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    KLGA gates

    Hi Vic, I did remove the folder and re-install. Given that SAM has moved to version 3.x, would that be a possible issue? Also, could you consider creating a dedicated 'scenery' folder here in your forums as that part of your business seems to have started to grow. Thank you sir.
  2. ahuimanu

    KLGA gates

    Hi, Thank you for your reply. Yes, SAM works at other airports, I wonder if there is an error in the SAM.xml file?
  3. ahuimanu

    KLGA gates

    I am using KLGA 2.1 from the Xplane org store. The SAM gates won't move. I do have the roads above the scenery in the ini file.
  4. You beat me to this. I was working on helper classes for these, on and off, for months. I never finished as it is tedious work, which I am sure you can attest to. Thank you for these helpers.
  5. The PDF document entitled "FlightSim Commander Update 9.6 Rev. 9 Supplement to the Manual 9.x Supplément au manuel 9.x Nachtrag zum Handbuch 9" is not currently included in the upgrade ZIP. The biggest requirement for P3D v4 users: Pete Dowson's FSUIPC 5 The biggest limitation: the P3D v3.2 and v4.x Add-On.XML method for add on insertion (particularly sceneries) is not supported.
  6. First, required info: SIM: P3D 3.4 HF3 - FSUIPC: 4.964 (1st March 2017) Network: NO FSC: FSCDbManager: Navigraph: 1703 Download from FSCommander OS: Windows 10 64-bit Monitors: 2 I am trying to use the flight recording and analysis playback, as indicated on page 95 in the FSC.pdf manual, but the airplane symbol doesn't not show when I am using the arrow keys for playback. What can I do? Thank you.
  7. How can these options be pursued? I rather use FSCommander than other products (such as FSFlightKeeper) and this 9.6 feature sounds like it might be a way. Can we find out more? Thanks.
  8. I have made all purchases of FSC through simmarket over the years. I paid to upgrade from 8 to 9 through simmarket as well. Since I too have recently re-installed FSX (new drive), I had also attempted to reinstall FSC. Here is what worked for me... the last full installer that I have is 9.1. When i used that, and entered my registration details against that, then my registration information worked okay. I was then able to upgrade/update to 9.2 and 9.3 just fine. To be safe I went through each of the 9.2 and 9.3 updates. Hope that helps.
  9. Volker, Thank you. There it is, as plain as my nose. I guess since the NATS URL was updated, I thought that the PACOT would be as well. Thanks again...
  10. Love the new window for NATS routes, that makes things SO MUCH easier. I tried to get PACOT and your internal window does not open, rather a web browser opens. That's okay, I thought, but https://www.notams.jcs.mil doesn't work either. I did test - https://www.notams.faa.gov/dinsQueryWeb/advancedNotamMapAction.do - and that makes your internal window come up, but that's not apparently a valid means of accessing the PACOT. So, it seems that until https://www.notams.jcs.mil works, this feature may be somewhat broken.
  11. What you basically get is a KML file as another of the Flightplan export types. You can then open this file in Google Earth and it shows the legs between waypoints. I did expect more Google Earth features, but that's about all I can see. There are cosmetic changes to the UI, but I'm not quite sure if they are improvements - it's subjective. I also see that transitions from STAR to approach are available as well. I also note the lack of a "what's new" document and feel that such a document would have helped. This is a worthy tool if you are new to FSC, but it is not certain that it is worth the upgrade at 20 Euros. It is true that there really aren't many new features that jump right out at you. It is possible that there are some hidden gems, but they aren't obvious. I still consider FSC a vital flight planning tool, but this feels more like 8.7 rather than 9.0.
  12. Volker, Thank you, that did the trick. Jeff
  13. Sascha, I hope you indend to implement the manual option, this problem persists to the point hat none of my flights register as landing any longer. This is primarily with aircraft such as the PMDG MD-11 and the Coolsky MD-80. Thank you, Jeff
  14. I would also suggest that we have a manual means of ending the flight in the log. I still have the issue where FSC does not detect that I've landed and, thus, does not save my flight in the log.
  15. Perhaps I should also post this over at Navigraph, but I am not sure where the problem lies, so I'll try both places. The issue I am having is related to FSC not offering at SIDs at KDEN despite the fact that the Navigraph data does contain these SIDs. Is there something wrong with the data from Navigraph or something about FSC 8.5 that is preventing the SIDs from loading? UPDATE: I see from searching Navigraph that this is a known problem with 8.5 since April. http://forum.navigraph.com/forum/defaulsts&t=1085 Is there any news on this problem? Thank you, Jeff
  16. Ai aircraft seem to exist in different states - departing, sleeping, arriving, etc. Remember that the excellent UT2 is "injecting" aircraft using SimConnect. This might create some differences from the traditional BGL-based approach. Use the UT2 monitor program and see if there is a correlation between the aicraft you see in FSC and the departure status of the aicraft you see in UT2's time-tables. I think you might see that many of those aircraft not showing up in FSC on the ground are aircraft not scheduled to depart in the near term.
  17. Hi, I found this thread after posting about a similar problem that I thought was due to the length of flight. I have the same issues described here and I am using FSUIPC 4.50. I tried to click the "L" to change the status from red to black and this still did not save the logbook. I too would like to see a manual close of the logbook so very long flights are not lost. Thank you, Jeff
  18. Hello, I've noticed for several versions (perhaps back to 7.x versions?) that a flight can be so long that the "Show Track" button runs out of little blue trail dots to leave. I noticed this on an KIAD-RJAA flight today in the PMDG MD-11F. However, what I am writing about is the logbook feature. While I got a red ATA for each waypoint, I did not see one upon landing at RJAA. Could this be why I lost the entire flight in terms of the logbook? Or, is it not possible to keep a log of such a long flight. From reading other posts I see that you write the logbook record from memory to a file on touchdown. While I had a normal touchdown, I did not get any of the flight saved to the log. I saw the entire flight's worth of red ATA times, but no long entry after the flight and after shutting FSC 8.5 down. Would you consider giving us a manual means for terminating and saving the logbook? Thank you, Jeff
  19. Volker, Thank you for your reply. I do notice that FSC 8.5 won't shut down when FSX shuts down if I remember to turn the GPS off before shutting FSX down. Jeff
  20. When I close FSX SP2, FSC 8.5 also closes after warning me that FSX has exited. In 8.4.2 and earlier, I would acknowledge the warning but FSC would stay open. Is there any way to get the old behavior back? Thank you, Jeff
  21. This missing terminal at EFHK is a problem for me, is it realated to MyTraffic? When I turn the MyTraffic entry in the scenery library OFF, my building comes back. Is it the AFCAD? Thanks, Jeff
  22. Oh, okay, so I should change my windows settings for this? I'll try that. I wrote a small program that fetches the file from NOAA and puts in the Database folder for FSC84.EXE to find and parse; the program then starts FSC84.EXE up. This is been a suitable work-around for now. Frankly, I don't mind showing the time in HH:MM:SS either. I'll report back with the results shortly. EDIT and FOLLOW UP: Sascha, changing to HH:MM:SS did the trick and the download works fine now. Thank you.,
  23. I think I see something wrong with my own protocol file: FSC · Version 8.4.2 · Build:171208 - 12/30/2008 2:15:10 AM URL: ftp://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/data/observations/metar/cycles/ 12/30/2008 2:15:25 AM WxFileName= 6:Z.TXT Looking up the IP address for the server. Found the IP address for the server. Connecting to the server. Connected to the server. Receiving a response from the server. Response was received successfully from the server, please wait... Requesting information from the server. The request was sent successfully to the server. Receiving a response from the server. Response was received successfully from the server, please wait... Requesting information from the server. The request was sent successfully to the server. Receiving a response from the server. GET /data/observations/metar/cycles/6:Z.TXT F:\FSC\database\fsc_metar.tmp You will see that the program is attempting to get a file called 6:Z.TXT from the server yet no file by that name exists. The files on the FTP site are actually called 0x.TXT where x is a number from 1 to 9. I don't know if this is a programming problem in translating to/from different versions of the OS. fsc_metar.tmp isn't being created as the URL for the current file from the FTP site is wrong. I have observed this across several hours this evening. Also, you might want to avoid FTP by using the HTTP access for the same files from NOAA: http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/observes/00Z.TXT All 24 cycle files are available by simply changing the file name to correspond to the correct hour in ZULU time. I have also noticed that FSC8.4.2 is programmed to fetch the last hour's file. I have written programs that have taken advantage of this resource from NOAA and I am familiar with the problem that causes the need to take data that is an hour old: incomplete files. If you write a program to fetch this data NOW, you'll find that NOAA might still be updating the file and, thus, the file is incomplete. In any case, Sascha & Volker might find that the HTTP method is more reliable; especially if the program has been trained to look for a file corresponding to the latest ZULU cycle - 1.
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