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  1. Yes, it does works. The save files are (WX file, etc) saved in my document folder (deafult path for FS X to save a flight). I know it's created by FSUIPC because in the description it is said "saved by FSIPC". No, it doesn't make any harm to my system, but as I ask to you, whether possible to disable the feature, cause I couldn't find any setting in FSUIPC to set.
  2. Dear Pete, Everytime FS X quit, FSUIPC generate a file called "Previous Flight.FLT". I'd like to know whether possible to disable this feature. Thank you, -denni-
  3. Dear Sir, I was helped by simmarket through their problem ticketing, finally I have your modules installed in my FS-X. Thank you. -denni-
  4. Dear Sir, I've been trying many times to buy the module via simmarket with no luck. It' said that I've problem with my visa number. Recently I just bought successfuly software from flight1 with same visa card and I was able to install them on my FSX. So obviously there's no problem with my visa card. Also I'm an existing customer of simmarket, I bought FSUIPC 3 series and active camera last years from the site. I can't buy through paypal or any cash transfer method, I prefer using my card. So, please help me, and if ain't where should I go to inform my problem? Thank you.
  5. Thanks for your reply Pete. Regarding "hint" on DF737 merge documentation, I want to tell you it is not an "open information", Peter sent the file privately. Thanks.
  6. Hi Pete, I need information about InitDelay, what is it? and how do I use it? I have problem with display, when switch to other view (using "s" - default setting in fs9) sometime my display become black (sound is OK) and then fs crash, I hope by adding this line will fix my problem (I'm using full window). Secondly, I've installed DF737 merge with B734 FFX from Peter McLeland, one of document installation mentioning about "MakeItVersionFS2002", I'm not quite understand about its purpose, can yo make me clear please? Thanks Pete.
  7. Even I'm not quite understand but thanks for the long reply Pete. So there is a problem, now I know.. Regards. ps. Yes the sim is fs9 and running on WinXp pro with fsuipc 3.08.
  8. My apologise Pete for unshown picture. Anyhow, I'll explain in some words. My PSSA340 was doing test flight, and cruising at FL 310 from KSFO to KLAX. If I press shift+Z the indicated wind was "287/25 Mag", but shown on ND was "302/24", even I think the difference is not significant, but it make me curious. As previous post, this happen to PMDG 737 too, different wind speed and direction as shown on ND and by using "shift+Z" Sorry, I can't express much better than an image attachment :lol: , but I did. Thanks Pete.
  9. Hi Pete! Look at these picture: Which one is correct! as a note, I experience the different when flying with the PMDG 737 too. Thanks. ps. Sorry for the big image, I don't know how to resize.
  10. Hi Badger! Previously I also have problem with "user defined weather", now with 3.05 version the problem is gone. I just read the manual, and firstly set the setting to "Normal Defaults" or "Minimal Weather Defaults", and then left winds setting to their default value (don't make any changes). Visibilty setting, I make some customise based on my preference (I check all boxes). For cloud I just check add random icing and turbulence in the cloud. Technical, based on manual, I left "clear weather stop dynamics" checked (default) and uncheck "Allow changes to FS own weather" (default). Now.. fs weather theme is working as it should be. Regards
  11. It also happens to me sometimes.. glad you got it.. :)
  12. Hi Try this link http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html this is official FSUIPC site. Thanks.
  13. I made a reply regarding visibility last week, and you said the new fsuipc will be out next week to fix the issue. Today I see a new ver of fsuipc (3.05) is out, thanks Pete you keep your promise. I'm downloading now :D :D
  14. In fact, it is not only for fsuipc menu, I have same problem when moving around in menu fs itself, for example when I want to change weather and change the aircraft, weather menu is still in the back.
  15. Same here.., after little investigaion in fact it is still fs "weather theme". Regards.
  16. what a quick reply.., Thanks for your explanation..I'm going to try as you suggested. Nice work. Regards
  17. Hi Pete! I need your suggestion, as we know, FS2K4 has "theme" for weather. Does it possible to alter the visibility by using "fair weather" theme? I did read the manual, particularly in "Clear weather stops dynamics" in technical section, but I think it is for external weather program. My default flight is using fair weather theme, in fsuipc set surface visibility limit for clear to 6000, but it is like unlimited visibility for me. What am I doing wrong? please help me out. Sorry for my english - thanks. edit: I'm using FSUIPC 3.03
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