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  1. The FSX product will not work in P3Dv4. You need to purchase Ejet v3 for P3Dv4 - https://www.feelthere.com/shop/airplanes/embraer-e-jets-e175-and-e195-v3/
  2. And the plane is? Have you entered the performance information?
  3. Are you installing the P3Dv4 version or trying to install the FSX version into P3D?
  4. https://www.nyergesdesign.com/ or send a private message to @nyergesdesign
  5. As stated see -
  6. @MickeyTKSFO and @cjprjpdaddy: As stated seen a service request using zendesk - https://feelthere.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. Not a weight issue, it is an issue that the 757 creates a stronger wake than other aircraft of similar size. Read - https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/41/what-is-the-cause-of-unusually-strong-wake-turbulence-from-the-757
  8. 757 has a special wake turbulence classification for the distance SMALL aircraft are to follow. See - https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/aim_html/chap7_section_4.html
  9. Have you contacted the livery designer? The designer is usually listed in the download something like a readme.txt file.
  10. ?? Did @FeelThere Ariel or @FeelThere say they were sending then to you and not BMTmicro? If yes did you check your email spam filter?
  11. Do a system search for the missing files ... I'm thinking they are installing into the incorrect location.
  12. You are right-mouse-click the installer and selecting 'run as admin'?
  13. What is the root folder path for Tower? Are you confirming that the installer is directed to this pathway? Share a screen shot showing your Tower install root directory (aka all the folders).
  14. You sent a follow-up to BMTmicro stating you needed the unlock keys?
  15. You need to explain that you lost all your records and need the keys.
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