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  1. Perfect, Simon, understood 100% now. That is brilliant, I can simply enter the callsign in the cfg for "atc_airline" and STB will use its lookup table to put in the logo. So, signing off on this issue now, but want to say how much I am hugely grateful for your superb support, it has been 2nd to none and, of course, for the excellent product! Speak soon! Best regards Charles
  2. Understood, no problem, you have already done a huge amount for me, for which I am extremely grateful. One last question please, if I were to change the atc_airline in the cfg file each time, in order that the logo would appear, is there a list of defined names/codes that you can put into atc_airline field? For example, there is the following list in wkipedia, if it is this list, do I use the "Airline" column, so for example "British Airways"? (This raises a small point, you may want to change the 1st field that you inserted above IATA to "Airline" instead of "Callsign", as for example a user may insert "Speedbird" instead of the Airline "British Airways"....pedantic but more correct!) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airline_codes_(B)
  3. There is a logo folder under the STB folder. Just need to be able to select one of those manually, like with a browse button to the side of the "Callsign" field Hope that makes sense
  4. Ok thx, but we can't at the moment put the logo into STB, only text when entering the callsign. Can there not just be a button for us to manually select a logo?
  5. Wow, that was quick, I will try and test this out today Huge thanks Simon!
  6. Hi Simon, thanks that would be fantastic and is everything. I obviously should have explained better at the start, but the intention was to be able to change the call sign (IATA and number) and not have to do anything in the cfg. For example, in Vatsim you put in your call sign and even aircraft type, it will then display on Vatsim that aircraft type (eg an A320 even if you are flying a B737 from the cfg) in the chosen livery and attach that call sign for ATC, all outside the cfg. On STB I am trying to do a similar thing, although the livery display is just the airline logo to be displayed on STB
  7. It's because as mentioned, I fly in a cockpit so I don't see the outside liveries What do I need to change in the CFG for it to pick up the correct logo?
  8. Can this be changed, so that what you enter as the IATA code will drive what is shown as the logo? I basically do not want to have to edit the cfg at any time
  9. Yes, I just changed the extension to But after you change to another airport and go back, it is all ok Did you see my other point re the logo still being GOL's? Thanks
  10. Thanks, Simon, well I thought it was a problem related to what I entered as an IATA code, as this was the 1st time I had ever done this, and the 1st time that I ever had an STB crash! Kinda strange coincidence that this bad image should pop up for the 1st time! Just for my own understanding, what exactly does STB not like about the Air Baltic.gif, is it that there is not an IATA for them in STB or in the Air Baltic cfg? Will STB work ok on Vatsim, which uses my TrafficX program to populate the aircraft of other users, or will it work only with offline ATC?
  11. Btw, when I inserted the callsign into STB for Easyjet, I used the IATA (U2) and not the ICAO (EZY) and not the Callsign (EASY), I note the CFG seems to have the callsign (GOL Transporte in the above extract)
  12. Wow, Simon, you are incredible, I wish all sw support was like this!! Thta is fantastic, I will try it out later today, thanks so much!! Charles
  13. Perfect, thanks, if possible would be excelent!
  14. Thanks, Simon, basically I want to be able to put in an IATA and flight number of any airline (today BA405, tomorrow G31664, then LHR 334 etc) without having to keep changing the cfg file each time. In vatsim, proatc, etc you do the same thing. I am sorry not to have explained better before
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