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  1. scoobflight

    I'm Having Trouble With Real Traffic for EGKK

    Contact BMTmicro with purchase information (date, creditcard, email address) - Call 800-414-4268 (USA/Canada) / +1 910-792-9100(international customers). Once they confirm your purchase they will send you a new download link.
  2. scoobflight

    Embraer 145 Feelthere

    Roland. If a switch can be assigned it is listed on the EMB configuration utility.
  3. scoobflight

    Voice recognition

    You have been active on this forum for 15 months and posted 400 times and vice recognition wasn't working the entire time???!!! 😕
  4. scoobflight

    TowerSpeak issues

    you need to review and follow all steps as listed in this, as noted before, thread - POST all answers, data and images in the format required for further support.
  5. scoobflight

    TowerSpeak issues

    Please do a www-search for 'training windows speech recognition'. Follow the instructions shared widely on the Internet. Be sure to follow ALL steps and report all actions taken in the format shown in the topic I linked before.
  6. scoobflight

    TowerSpeak issues

    Please review the linked discussion below - First thing is did you train the speech engine? second is are you running the game in administrator mode. Answer all other questions as listed in the first topic in discussion listed above.
  7. You need to purchase Real Color from feelThere.com.
  8. scoobflight

    tower 2011 piedmont airlines

    Piedmont flew some aircraft in its own livery in addition to the US Airways. There were retro painted aircraft that flew in colors representing the airlines US bought & merged with over the years that were bought/merged. US was bought in full by America West. A decision was made to use US Airways name (better marketing uses). For some time aircraft were flying with US Airways colors with the 'cactus' callsign.
  9. scoobflight

    tower 2011 piedmont airlines

    The Tower2011 manual includes extensive documentation on how to use the editor.
  10. scoobflight

    tower 2011 piedmont airlines

    This isn't an fault. This is reality in the early 2010s as at the time Piedmont flew aircraft under the US Airways logo. The callsign is correct.
  11. scoobflight

    sliders keep going to right

    Yep, you had a sneak setting on your computer. This hardware was 'stealing' the slider command. Good it was solved.
  12. scoobflight

    sliders keep going to right

    Uninstall and reinstall the game.
  13. scoobflight

    Question about Steam Version

    Purchase all the downloads from feelThere.com; or just RC & RT. If the install instructions that come in the packages email confirmations with are not clear search this forum for 'RC steam install' and 'RT steam install'. LOTS of posts with answers to your question.
  14. scoobflight

    sliders keep going to right

    What changed on your system since last time played? OS update? Install new program? Changed a system setting? Changed a setting on a peripheral? Etc.
  15. scoobflight

    E 175/195 : how to change HUD key

    I'm not in a location where I can check myself. If it is hard coded to the gauge I suggest you see if EZDOC can be modified.

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