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  1. Need some more context here: What time zone are you talking about in each case? 26 July is BST so that will be one hour ahead of UTC. Send me a trace as per Appendix C of the user guide if you wish, but it will be a best efforts basis. For the trace, I need a screenshot like the one above but with the FS Object ID column also presented, and tell me which flight looks wrong.
  2. FWIW I completely rewrote the implementation of time in STB V4 to use better C# classes than those available in legacy .net V2. That said, the concept is still entirely driven by what the simulator understands by time.
  3. Send me a verbose trace as per Appendix C of the user guide. I can only ask the simulator to create replacement AI over SimConnect, and the feedback in case of error is non-existant. Often it can be subtly things like strange characters in the aircraft title. With the trace, I can check whether anything is systematically wrong with STB. Simon
  4. I don't support V3.2 anymore, but what I recall (as per the other related post) is STB gets time from the simulator, including UTC and local time zone. The times are presented to you in the local timezone of wherever your user aircraft happens to be. Simon
  5. STB gets its time from the simulator. When you say the time is off, exactly which time are you talking about? Time is always presented in the local time zone of whereever your user aircraft happens to be. Simon
  6. That's definintely not the latest, check the forum for updates please
  7. What version and what update of STB do you see this?
  8. Hi Chris So nice to hear from you again. Sorry to say there's no API into UTLive like there was for UT2, so you shouldn't really see any predictions as we simply don't have that information. All I can do is to reflect the AI in the simulator, with as much information about them as I can figure out. Thanks Simon
  9. Yes, I know all about this one. Welcome to the wonderful world of Windows .net corrupting it's own files for reasons unknown. All you need to do is delete the file mentioned in the error message: C:\Users\conno\AppData\Local\FlyingWSimulation\TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe_Url_w0yixu2kwawdhvlzenm1gewk313gms3o\4.2.2018.13500\user.config Simon
  10. Hi Bob The update program does not care from where you run it. What it does care about is registry entries put down when you install STB base. In your case your registry entries are either lost or inaccessible, and so far I've just your report of this particular problem so that's quite likely to be the case. Best course of action from here is to reinstall I'm sorry to say. Thanks Simon
  11. Fantastic, I don't have the plus version myself but I'm glad it's all working for you. Many thanks Simon
  12. No we can't instantly respond to a change in the scenery.cfg without airport compilation, simply because the scenery library is so massive for most people and the only way to find a traffic BGL is to open it and read the content. As you will know, the BGL covers a wide number of scenery formats in FSX and beyond, which is a shame really as a simple filename convetion could have made it so much better. In any case, after making any change to your scenery library I recommend compiling the airport database. If that's too much, then certainly after making any change affecting traffic schedules. Simon
  13. STB does use the scenery.cfg, and then we only read those BGLs containing AI traffic schedules. Have you recompiled the STB airport database following the changes you've made to your BGL collection? Thanks Simon
  14. The default "View AI" command has always suffered from this type of problem and it's essentially the same since FSX. Sometimes it works, often many times, and sometimes it does not. It goes wrong because you cannot say I want to view aircraft "xyz". Instead you have to find out where xyz is in a list of all AI aircraft then send the same number of "cycle to next view" commands in to the simulator. So if you have 200 AI, it could take 100 commands to perform which is a lot. If the list changes between STB acquiring it and the simulator acting on the cycle command, it can show the wrong AI. From my side there's not much I can do, but the native Prepar3D camera commands (Extended AI Views and Observors) do not have this problem, so please give those a try. Thanks Simon
  15. Strange one Bob! When the box is yellow, it means we've not received the "simulation started" so we think P3D is in a menu or dialogue or is paused rather than flying. How do you rate P3D V4.5? Simon
  16. Sorry to say from my side I've no idea what's changed in the scenery library. The simulator has some idea things have changed of course, but it's not externalised to third parties. Simon
  17. Sorry to say the link does not provide a picture. Please update. Thanks Simon
  18. Hello Uwe In my development system, the user aircraft time was calculated correctly. I've added some additional debug information in case you still have problems, and I will produce a new beta just as soon as I can. At the present time, that's some days away due to other changes, but I'll get done as quickly as I can. Once it's available, I'd like you to install it. If the problem is still there, I'll need a verbose trace to examine it. Thanks Simon
  19. Thank you - that actually makes a lot of sense as we made many changes to STB's understanding of dates and times to support multi-week scehdules in AI flight plans from AIG. It's likely there's a problem with that implementation for user aircraft. Like I say, I'll investigate. Simon
  20. OK, so I think you are saying: "The user aircraft departure date/time is incorrect when I try to set it a certain number of minutes from "now" in the simulator. If that's the case, I'll look into it. Thanks Simon
  21. Hi I think I've seen this problem before and fixed it in a beta release. See here for details of the beta: Thanks Simon
  22. Hi, Thanks for sharing this one. It may be the case that UTLive disables the Prepar3D traffic BGL file during installation as other AI packages do, but of course it will reappear after a Prepar3D re-installation. One of the changes I'm working on right now is the ability to click a flight on the board, and STB will tell you which BGL file it thinks that flight came from. I expect that to be another useful tool for tracking down "undesirable flights". Thanks Simon
  23. Hi Many thanks for the file. If we find ourselves in this situation again please zip the file before uploading it here as the forum likes to expand .txt files inline which makes it rather hard to read. In any case, I think the issue is here: " Parsing FLW.Simulator.Objects.SimContentConfigItem entry:[Package.29], title:, folder:, enabled:True, supplier:C:\Users\Jimmy\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V4\add-ons.cfg." It looks like you have an blank entry in your add-ons.cfg file found in Prepar3D Application Data. Can you remove this item, or set enabled to false? Having a blank title and folder is causing us a problem. I will fix it in STB, but it will be a while before the next update due to other changes in progress at this time. Thanks Simon
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