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  1. Kevin Conlon

    Download page

    When using the link below, Q. I purchased the download version from feelThere and there and the addon liveries are missing.A. The liveries are not missing. To decrease the size of the file download, and not waste bandwidth for liveries you don't want, the extra paints are available as individual downloads from feelThere's www-site: http://feelthere.com/download.html (right column, second from the top This link 404's and on http://www.feelthere.com/downloads/ None of the links seem to have hyperlinks associated to them. Is there a logon page one would need to go to first?
  2. Kevin Conlon

    ERJ's Paint Kit

    Is there a breakdown of which files are exterior, interior and flight deck? Thanks Kevin
  3. Kevin Conlon

    American Airline Livery

    I found some that are for FS2004 that seem to work. http://www.nbflightsim.com/fs2004/fs2004.html#FT190
  4. Kevin Conlon

    American Airline Livery

    I just purchased the 170/190/175/195 for P3Dv4.
  5. Kevin Conlon

    American Airline Livery

    I found an American Eagle ERJ 145 livery on avsim, are there any for the 170/175/190/195? Kevin
  6. What a change 24 hours can make.

  7. Time to return back to snow

  8. MCO here we come for a long weekend!

  9. Driving home today I saw the Google Maps car taking images near the stinky farm on Ayrault.

  10. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!

  11. Patricks orientation!

  12. Air temperature 47°. Pool temperature 80°. Oh yeah!

  13. Now the worst part of the trip.... The return home

  14. By Orlando, see you in the Spring.


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