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  1. Hi Pete, thanks for the reply. Indeed this works for the 737 NGX (seven THREE seven). I tried using a macro file found here http://forum.simflig...ng-ngx-cdu-lua/ which does the same thing as the ipc.control if I understand well. And indeed it works very well. I can assign any key to any button I want on any device that Fsuipc sees. So the 737NGX is not the problem. But my question was for the PMDG 747 X (seven FOUR seven) that we have been discussing here : http://forum.simflig...-and-pmdg-747x/ where we had come to the conclusion that no Lvars appeared to be used for the CDU. I tried using the same macro file, but to no avail for the moment. Should I try all the codes from 70166 to 70299 (the NGX CDU keys) hoping that one of the might trigger something ? Or is it totally hopeless because no lua var is used ? Or other codes ? edit : I tested again with the logging facility that Linda provides and no CDU keypress in the 747 ever triggers a IPC write/FSX control event/Lua event. Thanks for your most valuable insight anyway Pete !
  2. Sorry to hop in the thread, and I'm gonna sound a little bit monomaniac, but would there be anyway we could use info from the SDK to try and use with the 747 CDU problem we've been discussing some time ago ? Or at least look for inspiration ?
  3. Hi again Pete (yes I'm quite motivated here, I really want to find a way to use my hardware) and thanks for your time and advice. Ok so, I just open the dll file with something like windbg or the like, or does it have tu be running ? I have mapped all the CDU keys using Fsuipc's macro record tool. All the CDU keys are, from what I understand you say, offset regularly : 1=key A=RX10ad0*X8b00 2=key B=RX10b00*X8bcc 3=key C=RX10b30*X8bcc 4=key D=RX10b60*X8bcc 5=key F=RX10bc0*X8bcc[/CODE] From what I understand of what you explained (but I could be completely wrong) this means that all key's offsets being 10b60(hex)-10b30(hex)=48(decimal) apart, they all point to something 48 bits long. Am I correct here or am I way over what I will ever understand ? Another funny thing : they all seem to have the same check code : 0x8BCC, apart for three of them which have 0x8B00 (the letter A, the PREV and NEXT PAGE keys) plus all the LSK keys. Could we get something out of this ? Or is it normal... Well that's the point, I don't think anybody is really interested at making this : FDS don't need this to be one of the most successful simming hardware makers, FsLabs will demand a sample of the hardware, which FDS has no interest whatsoever in giving out for free, and besides FsLabs will charge an absurdly huge amount of money (see their other drivers) for something easy to do for them since they ave all the infos, and PMDG being in conflict with them will not do anything either. So no way here. Well, apart from the fact that I hate selling gifts that I received, FDS's stuff is, actually, not at the same level as the Engravity stuff. Let's say FDS stuff is the best right now, way over Engravity (no offense meant here, it's just not the same thing). Indeed I checked using Fsuipc's logging tool : the problem with the CDU is that pressing its keys triggers absolutely NO event whatsoever in the log. Nada. No lua vars, no FS controls,... Nothing seems to happen on the log when using the CDU. So the Rotor-brake seems definitely not to be the solution, as well as any other FS control I guess. Or did I not understand anything once again ?
  4. Indeed. Unfortunately no joy with this either. Bless you for making it possible "on the fly" without having to reload FSX otherwise I would have gone nuts I think. Yes PM, sorry, not a Member of Parliament :razz: And that's what I meant by "open" : you have chosen not to open this channel of communication. Which I understand perfectly as I suspect you'd be swarmed with PMs. Right : so, assuming it is programmed in C/C++ I'd need to find a debugger. Then "entry point" would be RX10ad0*X8b00 for key "A" for example (that's what is in the macro file)... how do I find this "entry point" ? :oops: Well they use a dll made by Lefteris Kalamaras (FsLabs) who was lead on the 747x development before he left PMDG with the offsets. So he should know what to do :) The problem is that nobody at PMDG has ever answered to any of our many many questions (mine and others') on their forum about this. I guess they either don't want to answer or don't want to come back to the conflict that seems to have opposed them to Lefteris. (Disclaimer : all of this is what I gathered by earsay, I don't know anybody there or at FsLabs. I'm just a regular user trying desperately to have his CDU hardware function with the software). Maybe looking into the Engravity/Fslabs dll would help ? No idea how to do it and what to look for but. Someone on the LINDA forum suggested looking at "the Rotor_brake and a parameter, e.g. (66587, 12345)" (http://forum.avsim.n...ost__p__2247856) I'll also have to give this a try although I fear this is again a wild goose chase...
  5. Hi Pete, been trying some other ideas in order to get it working but no joy so far. So a very blunt question -and I emphasize : I'm not asking you to hack anything or betray any secrets, I just ask for your specialist guidance as I'm not a software developper- (I would have done it via MP had you opened it) : where would you suggest I start searching for a way (and how) with the info we've gathered so far ? I'm ready for anything lengthy, boring, complicated... but as I'm no specialist I have absolutely no idea where to start and how to start (which programs to use,...). I'm just sooooooooo disappointed everytime I see my beautiful piece of 1000$ hardware sitting there only being half-functionnal. I don't want to make money, I don't want to spoil PMDG or Kalamaras of their work, I don't want to sell anything, I just want to be able to use my CDU fully ! There IS a way since the Engravity CDU functions with the PMDG. So it IS possible. So any guidance as to where to start would be invaluable as -I repeat- I have absolutely no idea on where to start and how to do it unfortunately :/ Thanks a gazillion times
  6. So apart from mouse macro and Lvars, no other option then :???: ? Crap I really belived we could pull this one off. As for the touchscreen yes I thought about it, but I have been offered a FDS CDU for christmas by all the family, which is quite more realistic. As for hacking, no, I just hoped that the mouse macros and others options Fsuipc offered would have functionned but I guess they really didn't want anybody to use any hardware with their software then. What a pity.
  7. Hi Pete, I managed to dig out some very old posts about that on the PMDG forum... Evidently all of them ended up with no answer, no intervention of any PMDG staff member, so I doubt it would change anything now. Especially since the 747X is so old and has given way to their new baby. So I guess we're on our own as I feared from the get go. So any idea as to how we might bypass this limitation ? Someone should offer you a copy of PMDG's stuff so you can check on your own :razz: :mrgreen:
  8. Hi Pete, been doing my homework and tried every possible combination. Results are : 1) letters and numbers are OK, corresponding to the matching one on the keyboard. Same for / and the dot 2) F1-F6 is Left LSK's as usual and F7-F12 is Right LSK's 3) Page Up is PREV and Page Down is NXT 4) Backspace is CLR 5) Delete is DEL 6) Enter is EXEC 7)+/- can be done either with + and - or with * on the numpad However for all the other keys, which -one might say- are quite important :razz: , no way to find any keyboard shortcut, and the mouse macro, although it is detected by Fsuipc, still doesn't do anything with the TAB check. Seems like we're forced to use the mouse as I said at least for the menu keys :???:
  9. Hi Pete. There is a keyboard shortcut called "Toggle Key Lock" that allows you to use your keyboard to type. Which indeed settles the keypad problem, but not the problem for all the remaining keys (INIT/REF, VNAV, DEP/ARR, NAV/RAD LEGS...) For all of these, unless somebody tells me I'm wrong (which I would gladly be), there's no other solution than the mouse I'm afraid.
  10. Hi Pete, thanks for the fast reply. Yes you can use the keyboard, but only after clicking on a specific spot on the 2D FMC/CDU : then you can type on the CDU and it overrides any keyboard shortcuts in the sim. And if you want to revert back to normal operations you click again on the same sweet spot and your keyboard becomes "usable" again in the "normal" way. I managed to get the mouse macro ident on this sweep spot but on this one too, the TAB check doesn't work. Otherwise, the mouse is the way to go (for example in the 3D cockpit). AS for Vrinsight's CDU, what I meant is that they did not rely solely on keyboard : they had to use some sort of keyboard2mouse. From what I gather (but once again, I don't own the unit) they display the entire CDU (with its bezel and keypad) UNDER the hardware keyboard (there'e a full screen under, that's hidden under the hardware) in order to be able to emulate mouse clicks.
  11. Hi Pete, thanks for the reply. I don't think it's a matter of focus. I think Kalamaras and PMDG have tried to protect their work in order to prevent others from making money from it (which I understand fully) and in order to make even more money themselves out of it. You just need to have a look at the fact that Kalamaras's FlightSimLab is selling a driver for the FMC/CDU to go with engravity's one [for an outrageous price but that's irrelevant at this point]. So there's definitely something here. And from what I know (but I could be wrong as I don't own it), Vrinsight's CDU II functions with the 747X only by using a keyboard/mouse click emulator. I could stand corrected on this point though. I also listed all the LUA variables there, none that seems connected to the FMC/CDU : there are lots about the OVH, the MCP, the state of the aircraft, lights, options (winglets,...) but nothing about FMC/CDU. I also tried with the leave/release parameteres in the macro file (11, 17) but with no success so far. So if mouse macros don't seem to work using the TAB check although the event is perfectly detected by Fsuipc [didn't try the parameter though as I wouldn't know which numers to try], and if no LUA var seems available, do you believe there's anything we might try ?
  12. Hi Pete, many thanks for your reply. SO no idea as to why every mouse macro on the PMDG 747X is OK with the TAB test but not the FMC/CDU ones ?! They really must have programmed something differently here I guess. If you should have any idea, this would be most interesting ! The idea is to use FDS's PRO-MX-CDU with the PMDG 747X so it should be OK as far as keys are concerned ;) AS for the user's contribution : there are tons about the PMDG 747X, about MCP, Overhead, front panel,... everything BUT the FMC ! Which is why I started this little project. Many thanks again for your help.
  13. Hi all, I am currently trying to use Mouse macros for PMDG 747X (FSX) FMC in order to use with a hardware FMC. So I have been mouse trapping each keys pretty easily. Example : [Macros] Module="PMDG_747400_Main.DLL" 1=key A=RX10ad0*X8b00 2=key B=RX10b00*X8bcc 3=key C=RX10b30*X8bcc 4=key D=RX10b60*X8bcc[/CODE] However : when trying the recorded macro with the TAB key, nothing happens, and when assigning the macro to a button, nothing happens either (which would seem pretty logical considering TAB didn't work). Any idea why even the TAB would not work ? And if it's a parameter needed (I had a look at the other macros included in the Fsuipc install : all use parameter 0 and even if I change the parameter it doesn't make any difference), how to search for the right parameter ? I tried digging a little bit, and tried some of the 747 OVH macros that are included in Fsuipc's install. Some function without any problem (Engine startup, or Anti-Ice for instance) but others like "AirHumid", "Air APU Bleed" and the sort didn't work. [i]edit : found why : the 747 OVH macro file included contained wrong adresses. Problem solved.[/i] [s]So has this any connection with my FMC/CDU macros not working or is it an entirely different problem ?[/s] So any idea how to have TAB function on the FMC/CDU macros ? And therefore the possibility to assign a button ? Many thanks in advance
  14. All my apologies for taking so long to come back, I've been very busy lately between work and ill children. Here are my settings : FSUIPC.ini on FSX PC : [GPSout] GPSoutEnabled=Yes Port=WideFS Speed=19200 Interval=500 PosTo6Decimal=No Sentences=RMC,GGA,PGRMZ WideClient.ini on client flitedeck PC : [GPSout] Port=com5 Speed=19200 Of course you can choose any port, provided you keep the same number in the next operation. Launch VSPE, create a simple CONNECTOR, choose COM5 In Flitedeck's Setup, go to GPS tab, select "GPS connected : select manufacturer..." and then choose "Generic" in the left column and "NMEA 0183 RMC/GGA" in the right one Under that choose COM5 in the COM Port selection (or any other port number if you chose another one in the previous step), tick the override BAUD rate and select 19200. Now you can launch FSX on your main PC, and Flitedeck on the secondary PC. You should see a red warning indicating that no GPS has been found. Launch WideClient, and there you go. Again all my apologies for taking so long to come back. Hope this helps and if you found a way on your own, that it may help some others. I'm sure some refinements to this settings can be done (maybe Pete will have some ideas) but it workds without a glitch like that on my setup. Enjoy your flights.
  15. Just to let you know I have just finished setting successfully Flitedeck with FSX via FSUIPC, wideFS/Wideclient and using VSPE. So it IS possible :) There's hope giodoca if you want to do without GpsGate. I'll post my settings later on.
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