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  1. Correction - my mistake - it's the amount of free VAS. But you should only be getting an OOM if it shows something like 150K.
  2. What that number is showing you is VAS being used, not VAS available.
  3. Thanks to Peter Dowson for his "024c" monitoring and "ping" in FSUIC. For me that has solved my particular OOM problem. In hindsight, it all started when I installed MyTraffic X (which I now still prefer to UT, even though it did give me this problem). I didn't immediately blame it, because there were a number of other potential changes I made around the same time, including flying the PMDG NGX a lot, which does exacerbate rather than cause the problem. I was finding the system slowing, and FSUIPC "pinging", whenever I was in major city areas such as London, Amsterdam, Paris and even Venice with the Aerosoft Venice X scenery. They had been slower than other areas in the past, but never fatal. Now I found I couldn't fly into Paris in the NGX without the system dying from OOM. Paris had become a "no-go area". I put 2 and 2 together when editing some AFCAD's, and noticing that there always appeared to be a duplicate (or triplicate if you include the MS default) AFCAD in the MyTraffic X folder. I shunted them all off to the recycle bin, and the free memory in Paris went up from around 200Mb to around 800Mb - no more OOM's. Obviously this won't answer everybody's problem - there are lots of other add-ons out there waiting to guzzle our storage, but for anyone with MyTraffic X, it's definitely worth doing. There's no point in having all those AFCAD's with airline gate assignments for obscure airports in Bongo-Bongo Land if they are stopping you getting into your favourite airports.
  4. Excellent piece of work, well done!
  5. I've tested your FSUIPC change, twiddling my SPD knob like mad for a minute or so. Absolutely fine. I know negative results aren't entirely satisfactory, but it does seem a case of 'no news is good news'. Regards PaulMidd
  6. Not particularly slow, although I'm due for my biennial upgrade next month. An E8600 @3.3, and a GTX 280. I'd be grateful for an update to your LUA, mine was a bit of a crude patch; two-speed speed would also be useful as you suggest. And I'll go for the latest FSUIPC as you suggest, Peter.
  7. That shows over 30 seconds of turning the knob -- how long do you sit there turning it for normally, then? Very strange. Regards Pete It can take that long, using this LUA script, to change heading perhaps through 135 degrees in 1 degree increments. That's what I was doing when my Airbus X and FSX also locked up. However, I have a personal solution because my Goflight RP48 has different 'button codes' for fast and slow rotations of the knobs. So I modified the LUA to capture fast rotations, and use 10 degree increments. Problem solved (or avoided). Much less knob twiddle time. Peter, would compiling the LUA also help in this situation? Regards PaulMidd
  8. Ah, the wonderful ambiguity of the English language. As the documentation says: which can of course mean a single aircraft close to and directly in front, or alternatively several aircraft both close to and directly in front. However, I stand corrected. :) I'm not sure where I'd go to check, except through empirical observation. When I'm running 100% AI traffic, and parked on the runway at Atlanta Hartsfield, no autogen (can't stand the 200 foot trees), in the MS Trike, I'm getting an average of 5.5 FPS. A combination, no doubt, of a complex airfield, downtown Atlanta buildings, and all that traffic. If I head 10.1 miles south, to Walker Field, no aircraft or buildings in sight, then I average 14 FPS. So that's almost three times better, but then there are no buildings in sight, so my mediocre FPS must just be down to the AI aircraft that are out of sight but possibly not out of FSX's mind. If I then set my AI slider to 0%, my FPS goes up to 50. So although that's a bit of a 'quick and dirty' experiment, when I'm getting only 14 in the Georgia boonies with distant AI traffic, but 50 when I remove all traffic, it looks like distant AI is reducing my performance by a factor of 3 to 4. Moving into sight of all those planes, and jetways, and downtown, makes it worse by another factor of two to three. So that supports my reasoning that it would be nice to be able selectively to put all that AI traffic, the stuff that's out of sight, also out of mind. But if you can't do it I understand, you obviously have your own specific priorities. On the question of AI, I do sometimes wonder whether to switch to MyTrafficX - I have both that and Ultimate Traffic. It's just that I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to real-world traffic, and when I fly into the Isle of Man and see an Alitalia plane, it sort of it ruins my day. I know, get a life! :( Paul M
  9. As I understand it, the Traffic Zapper works by deleting all traffic within a certain radius of the user's aircraft. Is it possible to have a zapper that works in the opposite way; in other words, to delete traffic outside a certain radius? Where it would be useful would be in dropping the overall level of AI traffic, and hence its FPS impact, whilst keeping this traffic visible in the immediate vicinity. For example, if I'm departing La Guardia (or Heathrow), I want to be able to see the aircraft a mile or two around me in the same airport, but not have the invisible but CPU-cycle-guzzling traffic at JFK, Newark, Teterboro (or Gatwick, London City, Luton, Stansted) slowing everything down for no benefit. Obviously it should not be permanent; I'd want to be able to see some aircraft where I land. Is this possible? Paul M
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