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  1. I'm having problems with this issue and I'm NOT using Windows 8. I have registered version of FSUIPC and Windows 7. If I unplug a USB device FSUIPC rescans the USB devices and reassigns numbers in the [JoyNames] section. But here is the problem: if you have assigned a device to be sent directly to FSUIPC, the number in the [Axes] section may no longer correspond to the (now different) device number in the [JoyNames] section. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Has anyone had experience in connecting any of the Sismo hardware using the PMDG SDK and FSUIPC? I'm getting some Sismo hardware in a few weeks and want to start thinking about the software configurations and could use any suggestions that others have who have been down that path.
  3. I'm not familiar with Lua scripting but why can't you use varlables like: var LandingGearLights = 0x29C and then in the code use: event.offset(LandingGearLights) (I know offset 0x29C isn't really landing gear lights).
  4. Can I pay for one registered copy of FSUIPC and install it (as a registered version) on a laptop and a desktop as long as I am not running them at the same time? I plan to experiment on the laptop but the sim work will be on the desktop.
  5. Pete, Why "read-only" with the PMDG SDK offsets? Do you mean that FSUIPC can only see what the SDK data is but not change any aircraft values?
  6. I'm interested in seeing the code. I program mostly in C# and find it too painful to go back to C++.
  7. Maybe the 500ms delays are caused by running VS in debug mode?? If you are using exceptions to trigger actions and in debug mode... In debug mode an exception is very costly (timewise). In release mode exceptions run extremely fast.
  8. Sorry for all the questions. I'm a software developer, a pilot, a simmer, and am building a sim pit. I understand all the separate pieces--I just don't understand how it all fits together (with SimCommect, FSUIPC, ProSim, etc). So if you don't add the offset assignments for ALL the PMDG's variables how would someone get to it from FSUIPC? How did they do it before the SDK came out?
  9. I'm trying to usderstand Pete's comment about getting data out of the SDK. I use SimConnect code with a C# program but have never used FSUIPC (and am not sure how ti works). How would you interface a separate SimConnect client code with FSUIPC (to map the SimConnect data to FSUIPC offsets)? Are there some "hooks" that I can call from my C# (or C++) code into FSUIPC?
  10. The SDK will be installed when you install SP1c. It gets put into a subfolder in the PMDG folder and contains a pdf, a cpp file and a header file.
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