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  1. Hi Pete,

    believe it or not, but I also get the signature problem "from time to time". Means of ten starts of FSX there are two or three where FSUIPC wouldn't get the signature.

    I have no explanation and checked the ram many times without a problem.

    I run Vista 64 Bit, German with downloaded English language pack.

    Currently I live with this, but I hope for a FSUIPC version without the signature. If the signature is only for verify that it is virus free, it is not necessary for me.

    Just my 2 cents

  2. Hi Pete,

    still have problems here.

    After setting

    F:\Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.ecueoocuohqzaeqcqznntrebzwaoelqaunznikhe=2

    too 2 FSX runs FSUIPC. But changed the line back too

    F:\Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.ecueoocuohqzaeqcqznntrebzwaoelqaunznikhe=1

    Next time I start FSX FSUIPC did not run.

    ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.253 by Pete Dowson *********

    Reading options from "F:\Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini"

    User Name="Markus Brunner"

    User Addr="in_04@web.de"

    FSUIPC4 Key is provided

    FSUIPC4 not user registered

    WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired

    FSUIPC4.DLL signature does not verify: running in failed mode!

    ... if the DLL has not been tampered with, then either the Cryptographic

    Services in Windows are broken, or you need to run the Globalsign fix supplied.

    Running inside FSX on Windows Vista (SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07)

    Module base=61000000

    Wind smoothing fix is fully installed


    109 System time = 14:24:35

    109 FLT UNC path = "C:\Users\Games\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\"

    109 FS UNC path = "F:\Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\"

    889 LogOptions=00000001

    889 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay

    3604 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.61637.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.61259.0)

    3604 Initialising SimConnect data requests now

    3604 FSUIPC Menu entry added

    3650 C:\Users\Games\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\default.FLT

    3650 F:\Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\DG808S\DG808S.AIR

    23743 Weather Mode now = Custom

    23743 C:\Users\Games\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Previous flight.FLT

    117063 System time = 14:26:32, FSX time = 13:33:37 (12:33Z)

    118046 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled

    138513 System time = 14:26:53, FSX time = 13:33:40 (12:33Z)

    138513 *** FSUIPC log file being closed

    Average frame rate for running time of 10 secs = 91.6 fps

    Memory managed: 6 Allocs, 6 Freed

    ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *** *******

    The problem is repeatable for me on Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit SP1, maybe it is related to SP1.

  3. solved problem by manual editing the FSX.cfg file.


    F:\Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.aheuqaiibizrqueuunbrroowcneolzrhbllzwnel=-1


    F:\Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.aheuqaiibizrqueuunbrroowcneolzrhbllzwnel=2

    and now it works.

    Surely for the first line to get there originally, you must have rejected FSUIPC's loading at some stage?

    Do you know what that values on those parameters do? Why -1 and why 2?

    I Think the rest of that weird "filename" is some sort of hash-check so that FSX can tell when it changes, so presumably you'll get something again next time. Best to tell Windows you trust software from "Peter L. Dowson", and then you won't be bothered. I think you can do this in Internet Explorer.

    My next PC will have Vista 64, but I don't think it is that which is a factor here.



    Hi Pete,

    sorry to say but this was first run, first installment of FSUIPC 4 on FSX.

    Got the same problem after I downloaded and copied 4.252.

  4. Hi Grey_Wolf,

    I would like to see another program that will create AI for just one airport.

    I don't understand why you need a program for just one airport? Do you mean planes should only fly from this airport to all other airport or should they only fly to a selected airports?

    I think I could implement this in 'GA-Traffic' but need a little more information about your plan.

  5. Hi SN300WL,

    I am unable to un check the planes and airports.

    Was it in the instructions somewhere that i missed????

    EFFC 227

    you must press 'Apply' after you make a chnage in the selection. Every time you click on a new airport or plane the previous selections are discard, if you haven't pressed 'Apply' before.

    Hope this help. If not post here again or send me an e-mail.

  6. Thank you Pete for the quick answer and the suggestion with the multiplayer. Will look at this.

    To get this right I thought about adding a AI plane via FSUIPC to take the motorplane part. Has anyone tried such thing before? Any help on this?

    I don't think it is possible to add AI planes at run time, they need to be precompiled into traffic BGLs. and then they pretty much follow pre-defined paths and timings. However, by all means get the Traffic SDK from the Microsoft website and have a look.

    A better bet would be to use Multiplayer and inject your additional aircraft that way. You'd need to keep control of it through the MP interface too.



  7. Thanks Pete for your quick answer :)

    I know there is a value for 'Ground under the plane', but this value only works if the plane isn't airborne.

    Does that still work in FS2004? I've not had it verified. It was something found by accident in FS2002, no searching was done. Things are so different in FS2004 I wouldn't know where to start looking I'm afraid.



    Yes this still works, have checked it, also the ground condition value work.

  8. Hi all,

    I'm the author of 'GA-Traffic', you find it at avsim and flightsim.com, and would like to hear your opinion about this program.

    For all who didn't know it already:

    GA-Traffic generate GA traffic for the whole world.

    Would be nice to hear your critics and maybe some suggestions for further improvement.

    PS: Anyone intrested in glider flying? (hint)

  9. Hello all,

    the second ALPHA version of my upcoming GA-Trafic generator is on ALPHA test now. Currently I have only a few ALPHA/BETA testers and would be happy to get some more.

    So if you intrested in GA Traffic, have some time to test ALPHA/BETA versions and willing to share youre time and knowledge with me, contact me with a private message here or post in this thread.

    Some word about the currently released features and what to come ( + means current, - means planed feature)


    + Read all, includes additional AFCAD2 made, installed Airport BGL and use them for GA-Traffic if there are GA parking spaces available

    + Use the correct GA registration for the generated traffic

    + Use all installed planes which match the userdefined criteria for GA-Traffic

    + generate all needed files for use with TTools

    + User Interface for select/deselect the use of planes and changing several Airplane values

    + Automatic generation of the GA-Traffic BGL file on one button press

    - use 'virtual landing fees' for tuning the flightplan generation, the system allows the user to set values for landing fees for every airport or type of airports in general, so a airport with high landing fees, like the bigger commercial ones (KLAX) will not get GA-Traffic

    - User Interface for select/deselect airports and change the values

    - Maybe, a button to generate special AI versions of installed planes

    If you intrested in testing this programm or think you have some ideas to improve it, please contact me.



  10. Hallo alle,

    ich bin im Moment am Entwickeln eines General Aviation Traffic generators. Dafür suche ich noch ALPHA/BETA Tester.

    Die zweite ALPHA ist zur Zeit fertig und wird von leider zuwenig Leuten bereits getestet.

    Also wenn Ihr Englisch versteht, Intresse an GA Traffic habt, etwas eurer Zeit in ALPHA/BETA testen investieren wollt, meldet euch bitte hier.

    FEATURES von "GA-Traffic"

    (+ bereits implementiert, - demnächst)


    + Verwendung aller Flughäfen mit GA parking spots, auch mit AFCAD2 selbst erstellte oder modifizierte

    + Verwendung aller installierten FLugzeuge möglich, Vorauswahl erfolgt automatisch

    + Verwendung der Landesspezifischen Rufzeichen

    + mehr als 600.000 Legs=Flights pro Woche

    + automatischen generieren des BGL files mit TTools (One Click)

    - 'virtual landing fees' -> Damit wird jeder Flug mit einem Wert versehen, dies sorgt dafür, dass Flüge selten über Landesgrenzen hinweg gehen (da teuer), kleine Maschinen nicht in Frankfurt/Main landen (da hohe Landegebühren) etc.

    - Verschiedene Klassen von FLughäfen, Bush (Grasspiste), small field etc. Diese Klassen sind bereits eingebaut GUI dazu fehlt aber noch.

    - u.U. GA Aircraft modifyer



  11. Hello Pete,

    was there a change in the NewWeatherInterface with the release of version 3.06?

    I ask this because my selfmade weather program doesent work like before. After the "ClearAllWeather" Call, I got the responce of No Accumultaion (?) could be made and the weather station didn't update. If I press the Alt Key and go back to flying the WriteAndProcess functions work without problem. It also worked if I "restart" the current flight or go to a new location.

    I can reproduce the failure only if the debugger isn't runing, so I guess it could be a timing problem.

    Did you have any idea what this could be?

    With version 3.05 the problem didn't occur.



  12. Thanks Pete for the quick repley.

    I understand it right that the graduate visibility start with the visibility set per visibility layer (or FSUIPC) and then go up to the value set in FSUIPC, right?

    Do you think it is possible to implement a setting where the start level of the graduate visibility is automatic bound to the upper altitude of the visibility layer?

    Currently I must set the max upper limit for visibility layers to a equal fixed value in FSUIPC to archive this.

    I mean if I set the max upper limit of the visibility layer in FSUIPC to 1000 feet and the lower limit of graduatet visibility also to 1000 feet, I should get a smooth transition of the visibility for every climb above the 1000 feet altitude, right?

    Sorry if I ask you the details again, but I think the graduatet visibility feature of FSUIPC is a must have for FS9 and I try to get the best out of it.



  13. Hi Pete,

    I have a question about how graduatet visibility work and how I use it best.

    Here is my question:

    If I set the start altitude of graduated visibility in FSUIPC to 0 feet and the visibility layer in FS9 is 5 miles from ground level (0 feet) to 2500 feet, does the graduated visibility start the transition at 0 feet with 5 miles and the visibility range got better every feet I glimb, until I hit the upper graduate altitude? Or did the 5 miles visibility layer limit my visibility to 5 miles until I hit 2500 feet and then I get the graduated visibility?

    And did the graduatet visibility start with the visibility setting from the visibility layer or what is the lower visibility value it start with?

    I hope I find the right words for my question.



  14. Hi Pete and all FS9 programmers,

    I have a question which isn't FSUIPC specific it is more general to FS9 programming. I hope that Pete or someone else can give me a hint.

    First my problem:

    I programmed a weather program, which is currently a EXE program file. I would like to integrate the EXE file as Module (DLL) like FSUIPC, with his own menu system. Currently I only found the describtion of the gauges modules, but think this isn't the right SDK to make a FS9 integrated module.

    The question is:

    What SDK describe the programming of a FS9 module? I mean the Callback functions of the module and the functions of FS9 to get a menu item shown.

    I know that I can use the FSUIPC interface for integrating HOT Buttons and menu items for my program. But I would like to make my program as DLL so FS9 loaded it at startup and integrate my menu in the weather menu of FS9 (if this is possible). I also know how to program a DLL in general.

    Hope I made my problem and question clear and someone could help me

    Thanks in advance


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