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  1. Perfect, thanks, if possible would be excelent!
  2. Thanks, Simon, basically I want to be able to put in an IATA and flight number of any airline (today BA405, tomorrow G31664, then LHR 334 etc) without having to keep changing the cfg file each time. In vatsim, proatc, etc you do the same thing. I am sorry not to have explained better before
  3. Hi Simon, I have just managed to test this, really great. Only thing is that I was not specific enough. When you enter Flight number under User Flight, I want to be able to enter the IATA code as well - currently it is still pulling the airline from somewhere (probably the aircraft cfg) and putting the logo of the airline under "Airline" and the IATA code (in my case G3) in the Flight column just before the flight number that I entered. Would it be posible to select the Airline too, so for example I want to fly BA400, so regardless of what is in the CFG file, it will set the BA logo under Flight and the IATA BA before the flight number?
  4. Hi Simon, I am going to test it all later tis week when I can get to the sim and over the wekend too
  5. Hi Simon, that is really fantastic news and cannot say how much I appreciate this so quickly, HUGE thanks for all the efforts
  6. Hi Pete, well I tried it again but still no detection (see my last post on prosim forum), it seems to me that prosim is not detecting the switch for some reason, which is odd as other users have this working
  7. That's really great, thanks Simon, much appreciated and given I know how much you must have on your plate with the beta!
  8. Just received a reponse on the prosim forum, it seems the Gate should be set to an 8 bit unsigned, rather than 32 that I had. I will try that tomorow
  9. Thanks, Pete, yes I have posted this on the prosim forum. I got this idea from another Prosim post in the following link, where he managed to do the same thing, albeit with the R/T switch and not the I/C switch but it is the same principle - see Step 3 https://prosim-ar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16468&p=116361&hilit=Configure+CPFlight+ASP+R%2FT+switches#p116361 Charles
  10. P3D 4.5, Prosim 2.30, CPflight h/w connected via the MCP, FSUIPC 5 I am trying to get FSUIPC to recognize as a button the movement of the I/C switch on my CPflight ASP (Audio Sound panel) But I cannot get FSUIPC (version 5) to recognize a virtual button. I went into prosim/configuration/Gates and selected the I/C on the captain side to FSUIPC 32 bit U with the offset 0x3340.0 (see attached pic) but when I go into FSUIPC buttons tab (with everything running including P3D, prosim system, prosim MCP), it does not sense the moving of the I/C switch as a button. I tried other offsets (3344.0, 3352.0) but still no joy. I checked that the I/C switch hardware is working, it is recognized by the CPflight hardware test all ok. I would be very grateful if you can shed light on this! Charles
  11. Thanks, Simon, let's just stick with being able to enter the flight number for STB only.
  12. Hi Simon, that is really great thanks. That works fine for me, as I use proatcx or vatsim, where you can set your callsign as wanted. Another improvement would be if we can set actual departure and arrival times, rather than having to calculate minutes to departure and arrival. For example, departure 1105 and arrival 1215 although I am not sure how you deal with differing local times between countries Best regards Charles
  13. Thanks, Simon, that's great. I am currently using 4,5 but will at some stage upgrade to v5 Best Charles
  14. Hi, can I make a change request whereby, instead of sourcing my own flight (user flight) flight number from the CFG file, that we can input this manually, for ezample under the menu "User Flight" / "Configure Schedule and Flight Type" ? This would not only be much easier (I use just one aircraft but its flight number changes eah flight as in reality), but also more secure than changing the CFG file each time Thanks Charles
  15. Great to have you back, Pete! Now seems to be resolved after I installed 4948c. But I don't know if it was that or the fact that this time, before installing 4948 (from 4939v) I cleared out the old registry entries for FSX (which I do not have) which were causing an issue on install of FSUIPC as detailed in the prosim forum. I suspect these were messing something up on install. Also, someone else on the prosim forum reported that the wxr radar worked for him after uninstalling the p3d fsx migration tool so maybe having FSX "left behind" is the culprit Anyway, thanks again Best Charles
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