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  1. Thanks, I tried every type before emailing you, but not FLT64. Using that as a type now, it works:)
  2. AS seen in the image above, I try to read the ELECTRICL info via FSUIPC's Offsets function, but I do not get the correct values as I get by reading directly via SimConnect( I am using the Simvar Watcheer client). What am I doing wrong here? I am also only getting the last offset to display in MSFS top bar.
  3. There are still several G1000 buttons not listed in the Events list, i.e. all the button on PDF from AP-- to-- FLC. Anyone knows if the WASM is open source so we can add in these missing events, if possible?
  4. John, thanks for your prompt reply. Now we also need Events for the B747, B787 and A320, so we can access all buttons etc. in those VC cockpits
  5. Can these mobiflight events implemented in the wasm module also be "reach" via standard SimConnect Events? What is the protocol or methods used to access and trigger any of these new event from a SImConnect Client?
  6. Where do I find the WASM module? Tried to Download MobiFlight and did an update, but Windows 10 block the update and MobiFlight module just stops working.
  7. If you would like someone to beta test your new "MakeRwys", I volunteer for the task.
  8. I am using Opencockpits MCP and all rotaries works fine with 1 degree increments. I am not using FSUIPC7, but Oi4FS. As it works in Oi4FS, it should also be possible to get it working correctly in FSUIPC7, I guess.
  9. Just found it in the Offset list. It is offset 07E2 as S16 Simconnect variable AUTOPILOT AIRSPEED HOLD VAR
  10. I wonder if there is any offset for the SPEED value when the G1000 avionic system is set to FLC? Marked with red in the image.
  11. Thanks for the answers, something new to learn every day:) I checked again in MSFS and found that a "Toggle Autopilot Flight Level Change" binding to a keypress or a button works. Did't find anything for the VNAV. But, as there is a FLC control that can be accessed via keypress or button binding in MSFS, should that be possible in FSUIPC as well?
  12. In most MSFS GA airplanes there are autopilot buttons for VNAV(VNV) and FLC. Does anyone knows which Events(Controls) that correspond with these buttons. I can't find them in the Control list. Also, what is the difference between AP PANEl ALTITUDE HOLD and AP ALT HOLD?
  13. Thanks for letting us know. It is hard to know what is known issues and what is not when you are not in the MSFS developer beta team.
  14. I don't believe that any of the Simconnect G1000 Events that can seen via FSUIPC's binding function are working. In addition the GA in MSFS use the newer version G1000 and some of these buttons, like VS, is only in live in the A1000 JAVASCRIPTS.
  15. I have asked myself the same question. VS button plus many other buttons are only implemented in the Javascript code for the A1000 and not Simconnect. In order to send a command to trigger the VS button function in the Javascript you need another interface than Simconnect.
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