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  1. I was able to get this working using your files but with some changes 1) simconnect.cfg, TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe.config. Instead of using your IP address and computer name, I used my own. You don't need to change the versions you have as they are will work for you. That said I'd recommend using computer names rather than IP addresses, as your address will change if DHCP based. 2) simconnect.xml. This had some serious problems, the worst being it was trying to start a simconnect server on the port that STB-DS is trying to use for it's own communications. One will win and the other close down, which is why this isn't working for you. Why you have this in your simconnect.xml I've no idea, STB would not have put it there so you are better off without it. I also changed the IP adresss to as it is not necessary to associated it with an actual IP address (and causes problems when the DHCP lease expires). I've added the simconnect.xml file here, you should use that one now. simconnect.xml Otherwise I think you are good to go. Simon
  2. Most likely yes. Compile Airports probably won't work yet in V5.
  3. Yes, go here: C:\Users\simon\AppData\Roaming\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Client\Prepar3D V4\Settings And you'll find your airlines and aircraft databases, as well as STB settings applied through the settings notebook. If all this isn't there after you reinstall, simply make a backup of these files first then put them back afterwards. Simon
  4. OK, the only thing left to try is your configuration files on my working setup. I have two of the four requires, but the simconnect related files where cut and paste as text so I can't really use those. Can you send me them as files please, simconnect.xml and simconnect.cfg Thanks Simon
  5. Early days yet, but it's a start. This required converting the entire application to Visual Studio 2019 and .Net 4.8, time toilets in their own right. It does not do anything useful yet! Next I'll convert STB, then I can begin to look at the simulator interfaces.
  6. To be fair to everyone, I need to verify. Please advise where you purchased from and the email address (by private message please), and I'll check my records. If you have an invoice or receipt, all the better. Thanks Simon
  7. Don't see an immediate problem so far. What happens on your client PC when you do the following DOS command: ping hanimaster Thanks Simon
  8. You should be able to download the update from my website (supertrafficboard.com) and install. So long as you have the base product already installed already, you are good to go.
  9. No problem, glad you found the solution
  10. The airport name essentially comes from the simulator, as defined in a BGL implementing the airport scenery. Compile the airports database to get an update set of airport names.
  11. No idea, can you be more precise? Which file and where? Now we are starting to get to it. Either your STBDS is not running on your PC computer, a firewall somewhere blocks the port or one or both ends are misconfigured. Please send me: 1) The TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe.config file from the STB Client 2) The StbDataServer.exe.config from the simulator PC. Thanks Simon
  12. What version of STB are you at? The stack trace has references to old code locations no longer used by me in the build process.
  13. No I don't do quick and dirty updates I'm sorry to say, they always create more problems than they are worth I was speculating on what might work to make Prepar3D V5 to masquerade as a Prepar3D V4 system, so I do not have a procedure to actually do so. Thanks Simon
  14. Aussie is correct. You can select any airport based on ICAO and at least a list of scheduled flights should show up even if there are no actual AI in the simulator operating those. You'll need to have compiled the STB airport database for schedules like this to be available.
  15. I'm surprised you got as far as that, as there are at least two problems in your simconnect.xml: <SimConnect.Comm><Disabled>False</Disabled><Protocol>IPv4</Protocol><Address></Address><Port>32123</Port></SimConnect.Comm> The previous SimConnect.Comm stanza before the above does not have a correctly terminated XML statement. The above should have the "Global" stanza included to export the port on the network. Please take a look at correcting those items before anything else. Thanks Simon
  16. So long as very distant is at least 2m, we are all good!
  17. Well if the rest of it as anything as good as the eye candy, a revolution is in sight. Alpha to onside, Asobo are setting the pace in terms of customer engagement. Not seen anything like it since Phil Taylor dared to step into the eyelight after the debacle of FSX RTM. Simon
  18. I think the Simconnect part, connect to the simulator, is the most likely part to work with the fewest issues. Other things which rely on stuff outside of SimConnect, like registry keys, appdata and program data folders as used by airport compliation for example will not work (unless you've "faked" P3DV5 folders to masquerade as their V4 counterparts).
  19. Agreed, there are some great features in there but they are just nowhere near mature enough yet. Unless something changes, I can't see it becoming my main sim platform until hotfixes are on the way with new content. And that's without even thinking about when the next MSFS is available, which will be a day 1 purchase for me. Still waiting for the alpha despite being accepted onto the developer program....
  20. I have taken a look at this, and while all the simulator folders are different for P3DV5 as you would expect, we do connect to P3DV5 and display AI flights! I've started laying out a GitHub repository for STB V5 for Prepar3D-V5 which is the vital change control step to enable anything else. Once that's done I'll look to see what specific changes are required, and if any functionality is no longer supportable in the simulator. This will be a slow burner. In my day job I'm working on health care projects right (first time in that sector) so you can imagine that takes priority of my entire life right now. Stay tuned, news as I have it! Thanks Simon
  21. No timeline to share sorry to say, bigger things going on right now which affect us all. Contributing to the problem is V5 does not really offer much new compared with previous, in fact anything that STB can take advantage of, I feel it's having its fair share of problems as an initial release and I haven't even mentioned MSFS yet... That said, if we are lucky it might just work anyway as SimConnect should be backwardly compatibly? The other touch points are in things like the add-on.xml strategy which is not delivered through an API and the hook into one of the DLLs we use to delete AI, another sin that I wish would be fixed in SimConnect. Simon
  22. Hi Glad to here the trace was useful to you, and thanks for taking the trouble to look through it. Yes, there's a whole load of debug information in there, it's essentially the best tool I have for diagnosing end user problems. I tend to use Prepar3D itself now to manage my add-on.xmls etc, and I keep anything I'm not using for a particular flight to disabled. My preference is to put the add-on.xmls into my documents, but again on a small number of them relevant to what I'm doug at the time. When I want to do something different, I just rotate the files in and out. Thanks Simon
  23. To investigate, I'll need. 1) A copy of your addons.cfg from the Prepar3D Application Data Folder and Program Data Folder 2) A copy of your scenery library 3) Set up verbose tracing as per Appendix C of the user guide, recreate the problem, and send me the trace file created. Thanks Simon
  24. FSUIPC has offered an AI traffic delete command since day 1 (of FSX, and perhaps before) for third parties that still use it as an interface to the simulator. Maybe some application benefiting from FSUIPC is making the deletion requests. Perhaps there's an FSUIPC log somewhere that notes such actions? Simon
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