I have left it unchanged for now as I like the blue. See what you think, if you don't like it it's not hard to change. Qantas comes in both PW and RR versions Qantas-RRa.zip Qantas-PWa.zip
  20. *** Updated attachment, see below. 747 KLM.zip superseded by KLM747a.zip *** Behold more Boeings! I'm glad to say that I've got to the point where I have completed a 747 repaint, and would like to start a paint thread (just like baddog's for Airbus) to collect them together for Burkhard to use. Learning to paint has been a time consuming but enjoyable exercise, and I hope others will be able to join with other 747 paints. Right now we can do both -300 and -400 series. I can't promise to turn them out as fast as everyone else, but more to come very soon. Here is KLM. Compared with the original screenshots a while ago, I have darkened the blue to make it match better with the 737 already done. Also the KLM logos are all tidier. I made a few changes to windows, moving the top deck back a little and deleting one or two to better represent my references. There are many variations in -400 construction and airline modification, so this may not be the last time it is needed. Qantas is very nearly complete, I'm holding it back to see if I can improve the tail edge texture. Also very soon will be NWA, BA, JAL, and Air France , all in various stages of completeness. Comments on this repaint are most welcome, I'll try to fix things and use suggestions in others. And thanks to Berkhard and Ben for being excellent teachers, critics and infinitely patient whilst I continue to learn the trade. So give it a try, and pay a visit to Schipol soon! KLM 747a.zip
  21. Better screenshot showing the problem here. In this version I had removed the gold band to try to fix.
  22. I'm seeing some "artifacts" appear through image conversion with either ImageTool or DXTBmp. The left tail is the original uncompressed bitmap, and on the right the DXT1 version. Note the front edge of the tail where there is blue. Behind is a thin gold stripe, followed by red. It's hard to see on the screenshot, but just after the gold stripe some blue squares have leaked through and mixed with the red, making it look bad. In the original paint.net project. the red is at the lowest layer, and the blue a layer above. Is there anything I can do about this?
  23. Yes, I can make the red turn white. What about the change in shape of the engine exhaust, from GE style to RR style? Is there anything I can do about that?
  24. During the final check on KLM, I noticed the following. In aircraft.cfg, KLM is configured to use CF6. However at a certain zoom out point, the engines seem to pop to RR with the red band at the back (from the template). The plane in the foreground is correct. The others have popped. What can I do to fix this?
  25. Thanks Burkhard, I'll try to keep up in future :oops: I downloaded from http://www.fsrail.com/My744.zip. Hope to have some published by tomorrow night. Simon
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