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  1. FS has all kinds of weird issues and long-term unaddressed bugs.
  2. Which version of Windows are you using? Home? Pro? Other?
  3. What is the PC's native language? Meaning you don't normally run it in English_US?
  4. Load a default FS aircraft, say the Cessna 152, and set fuel to 100%. Then switch to the Embraer.
  5. How are you setting Vapp? How are you making the calculation?
  6. Have you cleared your Internet browser cache?
  7. Please share as others may find your solution helpful.
  8. I use chrome and had no issues. (But that was years ago.) Do you have any anti-anything extensions running? Is Explorer/Edge still on your PC? Tried signing up using these MS alternatives?
  9. Sure thing Dr. Hope to you back at a later time.
  10. What is for sale here is whatever Wilco produced and released. The last 737 development feelThere was involved was the original 737 PIC in 2007/2008. Since then all feelThere has done was a couple of SPs in '08&'09 and a no longer available early P3D D2-only panel compatibility patch. feelThere hasn't been involved with Wilco's 737 for neither the EVO or 'Guppy' versions. All support and questions for these products must be directed to Wilco Publishing.
  11. Did you purchase the plane from feelThere? This is a support forum for feelThere products and feelThere ad nothing to do with the EVO releases.
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