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  1. Hi Do you have information aboute the compatibility betweeb FSUIPC an Flight Simulator 2020? Best reagards Fredrik
  2. Take a look: FS panel suite to better understanding what I am doing 🙂
  3. Hi All The FS panel and it´s function are firstly based on B737 😊 My all components are control by a several Arduino boards and Phidget for the led-Lights. I am programming it in Javascript togheter with Node JS server whitch will handle all the connection to FSUIPC by the npm module: NPM FSUIPC I have several software alternatives: PMDG 737ngx for P3D 4 Qualitywings B787 Project Magenta Sim-Avionics AerosoftSystem 737 Avionic Software The FMC is going to be controled by Virtual CDU 737 and my Tablet as a start 🙂 The quenstion is, what software wil I choose? My conditions as needed: 1) Control all part of a B737 / 737Max or 787. 2) Must be able sending the the output values to a external hardware like the gaugses and the led-segment like heading from AP ….3 3) I have read that you can save where you are in a flight in case of a CTD and later resuming the flight. Is that possible today, maybe by the FSUIPC module? More question later 😊 I have understood that you must have FSUIPC gettig the value from the Simulator. Except the Fimulator you must have a Avionic system like Sim-Avionix or PM .... My best option is PMDG 737NGX, i now the aircraft is a good one but can you have it in your cockpit solution like the PM .... What do you use and what software suite to choose? Best Fredrik
  4. Hi John The first my goal is to controll the 14 of Mega with node and FSUIPC! Is that achieveable?
  5. Hi I am having FSUIPC in the same computer as my Node Server and the sim I have succes in connecting one of my planing 14 mega boards, one step at a time 😉 My goal is to see my diff. conponents state on a homepage, just for me. Before I start msking the homepage for it you maybe can tell if the goal is achieveable? Then I like to now where to begin and read aboute it? Best regards Fredrik
  6. Hi I like having a Node.js server and send command between my external hardware Arduino components --> FSUIPC. That because I like control everthing with Javascript. I have read that I need a server for FSUIPC for that. Am I correct? Best Fredrik
  7. Hi Peter I was lucky to get it working before your solutons came out. Is there an another tweak you have done I mean is it wotth useing your file anyway?
  8. Ok. best having the x56 plugin until you have a fix for it.
  9. Hi I have Saitek X56 Rhino Hotas. The stick´s guid seams static but my throttle guid appear being dynamic in fsx? The fault is in the ini file, the guid is wrong. If you change it, restart fsx is work againg. Any suggestions? Glad to be back after seven year :)
  10. Hi I am trying to link my potentiometer to the knob Circiut Breaker Bright in the overhead of the 737ngx cockpit. I do it through event control and it is working fine with buttons but the axis is not in sync! I mean the full range of the knob in the cockpit is perform when I have just turn the potentioimeter maybe 10 degrees? Best Fredrik
  11. Hi I have recently sucess to program all my components except the analog axes in FSUIPC :) I do have tried it in LINDA but several of my components got a stupid behavour so I have program all the components in fsuipc. But today when I have turn the build process to be more testing before I can start flying. FSUIPC seams to have forgotten all the links to its coresponding functions :( I have program all my components with contorol event, the aircraft is PMDG737ngx! I am confused, I have not change anything eve since the last time it worked! My setup is: 1 Leobodnar BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board 4 Leobodnar BBI-32 Button Box Interface Card 1 above is connect direct to the 13 ports USB and cards 2 are connected to a normal 4x USB 2,0 hub. The 4 ports USB hub is connected to the 13 ports hub. The 13 ports hub is then connected to my computer, allways in the same USB ports! The 13 ports USB hur is: http://www.dustinhom...portar-usb-2-0/ Edit: When I am testing it know, its all work but why did not it work yesterfday? Please reply asasp// Best Fredrik Hjärpe !!!
  12. No I do not missted that, perhaps I was too quick with my egnlish :) That is great// Best Fredrik
  13. Great but if I must run the fsuioc at the same in both the computer then I need to buy one more license? I hope not :)
  14. Hi Pete Dowson I have FSUIPC and WideFS and I am wondering if you can confirm that I am not have to buy another more license of fsuipc if I am intend to run fsuipc in a second pc? I can see that SimConnect can also be the link too FS as WideFS can be but what are the most stable ? Best Fredrik
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