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  1. Hi Pete, With distress, I read what is being posted here. You are a saint to put up with the abuse here. On behalf of all of us that support you & how you have contributed to this amazing hobby of ours, with your time, effort & putting up with those that dont really bother to read your documentation, that is probably the best in the industry, I apologise for all that has been going on to 'knock' you & your product. Thank you for giving (well, offering) the most essential add-on to any of the sims, the time & effort you take to keep it updated, your 'ear' to what your supporters/customers chat about & the patience for those that actually READ the manuals. Kind Regards, Robin
  2. Hi there, Im very keen to do a motion platform for our sim at our club house.. Any ideas, help, suggestions? Thanks, Robin
  3. Yup.. I thought it was out there somewhere.. Must have been from a previous registration of sorts... Me & my age again. Thanks for all help. Robin
  4. Pete, sorry, I found what I was looking for... Switch for flight replayStarted by Robin Meyerowitz, Feb 13 2012 10:56 AM Dunno as to why I was registered like that, You replied... No, mouse macros are macros generated to directly activate buttons or switches on an aircraft panel which normally need a mouse click to operate. They only work when the panel or gauge is written in a special way, and they have nothing to do with any other FS functions. I'm afraid there are no control functions to do what you want apart from those involving visiting the menu entries. You could, however, use a Lua plug-in to operate that menu for you pretty smoothly. Try this (this is for FSX. Not sure if the key presses needed are the same in FS9 -- you'd need to check): ipc.keypressplus(79,16,4) --Send ALT+O for Options menu, focus to FS ipc.keypressplus(82,<img src='http://forum.simflight.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/icon_cool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='8)' /> -- Send R to select the Replay dialogue ipc.keypressplus(13,8,<img src='http://forum.simflight.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/icon_cool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='8)' /> -- Send Enter to confirm and exit back to FS, returning focus Save this to your FS Modules folder as, say, Playback.lua, then load up FS, go to FSUIPC's button assignments and assign your push switch to "lua playback". You could easily extend the above to preset the numbers in the dialogue. Just more keypresses before that last one sending Enter. You'd need to send the numbers, and Tabs between each field and to get the focus back to the OK button for the Enter to work. KeyPress codes are listed in the Advanced User's guide, around page 23 or so (I'm looking at an older one). Regards Pete
  5. Thanks & sorry for that. I was sure I had got it from you. Basically, We have this simulator at our club. After a flight, we had a button that when pressed, would replay the last 30 seconds, or thereabouts, of the flight. We did not us fsrecorder, but FS9's flight playback. I was sure that I have had a lot more communications with you in the past.
  6. Hi Pete, Sometime ago, you were kind to help when I asked how, after a flight, I press a button & it replays a recorded flight. I lost the code somehow. If I recall, it was lua coding. Can you help again? Much thanks, Robin
  7. Pete.. Just a thank you for what you have given us 'simmers'. Thanks for you patience with us & the time you have spent making our hobby so great. Robin
  8. Hi Pete, I want to thank you for this amazing add-on. The more I read the manuals, the more functionallity I find. One of the nicest, for me anyway, is to add the ability for FSUIPC to start a program when Flight Sim starts, & then to kill it when FS ends. Especially usefull with FS Commander.Also using the mouse wheel for trim. All the other calibration, settings etc go without saying. Thanks for all your past help with my queries, and any future ones I might have. Guys out there - FSUIPC (paid version) is one of the most essential add-ons you can ever have for Flight Sim. The manuals solve most/all problems we think we have - Read, Read & Read again. The more you read, the more you find. Guys, do not forget to read & re-read the manuals! It's all in there!
  9. Thanks Pete, I found Sync in the manual & will do it on the weekend. Then we should be done. Connecting all the sliders onto the cards has been a bit of a very time consuming effort. Putting 4x throttles on X, Y, Z & RX on card 1 & 4x Pitch on card 2 worked perfectly but then we battled to get FS to see rudders, elevators & airelons no matter where we connected on the spare open slots on the cards. We connected, tested, swopped, pulled our hair out & tried again & finaly got thing right. We decided to give ourselves a break at 23:30 on Monday night as we ended up making mistakes, but we flew the darn thing! I must emphasize that reading the manual over & over again sorts out 99.9% of all issues. The more we read, the more we find, & if we make a mess, we just edit the ini file & start over. Thaks for your patience & help.
  10. Just a report back, all working OK. The Shackleton flies again! Throttle levers are at different physical levels to give the same thrust but will "sync" them. All in all, all systems go with just a bit of fine tuning & calibrating. Thanks to FSUIPC. Thanks Pete for this great software.
  11. Got it. Assign everything in FS9, use FSUIPC for calibrating if required. Sorry Pete, I thought mistakenly that whatever I wanted to calibrate must be assigned in FSUIPC. I do apologise for my delay in understanding.
  12. Sorry Pete, The Shackleton has auto mixture, so I do not need that functionallity. I would like to use FSUIPC to assign & calibrate pitch (4x controls) because it gives me the feathering functionallity when calibrating. I will try the 4x throttles as well via FSUIPC (if not, via FS9) & control surfaces assigned via FS9. So I have 4x throttle axis, 4x pitch, & the 3x control axis. All except 4x pitch, that I will asign thru FS9. Hope I got it right now!
  13. Just a quicky, I was having visions of getting another controller card for the control surfaces, even hacking an old joystick to get the board. So, from what I understand, the boards I have are fine, just need to do re assigning.
  14. Dial is just another joystick input (from what I can gather. I f I read you right, I must use FSUIPC to set up & calibrate 4x throttles & 4x Pitch, & use Flightsim assignments for elevator, airelons & rudder? So board 1 for 4x throttles & board 2 for 4x pitch, all set up & calibrated via FSUIPC, control surfaces assigned by FS9. Or everything via FS9? Phew! Hope I am getting this right. I would hate to do pitch tru FS9 as I need prop feathering via FSUIPC
  15. Hi Pete, Conected everything & came up with a few issues, none of them FSUIPC related, but don't know where else to ask. I am sure you are not up to speed with the 2x cards I have, but anyway.. All switches work fine. The cards have X, Y, Z, RX, RY, RX, Slider & Dial connections. We have 4x throttles, 4x props & the usual elevator, airelon & rudders. We are battling a bit to get all connected. Am I correct in connecting elevator, airelon & rudder to X, Y, Z on card , Trottles 1 to RX, 2 to RY, 3 to RZ & 4 to Slider? then Pitch to X, Y, Z, Z1 on card 2? or am I totally lost here. I first put throttles on X,Y,Z,RX on card 1 (Pitch on the same on card 2)& all worked fine. Problems came with trying to connect the control serfaces, especially rudder, but I will sort that out in calibrating. I do realize this is not the forum to get this kind of, but I am still waiting to be activated on Leo's forum. Any ideas will be appreciated, even being shot down being in the wrong forum. Robin
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