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    I'm blind And I use a guide dog, and I am a ham radio operator and I fly airplanes thanks to my computer. I know if I were sighted, I would have had a career in the air and hopefully would have made the right stuff for either the CDR's Seat or the PLT's Seat on the sadly retired space shuttle or a tour of duty on the ISS.

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  1. Hello to you Jason, from fellow totally blind pilot Ron Kolesar. Please write me off list at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com I'd like to discuss your project if you wouldn't mind? You peak my curiosity and wish you well with your current project. I know myself, if I were sighted, I would have had a career in the air and hopefully a career aboard the STS and or the ISS from NASA. One project that you still can get you tube videos on is the It's Your Plane project. Sadly the web page is down and we no longer have access to the AI co-pilot/AI First officer assistant program, but you should get some ideals on how to build your flight simulator for we eager blind pilots. I wish to have in my private aircraft the successor to the current blind friendly DF7X from Fly Away Simulation's free down load library, and hope to have a blind friendly version of the successor to the DF7X the now currently flight certified DF8X. My next choice would be a Golf stream 5 or it's successor the G6. I'm curious to know what kind of User Interface would you have? I hope that unlike the no longer availible IYP program that your program isn't all voice input. I hope that it is hand to ear coordination so that we can take advantage of keyboard interfacing and or even better be able to interface with our aircraft with USB external equipment. Like yourself, I appreciate a program where: 1. Everything is close to the real world as possible 2. with that said, I as a blind pilot, want everything to become blind accessible/blind friendly so that we the blind may have equal access to a program that our sighted counterparts can take advantage of with their normal vision. Since we have to see through our ears, we can't play on a equal playing field, and a equal playing fieled is all that we too ask for. Are you subscribed to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 newsletter? You can find it all over the internet and all over face book these days. It's still schedule to br released on October 13th, 2020. I'd also highly recommend the MS FS 2020 you tube page as well. Two things that look promising. In audio output, Microsoft is proposing Not only, layered sound effects, so that they too are realistically sounding, but directional sound effects as well. Just maybe with the directional sound effects, we wouldn't need sighted assistance when taxiing and so on and we too might finally have the equal playing field that we all want. Currently, until something better comes along, I've been purchasing my sound packages from a company called Skysoung Soundworks. I'm currently using for my foundation as FSX Steam edition since I never ever could access the x-plane project and I also don't like the p3d project either. I currently have installed the only hand to ear fully blind accessible flight simulator the military flight simulator called Three-D Velocity. It still to this date is the only hand to ear program that has force feedback. This a huge shame. To bad that none of the other hand to ear companys has come to this company and asked to lease a copy of their program and or to share the license so that it may be written into their programs as well. I have the old Pipe version two Blast Chamber game and wish that it not only had force feedback, but also have shock feedback as well. You could find that program out on Git Hub, at it's web address, which is at: www.github.com You will need to create a free account to be able to down load the program. I'm also looking for a USB plug and play set of handheld controls with a twistable throttle and a matching set of USB petals as well.If you're looking for a beta tester to stress test your product? Please think of shipping me a link to stress test your product out. Will you have a ground support add on program? I know there's two to choose from. Ultimate Ground Crew X and Ground Support X. I found out on you tube a tutorial for UGCX that allows audio output from the ground crew and voice input to reply answers to the ground crew. Also, at least for the sighted, there's texts that one can read to interact with the ground support crew, but I wonder if that feature could be accessible for we who have to see through our ears? I wish you well with your project and I also once again hope you'll contact me when your ready to release the project and or if you're looking for a fellow blind person to tress test out your project. Very Thankfully Yours, Ron Kolesar AKA Th e Blind Pilot and Emergency Communicator Station adn Ham Radio Station, both by the call sign of KR3DOG
  2. Hi Jason, from Ron Kolesar. I haven't used RC4 in a long time. Even though I am blind, I still prefer everythign game and or sim I get involve with to be as close to the real world in every feature as much as possible. I'm running FSUIPC Ver 4 to work with FSX-SE. I also love flying for private GA flights the DF7X and hopefully a DF8X. Could you share your pproject and progress with me off list? I can be reached at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com I'll be reinstalling FSX-SE and all of my flying programs from my flight bag all day tomorrow. One question, which is more up to date and closer to the real world and might be more blind friendly for a ground crew program, GSX or UGSX? Many thanks. Ron AKA The Blind Pilot
  3. Hello to you John. Like you advised, I went out to the following link: https://secure.simmarket.com/account_history.php But my screen reader JAWS for windows latest version is 2020, can't find the order history area so I can't down load my user name and unlock code for FSUIPC ver 4. Could you please hip it to me to my e-mail address at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com I know, I'm a huge pain in the neck and I can't help being blind or having to use a screen reader to interact with my pc. I due hope you can understand my problem. Very Thankfully Yours, Ron Kolesar
  4. Many Thanks for the help Tom. I just went out to the sim market web site like you suggested. I was able to log in and see my profile, but I wasn't able to see my history or purchased programs. Could you ship me a direct link please? The screen reader that I'm using to interact with my pc is JAWS for windows version 2020. Its sold around the globe. But at least here in the states, you can down load a 40 minute demo then for additional 40 minute demos, you'll have to constantly reboot your pc. But the web address is at: www.freedomscientific.com I welcome the help. Very Thankfully Yours, Ron Kolesar Ham Radio Station and emergency communicating station KR3DOG
  5. Hello from Ron Kolesar, AKA The Blind Pilot. I'd deeply appreciate it if you'd write me off list at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com I'm using FSX-SE for my foundation for flying. I also was a beta tester in the hand to ear military flight simulator called Three-D Velocity. I'd love to have a force feedback flight yoke as well. You now can down load the Thre-D Velocity flight simulator program from www.github.com You the above URL address will not work with ie 11, and you'll need to set up a free account as well. The TDV program states that we can flythe Three-D Velocity hand to ear aircraft and have access to all of the features with only twelve buttons, I'd like to see something that has twenty buttons. That way we're not constantly switching back and forth from the features that work with the force feedback flight yoke or joystick and those features that only work with the keyboard. Also, I'd like to have as many hand to ear coordination programs to work with the handheld device as well. We started this project in 2010, when everyone had a 32 bit processor. We never could find a two stick handheld controller that would work 1. in the 64 bit processor world. 2. Would work with the force feedback feature of the tdv project. This would be awesome if you could design your project. Because, I've written a huge detailed letter to Microsoft for their newest project for Ocoter 13th of this year called Flight Simulator 2020. I haven't yet heard anything back from them yet. I also might be able to fly via our local flight school attached to Erie International as well. I have another hand to ear program that I was a beta tester for that not only force feedback would bring it to life, but shock feedback also would bring it to life. I hope you think of me when you're ready for beta testers to stress out your project. Ron Kolesar Volunteer Certified Licensed Emergency Communication Station And Volunteer Certified Licensed Ham Radio Station KR3DOG
  6. Hello from Blind Pilot Ron Kolesar. I don't know what happened but I lost my unlock code for the FSUIPC for ver 4 for fsx-se. Is there any way you could look up my records to ship me a copy of my unlock code? The e-mail address that I used is as follows: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com Very Thankfully yours, Ron Kolesar.
  7. Ron Kolesar

    Falcon 7X

    Hello to my fellow DF7X pilots. I'm blind and I have the FSX-SE for my foundation. Prepar 3-d just doesn't work for me or works with the DF7X. But I love the free version of the DF7X from the Fly Away simulation down load library. You don't need to be a paid member to grab something from the down load library. Since that version of the DF7X is blind friendly, any chance we could use that as a foundation for designing a blind friendly DF8X? Why would one want to sell off their DF7X and jump to a DF8X? 1. The DF8X flies 500 miles further than the DF7X. 2. The fuel onboard the DF8X is 35 percent more efficient than onboard the older DF7X as well. I also would need someone to help me to transfer and update my Pittsburgh Steelers football team paint job from my DF7X to the DF8X as well. That's if I could get someone to help me out. Just my two cents on this topic. I can be reached at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com Many Thanks. Ron AKA The Blind Pilot in Flight sim circles.
  8. Ron Kolesar

    Falcon 7X

    If you want a good DF7X? Go to the down load free library from Fly away Simulation. Their web address is at: www.flyawaysimulation.com Most important, make sure you grab version 2. I had someone do a Pittsburgh Steelers paint job for my DF7X. Because I am blind, I love the DF7X from FAS. I just wished that there was a DF8X, which is the successor to the DF7X and in the real world was flight certified both by the U.S. and by Europe authoritiesin the summer of 2017. Why would one want to upgrade from the DF7X to the 8x? 1. The 8x flies five hundred miles further than the 7x. 2. The fuel onboard the 8x is 35 percent more efficient than onboard the older 7x. I'd love to find a blind friendly 8x like the 7x from FAS or from anyone else. Hope this feedback will help out. In the good old days of Morse code short hand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes, from U.S. ham Radio Station KR3DOG-PA-WCECTM Which stands for: Pennsylvania West County Emergency Com-Tree Manager.
  9. Hello from Ron Kolesar, AKA the Blind Pilot. For some reason I installed my traffic 2013 and I can not hear any ai traffic. How can I fix this? I have the two programs from www.flight1.com Third Party Aircraft Sound Installer version1.2 and Third Party GA sound utility also version 1.2. Now I also had the AI traffic program Ultimate Traffic 2. But I was told that my traffic 2013 is the most up to date copy of this program, that it was also closer to the real world and was more blind friendly than the older ut2 program. So I picked it up from www.fspilotshop.com I am using win 10 with fsx steam. Should I uninstall my traffic 2013 and try to install it once again? How can I please start hearing ai traffic while flying with mt 2013? How does a blind person fly? This is a valid question to ask and a easier question to answer. I use the following three programs that work hand and hand together. 1. FSX Steam. 2. The small bridge of a program FSUIPC. FSUIPC allows FSX to communicate back and forth with other programs. 3. Last but not least, the program that all blind pilots need is the program from Canada called Its Your Plane or IYP for short. Their web addressis as follows: www.itsyourplane.com Fo5r GA flights, the only bird I fly is the Dassault Falcon 7X or for short the DF7X until we can get a FSX friendly copy of the now FAA and Europe Flight Certified the successor to the DF7X the now DF8X Three Engine trijet. How does a blind person interact withone their computer? This to is a valid question to ask and a easier question to answer as well. We use a program called a screen reader. There are several out on the market and some are free. But the one that the majority of us blind pc owners use is called JAWS for windows. For further info about JAWS for wintows and to make my traffic 2013 more blind accessible, their address is at www.freedomscientific.com The current fersion of JAWS is version 18, but version 19 will be out in October or November. Each year there is a new major release of JAWS around October or November. But there are little upgrades throughtout the year. The demo will run for about 40 minutes. So I highly recommend that you set a timer for around 30 minutes. That way you can have enough time to save what you're working on and reboot your pc. Because when the time runs out, you'll have to reboot your pc and then fire up jaws for another 40 minute demo period. So would deeply appreciate some help on this topic. I can be reached at: kolesar16417@roadrunner.com Very Thankfully Yours, Ron Kolesar AKA The Blind Pilot and in the real world as U.S. Ham Radio Station KR3DOG
  10. Hello from Ron Kolesar, AKa The Blind Pilot. I had picked up my traffic 2013, but can not hear any ai traffic when I'm flying within FSX STEAM. I ended up reinstalling Ultimate Traffic 2. I had picked up MT 2013 because I was told that the UI is more blind friendly and that the program is more up to date than the older ut2 program. But I can not get it to work. I have the following two programs installed. Third Party Aircraft Sound Installer version 1.2 and the Third Party GA sound utility program version 1.2 as well. I'd like to figure out what I'm doing wrong and why I can not get my traffic 2013 to work while flying within fsx steam. Can anyone help me out with step by step instructions? While within the Third Party Aircraft Sound Installer program, I down arrowed to the my traffic link and simply installed mt 2013 as administrator and intered in my unlock code with no problems. So what did I do wrong? Very Thankfully Yours, Ron Kolesar AKA The Blind Pilot and in the real world known as U.S. ham Radio Station KR3DOG
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