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  1. Not to mind his own business, but how many times a year does Pete go on holiday? :-)
  2. Wow, great, with this message you are telling us that the P3D update will be before Sep 12 ;-)
  3. Thank you Pete. I had picked your suggestion and already reported it in the P3D forum, but your comment would be taken much more into account by LM...
  4. Thank you very much, Pete! At the same time, I will try and check tonight with TrafficLook. James
  5. Hi, with P3D v4 the various ATC addons (Radar Contct, PF3, etc.) have a problem where the controllers do not see runways designators (right, left, center) ONLY for AI airplanes and give them instructions to taxi say to runway 16 instead of 16 left or 16 right. This does not happen with my own airplane, only with AI. Can this be caused by something wrong with FSUIPC? Thanks.
  6. Next test: without the line NoPanelsAccess=Yes (so default FSUIPC): if, as soon as I run P3D, I select the default situation, that is F22 at KVSP runway threshold, then, from inside that situation, I switch the plane to the 747, it works! All this is with Win 7-64.
  7. I tried to add the line NoPanelsAccess=Yes and sometimes, after loading a default aircraft first, the 747 loaded correctly, but only a couple of times, then no more. I can't inderstand the logic behind this behaviour.
  8. Thanks Pete. Going to try tonight after I go back home from work. I hope someone else can test this now and report...
  9. Couldn't it be that some default options in FSUIPC block the loading of the 747 systems?
  10. Same problem for me: I had the 747 for P3D v3 and FSUIPC 4. Then I bought P3D v4 and FSUIPC 5. As requested by PMDG, I uninstalled the v3 747, then installed both v3 and v4. When launching the 747 in v4 I get black screens and no landing gear. If I remove FSUIPC.dll, the airplane loads normally.
  11. Hi, I am using FSDreamteam GSX with FSX and everytime I use it I have to handle several (unrealistic) text messages on the FSX screen. I have a second computer, WideFS connected to the FSX one, and with ShowText, that I use with Radar Contact. Would it be possible to deviate the GSX messages from the FSX window on the main computer to the ShowText window on the second computer? I tried but no messages appear on ShowText and they always appear on the FS screen. Thank you. James
  12. Pete, unfortunately also playing with the delta did not help. The 767 LDS is different from the Maddog because when you engage the A/T the joystick is automatically excluded (as if you unplugged it from the USB port), while in the Maddog the A/T still feels the position of the joystick lever and is influenced by it, with disappointing results. Now, since the FSUIPC "throttle off" trick excludes also the A/T, the only solution is parking the throttle lever to idle position, even if, besides being not realistic, you loose the exciting part of the takeoff, that is the hand pushing the throttle to full (or reduced) thrust to accelerate and lift off the airplane...
  13. Pete, I found that this happens on the Maddog Leonardo and on the 767 LevelD. On the 747-400 PMDG I can still use the A/T after I press "throttle off". Regards, James
  14. Pete, unfortunately this doesn't work, because "throttle off" means that also autothrottle doesn't work, not only the joystick. At takeoff with the Leonardo MD80, I want to exclude the joystick when I arm the A/T, because otherwise the joystick position interferes with the A/T. If I press the "throttle off" button, also the A/T is excluded and the power doesn't increase to takeoff power.
  15. Thank you, Pete! I'll try tonight at home, but you made my day! Best regards, James
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