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  1. Great Pete, Nice experience on your side...I'll try the usertimer again. And check the MCP in FS computer... A question, some weeks ago I think I had a good experience adding WaitForNewData=1000 in wideclient.ini, can you tell me how it can help ? Anyway it is off now... Thanks !
  2. Pete, The aerosoft delay is gone, magenta always respond as I touch the buttons, but....(there is always a but): I'm getting some stutters in PFD, I'm pretty sure it is not related to the change you made, the change helped a lot in communication. Everytime I start a new flight everything work fine, after sometime flying I start to get stutters (fast pauses) in magenta PFD, if I pause FS, wait some seconds and release it comes back to normal. Sometimes it comes back to normal by itself (after some minutes) I'll try to move only the aerosoft software to a new client with your new wideclient.ini, but if you have any suggestion please tell me. Thanks !
  3. Hi Pete, I posted in another delay thread, but I'd like to inform no more delays in aerosoft->magenta communication, your test wideclient.exe looks good in my case, very smooth now....still testing, I keep you informed. Thanks,
  4. Hi, I'm running PM and Aerosoft MCP/EFIS in the same client (serial connection), how are your wideclient.ini and wideserver.ini settings ? How is your network ? Ulisses
  5. Hi Pete, Today I installed your test version of wideclient and no more delays here until now, I flew about 1 hour and no problems, very smooth with aerosoft and magenta running in the same client !!! Looks like you are correct again about the 04E0-0537 area. Thanks so much, I keep you informed about any change
  6. Thanks Pete for the feedback, you are right, probably some controls aren't working anymore. Fuel Selector is fine !
  7. hi Peter, The other guy was me, I'm still testing the aerosoft software in another client and I'll test in server as well, if I still have problems I'll try your software. I keep you infomed. Thanks,
  8. Hi, In the controls list there are: Cross_feed_off Cross_feed_left_to_right Cross_feed_right_to_left Cross_feed_open Cross_feed_toggle Set_Fuel_tranfer_aft Set_Fuel_tranfer_auto Set_Fuel_tranfer_forward Set_Fuel_tranfer_off I'm simulating a boeing 737 and I can't make these controls to work, do I need a special panel ? Fuel selectors (left, center, right) work fine. Any tip in how to work with Fuel Transfers in FS ? Thanks,
  9. Hello, here is the situation: Server running FS2004, WideFS and FSUIPC only. Client one running PM PFD/ND, PM MCP and Aerosoft MCP software. The network runs TCP/IP, 100T, switcher/router, winXP in all machines. Sometimes when I touch a button in aerosoft MCP, it has a huge delay to magenta receive it. Checking the aerosoft software there is no delay, so it is in the traffic between aerosoft software and magenta software. I think when aerosoft software receives a command, it sends via WideFS to the server and back to the same client for magenta MCP/ND. After about 15 seconds without getting the aerosoft commands, all commands I changed are updated immediatlly in magenta, like if all commands were stopped at server and sent all at once, after that it works fine for some minutes, then the delay again. I checked the wideclient.log and no problems. The other client works fine, PM PFD/ND work fine, my only problem is aerosoft to magenta communication. Any idea ? Any setting in wideclient.ini or wideserver.ini ? Thanks,
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for the answers. I use project magenta and no panel in FS, these offsets work even without a panel ? I'd like to control the fuel feed and tank in use, is there a way to transfer fuel from center to left or right tank ? Or do I need a panel ? Ulisses
  11. Hello guys, Flying the 737, is there a way to select the fuel tank to be used and transfer fuel from one tank to another (left, center and right) ? What TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_PUMP1 does ?? Is it a fake in FS ? How about ANTI_ICE_SET_ENG1 ??? Fake ??? I'm not sure what works in FS... Thanks,
  12. http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=4606&page= Not sure what is going on, but I think this thread can help you with some feedback. I get some stutters but not all the time. Ulisses
  13. I couldn't get the texts from the DLL, I'll wait for your help in a new list Thanks, Ulisses
  14. Hi, Can I have a FS commands list that can be assigned to any joystick button or key ? I couldn't find in the docs all available FS commands in FSUIPC. I know I can scroll the list inside FSUIPC, but it is a small box and I'd like to have a list to decide what I'll be using in my cockpit and write down the assignments. Thanks, ulisses
  15. Thanks Pete for the answer, I'll try FS and windows... Ulisses
  16. Hi, Is there a way to adjust the rudder pedals to be less sensible inside FSUIPC, or only range (min/max) ? thanks, Ulisses
  17. Hi again Pete, I'm using the Shitdown hotkey in server, runready and closeready in clients and everything is very nice now. I start FS, all magenta client start. I press a button in GF that sends ctrl+shift+E and everything closes. Really nice.... thanks for the runready tip ! Ulisses
  18. you are right, my idea was wrong. I'll try the runready and put the wideclint in startup folder. Thanks for the help, Ulissses
  19. Ok, Let's go slowly :) - Where do I associate the Ctrl+Shift+E for shutdown FS and clients ??? - I'm invoking the shutdown via magenta CDU, with FS running of course. - I'll try the RunReady, but I'm asking something like this in WideServer; Run1=//client1/c/widefs/wideclient.exe Run2=//client2/c/widefs/wideclient.exe Can I add this in FSUIPC ??? Will it work ??? Thanks again, Ulisses
  20. [Config] UseTCPIP=yes serverIPAddr= Port=8002 Window=163,63,568,76 Visible=Yes ; ----------------------------------------------- [user] Log=Errors+ AllowShutdown=App Run1=C:\PMSounds\PMSounds.exe Run2=C:\CDU\cdu.exe Run3=C:\PFD\pfd.exe Close3=yes Close2=yes Close1=yes ; =============================================== [Config] UseTCPIP=yes serverIPAddr= Port=8002 Window=123,82,800,110 Visible=Yes ; ----------------------------------------------- [user] Log=Errors+ AllowShutdown=App Run1=C:\Aerosoft MCP747\mcp747.exe Run2=C:\MCP\MCP.exe Run3=C:\PFD\pfd.exe Close3=yes Close2=yes Close1=yes FS is always running, I only start wideclient.exe and all applications start fine. I'll try the Ctrl+Shift+E Is there a way to start all clients when starting FS ??? Thanks, Ulisses
  21. Hi, I'm using in wideclient.ini the AllowShutdown=App and it is not working all the time, not most of the time only the CDU is closed or only the wideclient.exe is closed, but the application continue running. Here are my 2 log files, the first log is where the shutdown request is generated by the CDU, maybe you see something wrong: ********* WideClient.DLL Log [version 6.10] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 31/08/03, Time 00:46:49.444: Client name is EICAS 110 Attempting to connect now 1042 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused 1062 Ready to try connection again 1072 Attempting to connect now 8713 New Client Application: "cdu" (Id=828) 9083 New Client Application: "pfd" (Id=792) 9414 New Client Application: "PMSounds" (Id=816) 12759 READSTATEDATA received with bad data size! 12759 0 ReadLocal: Offset=10000, Size=0000 27991 WRITESTATEDATA received with bad data size! 27991 0 ReadLocal: Offset=10013DB4, Size=0000 39487 Connection made okay! 71483 Note: Send() request depth is over 100! 73306 send() done [81 bytes] after 19 retries, request depth is 168 173229 send() done [27 bytes] after 22 retries, request depth is 2257 183244 Shutdown request received! 183815 send() failed [0 bytes] after 40 retries, request depth is 2454 184596 Reception maximum achieved: 80 frames/sec, 9436 bytes/sec 184596 Reception average achieved whilst connected: 57 frames/sec, 6889 bytes/sec 184596 Max receive buffer = 30421, Max send depth = 2426 184596 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 2251, Alloc 11629 Freed 11629 Refused 0) ********* ********* WideClient.DLL Log [version 6.10] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 30/08/03, Time 01:59:49.165: Client name is PFD 90 Attempting to connect now 1011 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused 1021 Ready to try connection again 1061 Attempting to connect now 3455 New Client Application: "mcp747" (Id=1720) 7170 New Client Application: "pfd" (Id=1004) 9634 New Client Application: "MCP" (Id=1688) 45115 Connection made okay! 207378 Reception maximum achieved: 59 frames/sec, 9383 bytes/sec 207378 Reception average achieved whilst connected: 58 frames/sec, 7007 bytes/sec 207378 Max receive buffer = 918, Max send depth = 3 207378 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 5, Alloc 29899 Freed 29899 Refused 0) ********* Thanks, Ulisses
  22. Ok Pete, Lets wait Enrico position about thsi... Thanks for everything, Ulisses
  23. Hello, I'm associating keyboard shortcuts to GoFlight P8 buttons and the same shortcut in FSUIPC to get it changing a magenta function. My problem is when I press the GF button sometimes the function goes On and OFF, or ON-OFF-ON, like if I pressed the key 2 or 3 times. Any setting to improve the communication ? I'll ask GoFlight as well. Thanks, Ulisses
  24. Hi Pete, Enrico added a new flag in PFD.ini, it is StartElecOff=On to start all magenta eletrict OFF, cold and dark cockpit. Any keypress or the 0x510 offset should start up the glass cockpit, but I can't make FSUIPC PM Electric All Toggle or All ON to turn on PM displays. Here is a message from another guy using the same feature, maybe it helps since I don't understand so much about offsets: "On initial startup of GC401 with "StartElecOff=On" the 510 offset bits are all set to 1 *except* bit 0. Setting bit zero to 1 and then back to 0 does *not* restore the displays, all bits except 0 return to being 1. If I set *all* bits to zero then everything works 'normally', including the bit zero functionality." It is not FSUIPC, but maybe you can help me...I'd like to use FSUIPC to start the magenta GC electrics. Thanks, Ulisses
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