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  1. Hi! It seems that i cant replay Majestic Q400 flights. I always get a crash to desktop when i load any flight with Q400
  2. What are you using to find this out? If you are reading FSUIPC offsets, which have you tried. There are a lot realting to flaps. And what version of FS? Pete Yeap , my mistake not too much info: FS2004 is the simulator at hand. i am using the following definition: Dim fs_Flaps As Offset(Of Int32) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Int32)("GeneralINF", &HBDC) Dim fs_Flaps_inc As Offset(Of Int16) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of Int16)("GeneralINF", &H3BFA) and to calculate the current position i am using this: Calc_Flap_Current_Pos = Math.Round(fs_Flaps.Value / fs_Flaps_inc.Value) I think that the calculations are correct but the values within FS are making my problem appear. lets say we are on incr 1 andi put flaps directly to increment 4...what i get is: 1......4......2......3.......4 he realizes that i put the flaps to increment 4 and then as the flaps are passing the values between it changes the variables.... any ideas? Elias
  3. Hi Pete, I have been programming in FSUIPC for some time now and for sure i am not thinking of selling anything in the near future..:) Though i have created an app that i want to make publicly available as donate-ware or freeware.. Do i have to have any special agreement with you or not? Can you give me more information on this? Thanks Elias.
  4. Hi All! Is there any way to check if flaps are in transit? I have this problem. I am at notch #1 and i directly go to notch #4.. what i get in the values are: #$ (it stays lkike this for a while) and then goes #2,#3,#4..........
  5. Hi! i want to capture the event of flap change but i have a little problem. During transit the values are changing. for example when i am in position 0 and i put flaps in notch 3 directly i get the value for 3 and then i get 1->2->3 as it reaches the position. is there any way around this? for example to understand if flaps are in transit or something? Elias
  6. gotcha! thanks, i have now more than enough info to leave you alone for a while :) Elias
  7. just went to lua.org.. Got the idea, it is a completely different concept if i decide to use it though....
  8. Hi! 1) i have to read about lua plug ins since i havent..:) 2) i already create a file..it is a .kml for google earth not excel. 3) when i say disconnecting i mean that i use the .net dll version you provide.. And yes i am doing one fsuipc.process per timer tick and at any time i have the offsets that i want, enabled. For all the others i am disconnecting them using fs_var.disconnect.... So from what you are saying if my code is properly written then i should expect erratic behaviour except if i use the lua mystery? am i correct? Elias
  9. Hi All! As i 've been programming with fsuipc for only 4 days i want to discuss with the more experienced users here the tecqniques with which i can optimize my code for speed. I want to be able to have intervals in timer controls around 50-100 ms and to be able to process info like latitude,longtitude,speed,height,v/s and in parallel to write a couple of lines in a text file in EVERY tick event . I am using Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2008... Am i asking too many things or there is a way? As i am now it works in an acceptable way but i have some stuttering even in 200ms interval.... During this procedure i am disabling the functions that print on screen the variables but still..... i am declaring around 25 offsets and i am not disconnecting any of them...I prefer not to if i have other options.. Any ideas? Elias
  10. Yes, I have been using fsinterrogate, although i didnt use the logs...i ll do from now on. You were correct , on the default 737,777,747 the lights seem to work just fine... I am now having another issue but i ll open another post if i dont find something by searching in the forum Thanks.
  11. Hi! Although new to FSUIPC programming, i have read the relative posts about the lights mechanism and how it should be treated from programming point of you. But i cant get the info correctly. I have used part of the code that came with the demo project for .NET. Using the PMDG MD-11 even the default deme .NET client seems to work correctly. I cant get the logo lights to show on and other issues. I have lost 2 hours just to discover that maybe it is an issue with the way MD-11 must be handled programming wise. I have used the bitarray definition that came with the demo and the enum class for lighttype. Is there any way around this?