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  1. I first assign a function to an axis, for example the throttle. Those values are reading handle back value = in/out -16384 and with the handle forward 16383. I notice the the values are kind of blinking slightly (refresh rate?). Delta value = 256. The next step is that I choose 'Joystick calibration', step 1/11 Throttle select 'Reset' and set the MIn (value in -16384 and out -163843) and Max (value in 16255 and out 16254). The set values are Min -16384 and Max 16383
  2. Hi Pete, Problem: Strange behavior of CH yoke, weird values, not able to calibrate the Yoke properly. Calibrating ailerons gives 2 negative values for left and right (Min/Max) -16380 and -16251 Or is it an FSUIPC? IS FSUIPC able to change Windows 10 settings. Suspected cause: Suspect a change in Windows 10, USB Game controller for CH Yoke shows values for X,U,X, axis inverted. I do not know what triggered it as I don't fly that often right now. Question: How can I set the Windows X,Y,Z values back so that they behave normally? (Back = 0 forward is max value) Actions already taken: Reset of Yoke settings Deleted .ini file to start blanc, Disconnected all USB devices Deleted the Yoke in the register (RegEdit) Created new profile Installed older FSUIPC - I use FSUIPC quit a time, never had issues like this - Current FSUIPC version: 5.152 - There are no crash issues - FSUIPC Log and .ini are attached - Simulator P3D V4.5 - Contols are disabled in P3D Kind regards Eric FSUIPC5.log FSUIPC5 Install.log FSUIPC5.1.log FSUIPC5_prev.log FSUIPC5 before Profiles files.ini dll.xml
  3. Hi Volker I reinstalled FS Commander, made the mistake to do it in a subfolder. FSC works again. Placed a copy of FSCFSXCGF.EXE in de the FSX-SE folder (FSX-SE\steamapps\common\FSX) executed the file and got an error message "Copying could not be completed". If you have an aswer I would appreciate it. Regards Eric
  4. Hi Volker I solved it. Reinstalled the latest upgrade and when running the database manager I noticed that my mapped drive though having a green light was not valid connection. The reason off this isssue occured while degrading my main Flightsim PC from Win10 to Win7, it changed my homegroup settings (autorisations etc.). I restored mu Homegroup settings and autorised 'everybody'. Then mapped the drive on the support PC (FS Commander), assigned the path in the Database Manager and all worked well after updating the Database. Thanx for all support Regards Eric
  5. Hi Volker Fair enough, I applogise as an Functional Owner I should know better ;-) 1. FSX-SE 2. Fsuipc 4.947c Wide FS 7.947c 3. FSC Database Manager 4. Navigraph AirAC 1513 V1 5. Simmarket Download version 6. Win10 Pro 64 But Best regards Eric
  6. Hi FS Commander worked always fine untill recently. I use Navigraph to tupdate the NavData. FS Commander is setup on a second PC, mapped to drive W:\ (The FSX folder within FSX-SE) My supprt PC with FSC is Win10, my main FSX PC is Win7 Looking forward to an answer Best regards Eric
  7. Hi Volker It's solved. Ity turned out to be that I've lost my Homegroup autorisation, wil tweaking Windows 10. So I just added the Homegroup users to the security tab and that's it. Thankx for youre contribution. Best regards Eric
  8. Hi Volker Sorry I updated to Windows 10 offcourse. Unfortunally the provided workaround above didnt work out form me. Best regards Eric
  9. Hi Volker, congratulations with the 20 years FSC. I updated mij PC from Win7 to Win8 and noticed after assigning my mapped drive(s) (not Quick access) that they are not visible in FSC. I searched for an answer (Manual, Internet) but could not found the required answer. I tried a Win8.1 solution in the Register but that didn't do the job. Looking forward to a solution. Best regards Eric
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