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  1. PMDG announced a few days ago that they had unintentionally "broke" the SDK output with the 747 Update. Anything that interfaces with the 747 is not not likely to work correctly. The update to fix this is expected any day. Regards, Claude
  2. Pete, And indeed the strange characters are all gone too!! Thanks again Pete! Claude
  3. Pete, I just created an FSUIPC log file with "Debug/Trace Lua plug-ins" check and NOT "Log Lua plug-ins". I've zipped it in the file "ClaudeTraceLogs.zip" and will shortly send it to you via email. Although you may already have it somewhere, I also included Steve Munn's Lua file as well. Hope this helps. Regards Claude
  4. Hello Pete, Seems I'm seeing similar corruptions in the LUA log file although I do not think FSUIPC is contributing to CTDs in my case (and maybe this is an issue for a separate thread). [FSX, WIN 7(x64), FSUIPC Ver 4.820, PMDG737NGX, GoFlight MCPPro, Steve Munn's NGX_AUTO.LUA] Yesterday, checking FSUIPC.ini for 737NGX settings, I happened to look at the NGX_Auto.log file.(Not sure why I'm logging NGX_AUTO.LUA, but that's not important at the moment.) It contained the same odd corruptions discussed in the earlier postings. It starts with the upgrade from Ver4.811 to Ver4.812 and continues thru Ver 4.820. Here are the lines from NGX_AUTO.log showing the change: ********* LUA: "NGX_AUTO" Log [from FSUIPC version 4.811] ********* 823108 System time = 22/03/2012 12:32:51, Simulator time = 15:03:05 (14:03Z) 823108 LUA: beginning "F:\FlightsimX\Modules\NGX_AUTO.lua" ********* LUA: "NGX_AUTO" Log [from FSUIPC version 4.812] ********* 96222 System time = 26/03/2012 13:31:01, Simulator time = 15:10:27 (14:10Z) 96222 8@z` LUA.0: beginning "F:\FlightsimX\Moduz Since I suspect FSX did not terminate normally in both of the above instances I did a more controlled test today using first FSUIPC 4.811 and then FSUIPC Ver 4.820. Loaded FSX, then the PMDG737NGX, manipulated several GoFlight MCPPro dials/switches and exited FSX (FSX terminated normally). Here are the lines from NGX_AUTO.log again showing the differences between Ver 4.811 and Ver 4.820. The lines are un-edited direct copies from the log file.: ********* LUA: "NGX_AUTO" Log [from FSUIPC version 4.811] ********* 53290 System time = 11/04/2012 12:25:10, Simulator time = 14:18:10 (18:18Z) 53290 LUA: beginning "F:\FlightsimX\Modules\NGX_AUTO.lua" 162475 >>> Thread forced exit <<< 162475 System time = 11/04/2012 12:26:59, Simulator time = 14:19:50 (18:19Z) ********* LUA execution terminated: Log Closed ********* ********* LUA: "NGX_AUTO" Log [from FSUIPC version 4.82] ********* 80575 System time = 11/04/2012 12:33:51, Simulator time = 14:18:10 (18:18Z) 80575 ?Œ` LUA.0: beginning "F:\FlightsimX\Modur 213129 >>> Thread forc 213129 System time = 11/04/2012 12:36:03, Simulator time = 14:20:15 (18:20Z) ********* LUA execution terminated: Log Closed ********* Regards Claude
  5. I'm fairly certain the elevator pot is mis-aligned a bit along with possibly weakened springs, but it is smooth both ways so we're okay. Thanks Claude
  6. Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. Went back and re-read the Joystick Calibration section of the doumentation. I'd advise others to do this from time to time. The axes are assigned in FSX, however the Sensitivity/Null settings were incorrect. Re-calibrated both the Yoke and Rudder pedals in the Windows Game Controllers (outside FSX). Within FSX Set Sensitivity to Max and Null to Min, and then calibrated in FSUIPC. Here are my results: (Will experiment a bit with the dead space settings.) Aileron=-16061,-854,720,15814/8 Elevator=-16192,1550,2934,15962/8 Rudder=-15802,-2017,2130,15934 The CH Flightsim Yoke and Pedals are a Plug and Play driverless USB installation, so the drivers are Windows 7 defaults. Claude
  7. Hello Pete, First time post, but have been using FSUIPC for years. Currently --- FSX (SP2 without Acceleration), FSUIPC Ver 4.664, and WIN7 (Service Pack 1) (x64). My CH Flight Sim Yoke USB Aileron and Elevator Axes are calibrated with FSUIPC and I recently encountered similiar issues as reported by Nicholas. I suspect it has something to do with WIN7, Service Pack 1 and not FSUIPC. Two days ago, I was unable to pitch up the LevelD 767 for take-off. The CH Flight SIM Yoke USB was essentially unresponsive. Sitting on the ground, in spot view, I could see the actual Elevator and Aileron deflections were only approximately 50% of full. In FSUIPC, the reported values for Aileron and Elevator were also approximately 50% of previous values. (Reverting to version 4.657, just to check, made no difference.) Re-calibrating in FSUIPC Ver 4.664 to these newer values restored full Aileron and Elevator deflection. BTW, observed similiar behavior with the FSX default Cessna 172's. Here are the FSUIPC value differences (For now I did not attempt to change the middle values): Before installing WIN7 Service Pack 1: Aileron=-16383,-512,512,16383 Elevator=-16383,-512,512,13472 After installing Win Service Pack1: Aileron=-7040,-512,512,6784 Elevator=-7040,-512,512,5056 Again, I think FSUIPC is functioning as intended, but Win7( SP1) and FSX are now reporting different values for the joystick axes. Claude
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