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  1. The ones I have downloaded are 512x512 DXT1. I'd like the 1024x1024 24bit, just like the B744-l version. I want to black out some of the windows just like the day textures, and then compress and create the mipmaps. Unless I convert it in imagetool first, I can't edit the DXT1. Even if I did convert, the starting point would be of less quality (than the 744)
  2. A couple of strange patterns across the top -400F and where the rear fuselage joins the front, more noticeable with the lights switched on
  3. Air France Cargo, with container! No idea whether Air France actually ship Maresk, just an illustration. Air France 747-400F My33 V3.zip
  4. Not a problem, we can't allow a UK based airline to be overlooked :wink: Looks like some reasonable image sources on a.net. Do you happen to know which Dash 8 models they operate, and any other models other than Dash 8 required? I will certainly take a look at this as soon as my current 747 pipe is empty, unless someone else beats me to it :wink: Simon
  5. Back to Tokyo with the 747-100. JAL 747-100 My01 V3.zip
  6. Hello Burkhard. Thank you for the files - they are DXT1 mipmaps. Should I really use an uncompressed bmp for editing the night texture? Thanks Simon
  7. Take a trip to Middle Earth! Perhaps one day, if I feel particularly brave, I'll do the movie repaint too. This one features a night texture that matches the window deletions in the day texture Air New Zealand 747-400 My20 Daytime V3.zip Air New Zealand 747-400 My 20 Nighttime V3.zip
  8. And maybe a little more before the snow melts :wink: For the night textures, there are -l.dds and -l_3.dds. If I have changed the master bitmap, and regenerated the DXT1 BMPs, do I need to (somehow) regenerate these DDS files too? Simon
  9. Berkhard, could you make available the -l masters for the other 74X models please? 742, 742 etc. Thanks Simon
  10. So the program works like this: - We have a bitmap that defines the projection of the light on the tail - "light template bitmap". This would be like the current texture masters. - Pixels that are white in the template define a piece of the day texture that is copied to the night texture. - The program opens the day texture, reads pixels according to the light template bitmap, darkens those that are to be used for the night texture, and finally writes them to the night texture. - So for a model like the 744, we have one light template bitmap. And other models have other templates. - It might be possible to influence the darkening of the day texture on a pixel by pixel basis, for instance by different intensities in the template. That would be an advanced function in version 2 perhaps. - The program could run as a batch, and process all paints for a model in one go. Are the other steps that I have missed? I'm thinking if I am lucky there are Java classes or code samples out there for manipulating bitmaps that I could use for a development project. And I tend to get lucky with Java! Simon
  11. So here's another one of those evaluation posts. This time I have a Qantas 747-300 with metallic engines. The engine texture is generated directly from source material (the RR is a mirror image as the engines were snapped from the other side - to be corrected). The texture does not quite blend so well at the top where the two halves join. So what do you think and how to improve? As I rotated around in FSX, I thought the sim did a nice job of making the metal shine in the sun. Simon Qantas 747-300.zip
  12. I'm in the process of generating the night textures - just the windows, not the custom tails. Firstly there a small problem with the master. The circle used to draw the light on the tail overlaps the engine area. I rubbed it out and here's a new version. Secondly, looking at Lufthansa I see the following: B744-l 512x512, 8 mips B744-l_3 128x128, 6 mips So B744-l is really B744-l_1 as produced by Image tool. Why do we not use the 1024x1024 LOD? It doesn't quite look as good, particularly if you switch the lights off and on for comparison. I'm guessing it's down to performance, two textures to apply to each AI aircraft instead of 1. Simon B744-l_new.zip
  13. Alex, I have FSX on D: and SDK on C: which means I needed full paths (including drive letter) in dll.xml. Maybe try a full path anyway, then FSX can't get it wrong :wink: Simon
  14. The short answer is I was lazy and just did one side :wink: I'm pretty sure that FSX isn't applying much lighting effects to make this happen - it's all in the texture. So I think it will be more even between both sides, unlike (the beautiful) day lighting. The airports are so dark in FSX. There should be more accidents! Can the operators not afford to turn the lights on? I agree with both Burkhard and Baddog on this one. While a step in the right direction, it is extra work that every painter would need to do. So for now I'll continue with other paints, and thenmaybe one day when we've done them all and have nothing to do..... :shock:
  15. Just a quick pass with some more work needed, using mostly reusable bits from other Air France.
  16. Funnily enough I thought they were missing and I was going to do one when I first started painting. Burkhard told me he had done them. However then forgot all about it as I got into the 747 paints. When I can get near an FSX computer I'll go take a look. It would be interesting to see if they have any hubs defined in the traffic editor.
  17. Opinions on the following please - and it's quite OK to say it's no good. I wanted to explore the night light effects, and in particular to see if I could more brightly illuminate the tail. On a.net, the tails always look much brighter. The technique is a bit more work, because it involves cutting a piece of the day texture, putting onto the night page and darkening it. However it may be worthwhile, flying at night is always a special experience. The light shape is not quite what I'm looking for yet, more work on that later perhaps. The aircraft at the very back has the default night texture applied to it, for comparison.
  18. Maybe I've missed it, do you have the master bmp for 74F please?
  19. doh he beat me to it! I'll leave Daniel with Cargolux, but I'm sure there's others. Let us have it Burkhard! :D In the meantime, and especially for Jaap, here's the slightly retro KLM-400 which I understand is still operated today alongside the newer scheme. I've improved my anti-aliasing techniques a little for this one, and will revisit some of the others to make minor improvements when I can get to them. KLM 747-400 Retro.zip
  20. Thanks Daniel. What's next? I have the older KLM -400 nearly done and Air New Zealand moving along quite nicely. Should be finished tonight. I also need to put up an attempt at metallic engines, since the old KLM -300 has that too. Also I should compile a list of what we have done between us all so far. Simon
  21. Hi Tom, It's always hard to spot syntax errors in XML. I can't see a problem, but it's east to miss. I have attached my dll.xml for you to try. It only has the toolbox right now, but I like to walk before I run :wink: Make a backup copy of your dll.xml and give it a try. Just place the file directly onto your computer rather than trying to edit, and saves the possibility of typing mistakes of which I make many. Simon
  22. I noticed in the older (FS9 type) textures, there is an area defined for the wing surface. Do we have any options to paint that now. For instance, this paint would benefit: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1136450/M/
  23. Burkhard: I counted 10 and 8 on the top deck. See http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1127726/M/ For an example.
  24. Picking up Air New Zealand again. Working out better this time.
  25. Looking through source material to get the best window combination for the JAL -100, I see three combinations on the upper deck. Older pictures with just 3 windows, others with a single group (like the -200), and others with two groups (like the -400).
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