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  1. So where can I get the Dash8 template from to do a new paint?
  2. and at last sporting greatness returns to England - who'd have thought it would be cricket. Not us, that's for sure. Thank goodness for no European/World football tournaments this year :lol:. If England make it, I'll take that, can't see it happening for Wales :cry:
  3. Virgin and CorsairFly.com ticked off the list. Air China in progress, Corsair.fr to do. 744s done V1.2.zip
  4. Looks like someone crept in during the night and stole BA's terminal 4 fleet for CorsairFly.com! I think it will be quite easy to make Corsair.fr drop out as well, assuming you'd like one of those too. Speaking of TUI, I don't see ThomsonFly, except over my roof :lol:. Is a 737 paint required? Simon Corsair Fly 747-400.zip Corsair Fly 747-400 Night.zip
  5. Virgin Atlantic A couple of notes: 1) Night Lighting is a work in progress and may be revised before final release. 2) For those of you who look closely, there's a compromise around the tail. Pictures show the logo ending on the 4th window, and where the tail joins the body. However both points are in different places. So I've extent the pattern out a bit. It goes beyond the tail and ends at the 3rd window. So while not insanely accurate, I think this is a good compromise and looks much like the A340. Virgin Atlantic 747-400 My25 V3.zip Virgin Atlantic 747-400 My25 Night V3.zip
  6. If you follow the nightlighting thread, you'll see Virgin and Corsair are done, to be uploaded later. Next up is Air China.
  7. Here's the "final" night texture template. Once thing we need to decide, how can I customise the windows according to operator? Right now I am doing it on the template, but then all operators get the same night configuration, which is different to the day configuration that is customised per operator. So if you wish to automatically generate night textures as part of your build and distribution process, can we find a way to deal with windows? It is important, for instance the deleted ones bleed through the red "Corsair" horribly at night when they are lit. Simon night.zip
  8. Forgive my indulgences, just one last screenshot. Just wait till we have FEX too :wink:
  9. Here's a different airline with some minor revisions to the light pattern, to make it smoother at the leading edge. Comments welcome as always, otherwise I think I'm just about finished on this one.
  10. Thanks for checking Daniel. Clearly I need more coffee today. Here is V1.1, which has Pullmantur 743 marked done and Corsairfly.com 744 marked in progress. Speaking of CorsairFly, is there a ThomsonFly or other TUI in the same light blue paint scheme already done? Didn't see them in the traffic editor. Simon 744s done V1.1.zip
  11. The list is out of date already :lol: CorsairFly started.
  12. Updated with what's done and what's being worked on to the best of my knowledge. Let me know about any changes and I'll keep up to date. 747s done.zip
  13. Thank you for the list Burkhard. Later I'll upload a version which marks what we have collectively repainted so far. So unless you tell me otherwise, I'll focus on 744 cargo and pax versions to get us ready for 5.1a as soon as possible.
  14. I presume the same for landing lights, which more heavily light the nose/side when they are on.
  15. You should be able to find it in the Aircraft/735MX directory (or something very similar). Then look at the aircraft.cfg to find out which texture subdirectory it is in. Note the paints are all DXT1 compressed, so if you wish to look at them you'll need a tool like the SDK imagetool or DXTBMP Simon
  16. The night windows are so much sharper in the 1024 texture, so that sounds great. One thing to note is that the process generates a complete paint in the night texture. This means you have not only the tail, but the fuselage, engines, winglets etc also painted in detail a much darker tone. So far I have not noticed anything bad through doing this, and I certainly think having 1024 for both day and night will prevent any visual conflicts. Lastly I want to tidy up the bottom of the tail leading edge. The start of the light pattern looks a little too abrupt. Simon
  17. Cleaning up the image around the boarders really helped remove the compression artifacts. 512x512 looks better now, but my money is still on 1024 :wink: I've included both below if you want to try them. BA Night Experiment.zip
  18. 1024 did seem to improve matters. Perhaps my rough edges is contributing to problems - so I'll clean those up. Here's dusk - the sun just went below the horizon.
  19. I think we need a list of which carrier operates what aircraft, like the one you did for the 744pax. I don't really know, 747s don't operate from my local airports :cry: So while we can just work to the existing aircraft.cfg files, seems like we need to paint the correct models now and pick up new operators. Perhaps not a trivial piece of work, but best to avoid painting combinations that don't exist. Simon
  20. Berkhard has already written a program to apply a template texture to the day time bitmap to produce an improve night time texture. How about that for service :D I ran some tests on BA. The template has a gradient filled circle to represent the tail light in the template, so the edges towards the body should be darker and the center lighter. I would have preferred an ellipse, but I don't seem to have that in paint.net. Please see the before and after screenshots below. The night texture generated from the new process is a little rough at the edges, but I will spend the time cleaning up if we are happy that this is the way to go. While I think overall the impression of tail lighting is better, I have some observations: - The plane artwork is displayed in a 512x512 bitmap at night, as opposed to 1024x1024 with daytime. You can see the difference, for instance in the DXT artifacts on the leading edge of the red areas. However I just hope perhaps that the Microsoft advice is perhaps FS9 rather than FSX, and with the advances in graphics cards perhaps we could manage 1024x1024 for night. - I found a variety of light patterns by (744) operator. Some lit just a part of the tail, some just about all of it. Maybe operators calibrate the lights to make their logos look best, or perhaps I've spent just too long looking at it. In any case for each model such as 744 I think we want one light template to keep the repaint process managable. I don't think anyone's logo will suffer from illuminating most of the tail (i.e. in the BA example). So, some comments please on where we go with this.
  21. Unfortunately I think we'll be better of without the nose logos, which really show up when it is open. I forgot to add this on Air France (they have quite a small one), so had not noticed the issue. Something to revisit in the next version (MyTraffic for FSX 11, 12 or whatever) Simon
  22. we're safe, I picked Air France instead as I already had most of the necessary artwork. The lineup problems on the nose look similar to those on the 400pax, which Burkhard was able to fix although I think calibrating the model was a lot of hard work.
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