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  1. Thanks John. I found another thread listing a new fsuipc6.dll (6.0.14) and pasted that DLL into the module folder, rebooted and the devices now show up. I appreciate your help!
  2. I am trying to configure my GF devices using FSUIPC. I have the latest (non-beta) release 6.1.0 and have tried placing GFDev64.dll in Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 folder and Prepar3D v5\Modules with no luck. When I press a button or flip a switch I am not seeing any change on the Button tab within the application. I have run the HID scanner in the Utils directory and all of my GF devices appear (I am currently using 10). What am I missing? HidScanner.log
  3. Shom, I concur that from the internal view the engine nacelle is not visible. There seem to be limited modeling internal cabin though. Kevin
  4. I am seeing the engine nacelle in the external view. I am using Chase Plane and have the camera right near the fuselage. This is the 175 in the AAL Livery Haven't tried the others Kevin
  5. Just a quick question, is anyone noticing that the textures are slow in loading when changing from internal to an external view? I am using ChasePlane, not sure if that would have any affect - I don't notice it on any other aircraft. Kevin
  6. Thanks Reinhard, The the key was using the ones that in in Click! Thanks!! Kevin
  7. Any plans on releasing a SDK or list of modifiable LVARS? I am using SPAD.NExT and tried to control the Nav light using the LVAR EmbNavLt, setting it to 1 when I want the Nav lights on but no luck. When I interrogate the variables by clicking the switch in the sim I see this value changing but I am unable to control. Are these Read-Only? Kevin
  8. Is CustomDB created in ~\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FeelThere EJets\FeelThere or at a different level?
  9. Did you need to change the file extension from .mdb to .db3 to have it load? Kevin
  10. When using the link below, Q. I purchased the download version from feelThere and there and the addon liveries are missing.A. The liveries are not missing. To decrease the size of the file download, and not waste bandwidth for liveries you don't want, the extra paints are available as individual downloads from feelThere's www-site: http://feelthere.com/download.html (right column, second from the top This link 404's and on http://www.feelthere.com/downloads/ None of the links seem to have hyperlinks associated to them. Is there a logon page one would need to go to first?
  11. Is there a breakdown of which files are exterior, interior and flight deck? Thanks Kevin
  12. I found some that are for FS2004 that seem to work. http://www.nbflightsim.com/fs2004/fs2004.html#FT190
  13. I just purchased the 170/190/175/195 for P3Dv4.
  14. I found an American Eagle ERJ 145 livery on avsim, are there any for the 170/175/190/195? Kevin
  15. What a change 24 hours can make.

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