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  1. No problem John. Thanks for letting me the situation. As noted, I'm glad to help the effort. Good luck waiting out the SimConnect issue.
  2. Pete/John, When MS left the community I jumped ship to X-Plane at v9 so I've been gone from using my FSUIPC for quite some time. I see my v3 and v4 purchase in SimMarket and just wondered -- once the SimConnect mess is fixed by Asobo and FSUIPC is fully out, is there an upgrade discount to get the license? If not, that's fine. Glad to support the work again. Just don't want to pay anything more than I really need to. Thanks, and so glad to be back on the FS side again. Hope all has been well the last few years....
  3. So you re-typed United as "United" and it worked??? I found if I say, "Jaaaaaaaaaaaaazzz" it will work, but that's not sustainable. heheh.
  4. I guess I'm used to my background where data disks and such were a common thing. You wouldn't expect to be given next year's new data for the game you bought last year. In fact, to make MORE money franchises like Madden decided to just make you buy an entirely new game every year instead of just buying the new data for a perfectly fine and working older game. As noted, there is a hint of this being different in the way FT goes about it. I would LOVE to see the numbers comparing the sales of just the airport with no RC. I do already know a couple other people that told me they couldn't care less about the real carriers. They just enjoy the juggling aspect of the game. If you're into the real carriers then your mindset will default to feeling that nearly everyone would want that. The way I choose to view it is that the cost of the airport, as I want it, is the price of both pieces. I justify that, almost entirely, due to knowing how small this community is. I also think two markets are crashing together and causing confusion and challenges. The mobile market, where games are often well under $10, is creating a whole generation of buyers that feel the cost of games should be much lower. Trust me, as a QA professional, one thing these people are not factoring in is that a PC product is a TOTALLY different world than a phone product. The phone product builds to a very defined specification to work on say, Android. The variations are minimized and if you don't think your product will work with X phone you simply turn off that phone as an option and that phone cannot install your game. On the PC the sky is the limit and there are literally countless combinations which means support is exponentially harder. Also, for what it's worth, this is an odd situation for me as I am usually on the other side of these arguments. I used to write a column for the major gaming publications that was mainly about consumer advocacy and calling out nearly every publisher for terrible practices. I have a trail of upset publishers in my wake. In this case, what I see is a very small publisher trying their best to make a go of a game in a market where no one will ever get rich off sales. It's sort of a no-win situation so I'm just glad anyone is trying it. Go look up ATC Windows. It's from a great guy (and mainly housed on Yahoo) Alan Key-Williams. It's a wonderful product that really nails the TRACON model. It was in beta for years and had a comparatively huge following with lots of community interaction. Then he realized he'd hit the wall and needed to raise funds so he started charging for it. When the beta versions expired the interest started to dry up and now it can go months between people posting anything about it.
  5. Then don't spend that amount. The game is entirely playable as shipped with three airports. I too find the whole Real Color, Real Traffic approach a bit different, but there'a a reality here with this sort of product that's dramatically different from many other products and that's the size of the community. I've gotten first-hand professional experience with that community going back to the very first ATC product on the PC. It's a SMALL community. Very few people, comparatively, enjoy this sort of simulation over other related sims like flight simulators. It's a subset of a subset. Just look at the industry. Where is Wesson International today? They were the first and built a multi-award-winning product that was highly respected and they couldn't make the business model work selling the product as a whole. Where is Xavius today? They sold the second-most popular ATC simulator, and the tiny team there also couldn't keep the lights on. The two companies were both forced to move into selling a professional level product to the ATC industry. So, if you're going to make it in this sector (no pun intended) you need to find new ways to generate additional income. No one says you need to own every single piece of a product. I own X-Plane, but I don't own every piece of add-on software made for it. That would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars! Sure, those products come from different companies, but only because that community is so vibrant. There were times when X-Planes community wasn't very active and you had to make due with pretty much the core product. I own seven airports in T3D Pro. I bought them over two years. Each one was a minor investment generally under $25 each. Most people spend more than that at a movie and get two hours of entertainment out of that. I've certainly gotten more than two hours of entertainment out of each of these airports.
  6. Very much so. For what it's worth I've done a lot of audio work in TTS and SR. I've tried every variation of Jazz I can think of. What file can I look at to see what the game is expecting me to say to be clear? I assume it's the airlines file? If so, that says "JAZZ" which is what I'm saying.
  7. The problem may be that you're holding a the Left-Shift key at that point. It may be awkward to add a key to that. Perhaps like the C key for "Correction", but it's still potentially strange. Right now when playing I use my left index finger to hold that key. With this I'd need to switch to making it my pinky or such so that my index finger could be ready to hit the C key. Plus I could miss and hit B which means breaking concentration to look up to see that the box clears. My goal would be to not have to bother with any of that. Have the code see the mistake and just respond like humans would makes it all clean in the end to my view.
  8. They generally don't give a correction. You'll hear it in real life. They MAY say "Ignore that" or "Correction", but often they don't even do that much. The way I see it is that you have responses in a queue somewhere and I ASSUME there's a short delay in case I speak again quickly after each command. So, even if I give several wrong commands in a row, as long as the LAST one is correct, you can simply delete all the previous ones from the queue. "American 1289, Runway Niner" "American 1289, Vacate" "American 1289, uh" "American 1289, Taxi to Ramp." That would result in receiving "Taxi to Ramp, American 1289" with no mention of the other "commands". Or as mentioned, you might optionally, randomly respond with "I think I got that. Taxi to the ramp, American 1289." For what it's worth this would tie into a much bigger feature I'd like to see which we worked into older ATC software projects that allow the controller to provide varied commands (instead of always using the exact same phrases) and, more importantly a large matrix that allows for every response to actually pull randomly from a list of set responses. The end result is that session feels entirely realistic as the pilots end up using very varied responses. What might be useful for you, given that you use a TTS engine, would be to have all these responses in an XML file and allow users to edit it so that they can go ahead an add as many as they want. You could provide like say, three per response and a user could add 30 per response. All you need to do is read the XML on load, find out how many each response has and have them ready. It's just text so the overhead is minimal, but the result is pretty amazing. Thus, "Taxi to Ramp" could be the main response, but also under it have: "Taxi to the Ramp" "Off to the Ramp." "Head to the Ramp." "Heading to the Ramp." And so on. In one product we worked on we had pilots that had such a deep list of responses that you rarely felt like you heard the same ones twice in the same session. Using playback parameters we even could take common phrases like, "Taxi to the Ramp, American 1289" and have it sound a bit different each time. Sometimes it would emphasize "Taxi" and sometimes "Ramp". Other times it would drag out a word like American so that on one playback it was "American" and on another it was played back as "Uhhhh Merican 1289". The sky is truly the limit on this stuff.
  9. So here's a simple one I suspect many of us have experienced: I begin to say, "American 1289, Runway Niner....." and then we realize we meant to say something else so we key right back up and say, "American 1289, Taxi to Ramp". We then get back, "Taxi to Ramp, American 1289" and then something like, "Negative", or "Can you repeat?" So my suggestion would be that if the code receives and incomplete or somehow faulty command for an aircraft and then immediately gets another one, either simply ignore it or, at the most append something simple to the start of the response to the second command like perhaps, "Uh, okay. Taxi to Ramp, American 1289." It saves time and is more realistic.
  10. Correct and correct. It's oddly perplexing given that, aside from the lag issue I mentioned, the recognition actually impresses me nearly everywhere else.
  11. I've never actually tried Cortana. Not even sure it's enabled. How would you recommend I test that? (And thanks for monitoring this)
  12. Wondering if there's one of these already before I go building one.
  13. My challenge of the day: I recently installed a customer schedule for KPHL and today got to an hour when a few Jazz flights came into the mix (9am-ish). For the LIFE of me I cannot get the SR system to understand my saying "Jazz". I found a few goofs where, for example I had issue with it understanding me saying "Frontier" only to realize I needed to say "Frontier Flight", but "Jazz is pretty obvious. I posted here because I recall someone posting something about one of the "S"-based airlines being an issue due to a misspelling somewhere and wondered if this might be related. Ideas? (Thanks)
  14. Thanks. I've actually been quite impressed with the generosity of many across a wide swath of different products including smaller "cottage" games. I have a horse racing game that really shines with a couple of utilities built by two fans that built the tools for themselves. I also used to code (30 years ago) and built a number of these myself back then. The general path is just as I mentioned. I found I'd built a tool for my own use and realized others might get use out of it and shared it. No skin off my back assuming people realize it doesn't come with support.
  15. VERY few are white with the standard install of RC & RT. Remember that I started off by saying I installed my first Custom schedule which clearly references a surprising number of new airlines into the mix. That resulted in about 15% of the planes being white models. That left me wondering if it might not be better to just fake those. Not sure which way most people would go, but seeing color, to me, seems better than not seeing it. The one thing I'd love to see is a tool to ID which airlines in a schedule have no livery paint or model to go with them. Hoping some solid coder gets hooked on the game and decides to do a stand-alone utility to see behind the scenes as it were as this sort of thing doesn't really make a lot of sense to have in the core game itself.
  16. That pretty much describes it perfectly. I do the same thing. Sneak a peak up there to see that the last word is in the text window. It's when I get busy that I can't always do it and then it's just doubly bad. This seems to be like a caching issue of some sort. I worked on a popular Flight Simulator tool that had speech recognition and we never had this issue. As long as you said it, the system would catch it. It might take a moment for it to process, but it took in the recording whole. I have to think there's a way to take in the speech as a whole and then apply it. Not sure which way would be faster, but again, I just know we never had this issue with the other product.
  17. I have a decent system, i7-8700k, 4ghz, 32GB RAM, Geforce GTX 1070. Runs X-Plane 11 with no problem. It happens all the time. I find that if I say "United 456 Runway 27, Cleared to Land" that I finish saying Land and have to hold the SHIFT key for another full second or so before it will appear in the text box and I can then let go. About a 15% of all my commands (now that I watch this all the time -- it used to be much higher) end with response of "Negative" because what they got was all but the last word. Clear to.... Cleared for.... Contact.... Continue.... etc. I could make sure I'm running as Administrator and I do keep my Chrome session open which usually has about 8 or so tabs going. Little else going on. I find Window Speech Recognition seems to respond more quickly and thought about switching over to it instead, but given its open vocabulary it would end up making many more mistakes.
  18. Has anyone found a way to offset or improve the lag involved in holding down the left shift key when using voice recognition? I'd also be curious to know if this is what everyone experiences or if it's just my setup. My biggest VR hurdle is having so many of my commands just get "cut-off" even though I certainly held the key beyond my saying the command in question.
  19. I suspect this has come up likely many times, but one thing I'd like to see is a feature for the schedules that allows GA to be randomized within them. Lots of GA show up at very flexible times in real life and it'd be great if they mucked up the works a bit more than they do right now. Perhaps there could be a way to enter them into a schedule that allows for feeding each GA into that schedule over a period of time. I haven't taken the time yet to look much into schedules, but perhaps this entry could be modified: KSAT, KSAN, 07:34, PAG, N560US, 0, 0, 0, 560US, FIVE SIX ZERO UNIFORM SIERRA And support something like this: KSAT, KSAN, 07:34-9:32, PAG, N560US, 0, 0, 0, 560US, FIVE SIX ZERO UNIFORM SIERRA Again, no idea how that might work given the amount of time someone plays, but having each GA on a flexible schedule could make things more immersive. Perhaps even the commercials could benefit from that by giving them a MUCH smaller window so that sometimes AAL602 comes in before UAL27 and sometimes UAL27 shows up before AAL602. Essentially the engine would just need to resolve conflicts with a dynamic arrivals order that's managed under the hood as it were. That would make every session a bit unique. In fact, then every time entry could be essentially variable within set parameters. A really long flight might result in even more flexibility. I've been on several flights where we made up so much time crossing the US that we got there well before our gate was open causing our plane to have to be shuttled out of the way until the gate cleared. Or perhaps we got a bad headwind that day and ALL flights coming in from a distance are running behind. Thoughts?
  20. Good old days.... Bob Wesson was an awesome guy as was his whole team and Chris Coon form Xavius was also a pleasure to work with. I think I must have spent ages talking with him. Still have those sector cards around here somewhere.
  21. Yeah, I find it really hard to believe those trees would be allowed to remain there. I actually looked for real images from that tower looking that way, but didn't find any. As far as reality there, would the custom schedules for KSAN address this at all? I just do everything on 9 mainly which, as noted, seems a bit unrealistic, but it seemed the only way to remain sane.
  22. That's one I've done. I was involved in the development of the original Tracon (Wesson) and then ATCC (Xavius) and helped with ATC Windows. I've been in a Center and in a tower so got a nice chance to see it all for real a while back. I spent a good 10 years trying to convince gamers that this balancing act makes for great fun -- and mainly failing as they don't like games that don't have simply eye candy.
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