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  1. Slow autothrottles is a known issue in the real world Ejet. The response was moderated further in SP1 from original release after real-world pilot recommendation.
  2. Now that what you are experiencing is understood it will be researched by the coders. Thanks for assisting in clarification.
  3. So the concern is the master caution button is not glowing/shining/flashing in a master caution situation day or night. The button function of silencing the auditory signal works correctly.
  4. Are you receiving auditory signal? Does pressing the button silence the alarm?
  5. Does this comment mean correct function after reinstall or you are upset that there is some other unexpected GPU function
  6. So at night not glowing when no master caution situation exisits? Does the master caution not flash appropriately only in a night situation? Is the master caution button not silencing when depressed only in a night situation?
  7. Certified pilots have stated that the updated flight dynamics are closer to real then the prior release (which was also stated as being very close to real). I'll wait for comments from them on real v game for any final analysis. I recommend you set a v+10, or whatever worked, for full flaps, for turning maneuvers.
  8. What are you trying to do with this so called 'red button'. What do you expect to happen as a result clicking day v night?
  9. Only at Flaps full? Try increasingly airspeed.
  10. Height loss? You mean porpoising as the flaps extend?
  11. scoobflight


    Use the original download link you were provided purchase. If your link doesn't work it means it was excessively used - meaning a hacker was able to get your account information and multiple persons from multiple IP addresses began to download the product. Contact BMTmicro for new login credentials with your purchase details: cservice@bmtmicro.com or 800-414-4268 (USA/ Canada) / +1 910- 792-9100 (international customers
  12. Please provide a picture. Also confirm if cockpit lights work in a night (dark) situation.
  13. Did you taxi and see if it changes? This means you tried with only default P3D? NO weather/shader add-ons?
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