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  1. Hi Tom, If you like, I'll try to make a dll.xml with your configuration in it. Tell me exactly where you have TrafficToolbox.dll installed, i.e. the full path to it including drive letter. I will copy my dll to that place, make sure it works, and send you the file. If that does not fix it, you might ask the question on the FSX forum here at SimFlight or Avsim, where there might be more people looking. Simon
  2. That's great. Can we get a ground support vehicle to feed it? Yes, I just want the moon on a stick again :wink:
  3. Tom, Here's my dll.xml, which shows up Traffic Toolbox. SDK is installed on C:\, and FSX on D:\ so I need to explicitly say where the SDK is, since it is not relative to FSX. Perhaps if you spell out exactly where your SDK is installed, it will start working for you. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> Launch dll.xml False False Traffic Toolbox False False C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\traffictoolbox.dll
  4. More low hanging fruit, presenting the JAL 747-200 and 747-300 While I was checking these out, an Air France 742 sat behind us. When I turned around it had thrown its doors open and was receiving service from a baggage truck. How cool is that! 8) JAL 742.zip JAL 743.zip
  5. Just download the -100, many thanks, more painting to do! The bitmaps are named B742-t..., should they be B741? Also do you have a list of paints you would like, did the 741 exist in myTraffic before? I see on a.net there's JAL, which I'm currently working on for the other models.
  6. Hi Tom, That may be a problem, I think Microsoft expect you to have everything in the FSX folder. You could try specifying the full directory and drive letter in your path tag for dll.xml. Otherwise I'll post up what I did, in about 6 hours time. Not allowed FSX at work :? Hang in there with MyTraffic. I own all 3 traffic products (Just Flight and Ultimate Traffic), but "My" is the only one I use now. It is moving forward the fastest, what is being developed is clearly visible, and the user/staff community here is fantastic compared with experiences I've had elsewhere. Simon
  7. One problem with the toolbox I ran into is I have the SDK installed on the C: drive, but FSX on the D: drive. To have the toolbox work, I needed to change the path entry to a fully specified path on C:, rather than just relative to FSX. If this is your problem I can post up my dll.xml when I get home later tonight. Simon
  8. I hope Burkhard does not mind me doing the Qantas 747-300 over again. I wanted to use the darker red that I introduced in the later version of the -400, to better match other model paints. Looking at source material on a.net, I see a lot of the Qantas -300 having metallic engine covers. There of course are very reflective. Has anyone already painted a metallic engine for another model that I can grab the texture and reuse? Otherwise I just grab from the source and see what happens, but the colour balance with the rest of the paint worries me a little. Simon
  9. And not forgetting the 747-300 Air France 747-300.zip
  10. Air France 747-200, quite an easy rework of the 400. Air France 747-200.zip
  11. Burkhard, My only comment would be that judging from screenshots, a competitor is going in this direction, and if MyTraffic does not have this facility they may promote that difference. Simon
  12. OK Thanks, I'll add the "thick style" to the pipeline for 744 and 743.
  13. Burkhard, could you switch on 743 and 742? I think more paints will start coming real soon now 8) Simon
  14. I had a look at the old FS9 style paint for the KLM 747-300, and it is very similar to what I just did for the FSX -400. However, having a look at internet photographs I'm seeing a different older style paint. This has a deep blue line running along the windows. It will not be too hard to go in this direction, but which paint style (or both!) should I do? Any KLM experts on that the 300 is wearing right now, Jaap perhaps?
  15. So, I've added some new repaints and updated the old ones with the latest template and night lighting. Look back through this thread and you can download replacements for KLM, BA, and Qantas Didn't get to the -2 and -3, so they are next in the pipeline: KLM -200 and -300 Qantas -200 and -300 JAL -200 and -300 Air France -200 and -300 Note: The BA -200 and NWA -200/-300 are completely different paint schemes so will take their turn with everything else.
  16. And finally for today, Singapore Airlines. Singapore 747.zip
  17. NWA, as before with old Air France NWA 747.zip
  18. Here's JAL, again with night lighting. JAL 747.zip
  19. With all this sport, how do I find time for FSX? oh yeah, no sleep. 8) Here's Air France. This is generated with Burkhard's latest master texture, compatible with and including night lights. Air France 747.zip
  20. Jaap: :D Fortunately I'm from Wales now living in England, but that's probably worse as far as Rugby is concerned right now. At least you didn't mention the cricket! Ben: Thanks, that is a better picture than I have. Perhaps I'll take another look at it later this week.
  21. New Zealand has got the better of me so I'm putting it away for another time; it's up for grabs if anyone wants it. In the meantime, I'll book out Singapore next. Simon
  22. Thanks Burkhard. I had a quick look at the -400 master texture and it looks good. Tomorrow I'll try to get everything done so far updated and uploaded, and try to get to the -300s started as well. It may be quite late tomorrow! And now we have the -200 to work on! Well done, we'll be finished everything by Christmas :wink:
  23. Daniel - do you have the master texture I uploaded the other day, V1.5? I think it's in the 747-400 thread. Burkhard is designing the night lighting around this I believe. The windows are shifted around a little. Simon
  24. Thanks Daniel. Your NWA looked great and I can't wait to see United. Slowly but surely our hubs are begining to fill!
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