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  1. The PDF document entitled "FlightSim Commander Update 9.6 Rev. 9 Supplement to the Manual 9.x Supplément au manuel 9.x Nachtrag zum Handbuch 9" is not currently included in the upgrade ZIP. The biggest requirement for P3D v4 users: Pete Dowson's FSUIPC 5 The biggest limitation: the P3D v3.2 and v4.x Add-On.XML method for add on insertion (particularly sceneries) is not supported.
  2. Hi Volker, Thank you for your reply and the workaround. Jeff
  3. First, required info: SIM: P3D 3.4 HF3 - FSUIPC: 4.964 (1st March 2017) Network: NO FSC: FSCDbManager: Navigraph: 1703 Download from FSCommander OS: Windows 10 64-bit Monitors: 2 I am trying to use the flight recording and analysis playback, as indicated on page 95 in the FSC.pdf manual, but the airplane symbol doesn't not show when I am using the arrow keys for playback. What can I do? Thank you.
  4. Thank you, sorry for late reply. Will contact.
  5. How can these options be pursued? I rather use FSCommander than other products (such as FSFlightKeeper) and this 9.6 feature sounds like it might be a way. Can we find out more? Thanks.
  6. ahuimanu

    Need Registration Help

    I have made all purchases of FSC through simmarket over the years. I paid to upgrade from 8 to 9 through simmarket as well. Since I too have recently re-installed FSX (new drive), I had also attempted to reinstall FSC. Here is what worked for me... the last full installer that I have is 9.1. When i used that, and entered my registration details against that, then my registration information worked okay. I was then able to upgrade/update to 9.2 and 9.3 just fine. To be safe I went through each of the 9.2 and 9.3 updates. Hope that helps.
  7. ahuimanu

    PACOT in 9.1

    Volker, Thank you. There it is, as plain as my nose. I guess since the NATS URL was updated, I thought that the PACOT would be as well. Thanks again...
  8. ahuimanu

    PACOT in 9.1

    Love the new window for NATS routes, that makes things SO MUCH easier. I tried to get PACOT and your internal window does not open, rather a web browser opens. That's okay, I thought, but https://www.notams.jcs.mil doesn't work either. I did test - https://www.notams.faa.gov/dinsQueryWeb/advancedNotamMapAction.do - and that makes your internal window come up, but that's not apparently a valid means of accessing the PACOT. So, it seems that until https://www.notams.jcs.mil works, this feature may be somewhat broken.

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