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  1. The proposal isn't to change the name. The proposal is to change branding from 'Seattle-Tacoma International Airport' to 'SEA Seattle-Tacoma International Airport'.
  2. Actually it is a proposal to change branding not the name. 'SEA Seattle-Tacoma International Airport' instead of 'Seattle-Tacoma International Airport'. I don't think Tacoma will accept the proposal ... and most people don't know what SEA or KSEA means. Details - https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/changes-sea-tac-international-airport-branding-causing-concerns-tacoma/JHS4TGZUNRHCVKCRTT7PS676UM/?_website=cmg-tv-10090
  3. Many free and good 'MS Offiice-like' products with a spreadsheet ('Excel'). These free products are the only word/number/figure-processing programs I've used for 14+ years Try - Apache OpenOffice - https://www.openoffice.org/ LibreOffice - https://www.libreoffice.org/ G Suite (Google's 'Office') - https://gsuite.google.com/ (get Sheets for spreadsheet activities)
  4. scoobflight


    The 170/90 and 175/95 are different packages. If you have an old purchase of the Ejet 175/95 and haven't lost your registration keys you may be eligible for a discount on V3 of the 175/95 package. See - https://www.feelthere.com/shop/p3d/embraer-175-195-v3-upgrade/
  5. You need to direct the installer to your install pathway. This is done through the installer pathway window. Your specific install seems to be non-standard. Share details on the install pathway for the base game we may be able to assist. Or you could ask a local acquaintance that understands windows to come to you and assist you. Steam would have by default wanted it to install on the C drive into the location that is noted above in one of the informational links. If you directed it to a different location the installers for the add-ons have no idea where your base game is located on the hard drive(s). You need to duplicate the location of where you install the base game.
  6. But ... if you are using stream's DLC panel be sure to direct the installer to the correct folder (see answers prior).
  7. Download and run the installers. The installers don't go into the file structure. Download the installers to your desktop. Run the installers as admin.
  8. File structure is the same ... just look for Tower.
  9. Review the linked thread, meaning click in the link so the entire post can be read, and it shows the install path for Tower!3D.
  10. After downloading the installers did you run them as administrator and direct to your Tower!3D install path? See -
  11. Please review the post linked for updates on SP progress -
  12. in the US 25 Dec isn't a busy travel day ... i've traveled on 25 Dec in the past and airports are really quiet! the busiest days are before/after Thanksgiving and a few days prior to Christmas and then after (depends on the weekday Christmas falls). for 2019 -
  13. see - (read the entire thread!)
  14. scoobflight

    big lights

    the lights are default P3D. change those and change those on the Ejets.
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