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  1. scoobflight

    Having issues updating Real Traffic and Real Color

    What is the install path for Tower? Are you installing as administrator?
  2. scoobflight

    Real Color - A New Concept

    See -
  3. scoobflight

    Real Traffic White Planes

    Correct on all counts.
  4. scoobflight

    No voice for aircraft requests or my instructions

    The game is installed and running as admin? The planes don't respond to you commands? The planes respond but don't 'talk'? You cannot use voice control? Key commands work?
  5. scoobflight

    Real Traffic White Planes

    Do you have Real Color?
  6. scoobflight


    Please answer ALL questions asked in the first question of this thread -
  7. Are you on an intercept course for the next waypoint? If not the LNAV will not engage.
  8. scoobflight


    Again, the question remains why did it work and now it doesn't? What in your system was different the time it worked?
  9. scoobflight

    Tower 3d pro updates

    Mike: Please see below on how to install feelThere purchased (aka downloaded) RC&RT -
  10. scoobflight

    Tower 3d pro updates

    So what assistance are you needing?
  11. scoobflight

    Tower 3d pro updates

    Review this on installing RT & RC into steam version of the game -
  12. scoobflight


    This reads like another application(s) is interfering. What program(s) did you start before running the game when it didn't work v. the time it did? You have a system specific issue(s) intermittently blocking Microsoft's voice recognition from communicating with the game.
  13. scoobflight

    Download section not working.

    If you purchased from feelThere see above to contact BMTmicro.
  14. scoobflight

    Download section not working.

    Check your email where the spam filter may put questionable messages. If the email is not there and you did purchase from feelThere you need to contact BMTmicro with purchase information (date, creditcard, email address) - call 800-414-4268 (USA/Canada) / +1 910-792-9100 (international customers).
  15. scoobflight


    The computer crashed!?

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