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  1. Thanks for your fast replay:) Changed to DirectInput method in P3D, and now both axes and buttons are detected. Do you know if there is less performance using the DirectInput than the RawInput method? The reason for not using FSUIPC is that I have my own built app that uses Simconnect. This app is a special joystick button and keyboard shortcut binding app for PMDG Events. I know I can use FSUIPC also for PMDG Events, but my app is easier and better for PMDG airplanes.
  2. Hi, I have some Opencockpits USB Axes Cards connected to my PC. They are advertised as standard Joystick compatible. Both Axes and Buttons are all detected by Windows and FSUIPC. So with FSUIPC, everything is OK. But, in Prepar3D's Control setup, only the cards axes are detected, no buttons are detected when I try to bind a button to an event? I know I should ask Opencockpits about this, but no answer yet. Is there a known fact that some joysticks will only be detected by FSUIPC and not in P3D, or is there something I miss in my P3D configuration?
  3. I want a [Profile.737Cockpit] setup for airplanes that has "myplane" as a substring in the airplane title and a [Profile.4K-flying] for all other airplanes that not has the substring "myplane" in the airplane title. The rest of the titles is the same in both cases. [Profile.737Cockpit] 1=myplane [Profile.4K-flying] 1=??????? something as 1=NOTmyplane Both profiles correct defined under the Modules/Profiles folders.
  4. I only load it once when the app is started. But, it takes around 10 secs as I load it 2 times now, once to an Xdocuments and once to a Dataset, but I would like to reduce it at most 1-2 secs. I need to use the XML format because I am using LINQ to XML queries in the app code. Maybe I can reduce load time if I am able to convert XDocument structure to Dataset.
  5. Hi, I use the data from runways.xml in a new app I am developing. In order to reduce the load time of the xml file, I wonder if there is any possiblity to specify the elements that should be listed in the runways.xml output from Makerunway.exe? Instead of the all elements + their values in the default runways.xml as seen in List 1 I need only the elements + values shown in List 2. If a reduced output as in List 2 was possible, load time of runways.xml would be much reduced as there are more than 24000 airports in P3Dv4. The example ICAO shows one runway, but I need all the same elements + value for all runways under an ICAO. List 1 <ICAO id="00AL"> <ICAOName>Epps Airpark</ICAOName> <Country>United States</Country> <State>Alabama</State> <City>Harvest</City> <File>Scenery\0302\scenery\APX24190.bgl</File> <SceneryName>0302 Base</SceneryName> <Longitude>-86.770279</Longitude> <Latitude>34.864811</Latitude> <Altitude>820</Altitude> <MagVar>0.000</MagVar> <Runway id="01"> <Len>2300</Len> <Hdg>10.000</Hdg> <Def>Grass</Def> <ILSFreq></ILSFreq> <ILSHdg></ILSHdg> <ILSid></ILSid> <ILSslope>0.00</ILSslope> <Lat>34.861698</Lat> <Lon>-86.770950</Lon> <FSStartLat>34.861805</FSStartLat> <FSStartLon>-86.770920</FSStartLon> <ClosedLanding>FALSE</ClosedLanding> <ClosedTakeoff>FALSE</ClosedTakeoff> <ApproachLights>NONE</ApproachLights> <EdgeLights>NONE</EdgeLights> <CenterLights>NONE</CenterLights> <CenterRed>FALSE</CenterRed> <EndLights>FALSE</EndLights> <REIL>FALSE</REIL> <Touchdown>FALSE</Touchdown> <Strobes>0</Strobes> <LeftVASI>NONE</LeftVASI> <RightVASI>NONE</RightVASI> <ThresholdOffset>0</ThresholdOffset> <PatternTakeOff>Left</PatternTakeOff> <PatternLanding>Left</PatternLanding> <PatternAltitude>305</PatternAltitude> </Runway> </ICAO> List 2 <ICAO id="00AL"> <ICAOName>Epps Airpark</ICAOName> <Country>United States</Country> <State>Alabama</State> <City>Harvest</City> <Altitude>820</Altitude> <MagVar>0.000</MagVar> <Runway id="01"> <Hdg>10.000</Hdg> <FSStartLat>34.861805</FSStartLat> <FSStartLon>-86.770920</FSStartLon> </Runway> </ICAO>
  6. Thanks for you replay. I got it now. I checked the MagVar in the runwys.xml for the exapmle airport EIDW and it says 2.980. Taken that into account the heading should be correct.
  7. Hi, I get a difference in heading for all runways between the runways.xml from Makerunway.exe and the Jeppesen chart. Why is it so? I have P3Dv4 updated . Jeppesen chart says runway 10 heading is 098 degree, but runways.xml says 101.060.
  8. Thanks, the difference is the distance from ground up to CoG.
  9. Hi, I am developing a small utility program for P3Dv4/FSX that reads the airport altitude data from the runways.xml file. When testing this app I now see that the altitude in runways.xml is not the same as given by P3Dv4 when sitting on an airport. The altitude I get from P3Dv4's MAP view are around 5 feets higher than what I have in runways.xml The difference is not for just a specific airport, but seems be for all airports( At least those I have checked) Why is there a difference? Isn't these data read from the same bgl files?
  10. I shall try to explain my challenge a little better this time. I have now the following in my FSUIPX config file: 96=P65,17,K79,8 // ( my EFIS VOR1/ADF1 hardware switch is switched to VOR1 pos and a O key is sent to NGX and VOR1 is selected) 97=U65,17,K79,8 //(my EFIS VOR1/ADF1 hardware switch is switched to middle pos from VOR1 pos and a O key is sent to NGX and ADF1 is selected, should be in the middle pos in the software aswell so another O key sent by FSUIPC is needed , therefore the second U press below(105 ) 98=P65,19,K73,8 99=U65,19,K73,8 100=P65,18,K79,8 //(my EFIS VOR1/ADF1 hardware switch is switched to ADF1 pos and a O key is sent to NGX and VOR1 is selected, should be in the ADF1 in the software aswell so another O key sent by FSUIPC is needed , therefore the second P press below(101 ) 101=P65,18,K79,8 102=P65,20,K73,8 103=P65,20,K73,8 104=U65,17,K79,8 105=U65,18,K79,8 //(my EFIS VOR1/ADF1 hardware switch is switched to middle pos from ADF1 pos and a O key is sent to NGX and middle pos is selected) 106=U65,19,K73,8 107=U65,20,K73,8 Logging result: [Continuation log requested by user] Running inside FSX on Windows 7 (using SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07) Module base=61000000 Wind smoothing fix is fully installed 6177671 System time = 08/11/2011 14:00:36, Simulator time = 14:33:06 (12:33Z) 6197888 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=65, Btn=17, Pressed 6197888 [buttons] 96=P65,17,K79,8 6197888 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYDOWN) ctr=0 6197888 [buttons] 97=U65,17,K79,8 6197888 [buttons] 104=U65,17,K79,8 6197888 Sending WM_KEYDOWN, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=1 6198013 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYUP) ctr=0 6198013 Sending WM_KEYUP, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=1 6198044 KEYUP: VK=79, Waiting=0 6199183 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=65, Btn=17, Released 6199183 [buttons] 96=P65,17,K79,8 6199183 [buttons] 97=U65,17,K79,8 6199183 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYDOWN) ctr=0 6199183 [buttons] 104=U65,17,K79,8 6199183 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYDOWN) ctr=1 6199183 Sending WM_KEYDOWN, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=2 6199199 Sending WM_KEYDOWN, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=1 6199308 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYUP) ctr=0 6199308 Sending WM_KEYUP, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=1 6199339 KEYUP: VK=79, Waiting=0 6203442 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=65, Btn=18, Pressed 6203442 [buttons] 100=P65,18,K79,8 6203442 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYDOWN) ctr=0 6203442 [buttons] 101=P65,18,K79,8 6203442 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYDOWN) ctr=1 6203442 [buttons] 105=U65,18,K79,8 6203442 Sending WM_KEYDOWN, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=2 6203458 Sending WM_KEYDOWN, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=1 6203567 SendKeyToFS(0000004F=[O], KEYUP) ctr=0 6203567 Sending WM_KEYUP, Key=79 (Scan code 24), Ctr=1 6203614 KEYUP: VK=79, Waiting=0 This looks OK from FSUIPC side but the program receiving (PMDG NGX in this case) the keypresses sent by FSUIPC ( see log) doesn't reacts to the second repeating keypress sent. To me it seems like PMDG NGX need some time between the keypresses to detect 2 presses.. Is there a way to insert a delay between repeating U and P commands? rgs
  11. Hi Hope someone can help me with a small virtual button coding challenges in FSUIPC. I need codes for the following: When changing button 17 on virtual joystick 65 from value 0 to 1, I want FSUIPC to send the keypress SHIFT F4. When changing the same button from value 1 to 0, I want to send the keypress SHIFT F4 twice in a row I now have the following, but it doesn't work 96=CP(F-65,17)65,17,K112,10 97=CU(F-65,17)65,17,K112,10 98=CU(F-65,17)65,17,K112,10 I have read the manual and tried several variations of CU and CP command with FLAG and without,but can't find the correct combination. rgs, Roar K
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