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  1. Tower!3D Schedules

  2. Tower!3D Schedules

    Thanks for the file and the help with it. First up is finding out how to get RC for the various aircraft missing colors (see other post) and then how to add realistic GA for KPHL. Then I'll look to combine the different schedules people have to have both typical flights and cargo flights.
  3. Tower!3D Schedules

    Is this documented somewhere? I'm brand new to the product. I'd be curious to see the inner workings and I'm sure someone must be working to link FlightAware data with this.
  4. Tower!3D Schedules

    Agreed. That's sort of my issue with the current pricing. Much of the current game feels like a basic cell phone game lacking a lot of polish and stability. I continually have planes that, after pushback, will simply refuse to move with nothing anywhere near them. This happens almost every session at the B terminal. The lack of GA. The lack of cargo. Every take-off has a major stutter. The interface is buggy and limited (like using a shift key for voice and no ability to change it). I also have Ivona voices and using them is really confusing and hit and miss. It's a game with a TON of potential, but so much is unrealized right now.
  5. Tower!3D Schedules

    Does your file include cargo traffic? (Fed Ex, UPS, etc?)
  6. Tower!3D Schedules

    I've seen some jets over there for sure, but assumed they were charters. In the game I've never seen a single aircraft sitting in that area. I have to force the Dash's over there to have any action on it whatsoever.
  7. Tower!3D Schedules

    I too have never seen a single GA aircraft at KPHL. I hadn't even though of it before. Oddly, I live not far from KPHL and spend a lot of time there and have never seen a GA aircraft there in real life either!
  8. Tower!3D Schedules

    For what it's worth, I don't mind the 319 being in there if it's accurate. It just means having to spend more money. It would be really awesome if you have maybe two files. One for real schedules and perhaps notes on which planes are not part of the default KPHL RC and one file that's edited for people that don't have the add-ons. Any shot at that? Yep. After thinking about it a bit I tried some early morning sessions and that suddenly brought cargo alive. In fact, it was the first time I saw planes refusing to depart from 9L. Several UPS flights have to depart from 9R.
  9. Credit for KPHL RC?

    I'm wondering if there's a way to get a credit for the KPHL I bought as where I bought it, they didn't show the combo back for KPHL, KJFK and KTISH which I'd rather buy. Now it's a bit of a negative as I'd have to buy it to repay for KPHL again which essentially means I'd end up paying more for the other two than just buying them apart.
  10. I generally live in KPHL and I'm trying to cover all the liveries that can be there including in user-driven (based on real life) schedules. I've identified the following as missing colors: FDX AB6/H UPS AB6/H JZA CR2 JZA CRJ SKW CR9 RPA ER4 (Brickyward) I own RT and then KSAN, plus RC for KPHL, KSAN, KATL.
  11. Tower!3D Schedules

    Thanks. I had been giving other planes orders to taxi before getting the "Successful Landing" message and had them essentially ignore the directive so I assumed I needed to wait for the message.
  12. Tower!3D Schedules

    FDX1704 vacate runway right onto taxiway U I got back, "Negative".
  13. Tower!3D Schedules

    Thanks. I'll do exactly that. Didn't realize, as I noted, that such a command was even possible as I've been mainly leaning on the built-in interface to figure out the game. Any chance you'd want to share that?
  14. Tower!3D Schedules

    Wow. So this is quickly becoming a very expensive product. I'm not sure it's currently at a state that's worth that amount. I'll have to think about it. Consider that first it was $50 for the base game. Then it was $9.95 for Real Traffic (which I would have to think most people would assume includes the liveries as the description is a bit less than clear on that point). So we're at $60. Then it's $6.99 for Real Color KPHL so we're up to $67 and still we find we're not getting everything. So, to get the Frontier 319 and I going to have to spend $20 for one of the airports plus another $7 for the RC for that aiport and, if so, which one? Can I buy just the colors for each airport without the airport to get all the aircraft for KPHL or will they only work if you have the airport? It feels from there that the only way to really cover the bases is to buy every product or else you're running the risk of having aircraft that aren't included. That's $174.80 and climbing. Sure, I'm guessing that anyone that buys the core game, RT and RC for KPHL and leave everything default, then perhaps they don't get white aircraft, etc. However, this is clearly a product designed to tweak and their approach is just one I find less than optimal. Create an RC for the full product and offer that. I wouldn't have a problem with that, but to do it this way just feels greedy to me.
  15. Tower!3D Schedules

    I'm confused as I've seen screenshots of the UPS livery above. How is that happening? I own RT and RC. No other airports yet as Philly is my preferred airport so I'm lucky with that one. As noted, on Frontier I definitely have some. In fact this one with a white tail parked next to a plane with the full Frontier colors. Assumed it was something missing on the schedule.