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  1. IF you have modded nav lights this can cause a problem as the Ejet used the default P3Dv4 lights (as the thread I referenced before outlines).
  2. Have you installed custom, after market, lights into P3Dv4? Read the below linked thread IN ITS ENTIRETY - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/88067-no-nav-lights/
  3. So your computer went through a Win10 update after you last played Tower successfully? It is only after the update, assuming from what you wrote update occurred sometime last night, that Tower crashes at start?
  4. Have you ever installed a livery into a P3D plane?
  5. It is possible you turned the autopilot off (based on the "autopilot") annunciation.
  6. V3 is a different package and uses different models (aka P3Dv4 model). Yes.
  7. I don't know what image you are trying to show? The image link isn't working.
  8. As the game was working and then stopped something on your system changed. A clean rebuild _may_ solve the issue. Hard to say as for some just updating drivers and/or allowing the latest Windows update to install has solved the issue.
  9. Have you tried setting the operating system to 'EnglishUS'? What are your video card specs? Is Win10 up to date? There is no Tower log file in: ...\<tower root folder> \tower3d_Data\output_log.txt)? (If the log file is there share it by attaching the document to your post. Attach the file, do not cut and past the file contents into a post!)
  10. See - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91560-is-vgp-simulated/
  11. Did you run the installer as administrator? Did you direct the installer to your Tower install root folder if not a default stand alone or Steam install? Did you update RealTraffic?
  12. Is antivirus allowing the game to run?
  13. Did you run the installer as administrator? Are you running the game as administrator? (Right-mouse-click, run as admin)
  14. Uh ... do you have the correct fuel pump running? (FYI OP's questions are about how to turn the knobs within the VC cockpit.)
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