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  1. scoobflight

    Tower!3D Pro - Repetitive Messages in Log File

    What other updates or new programs have you installed on your computer? Another program maybe running in the background and for some reason the tower logger is catching this attempt to connect to the Internet. _Incapsula_Resource is a website security protocol/provider.
  2. scoobflight

    E-jets V2 (E195) P3DV4.3

    Anything can do it (or not). This is the world of Windows OS. Also consider other add-ons. When you uninstalled you did confirm all feelThere files, folders and xml entries we're removed?
  3. scoobflight

    E-jets V2 (E195) P3DV4.3

    What changed on your system as it worked before? The Ejet code has not changed.
  4. scoobflight

    E-jets V2 (E195) P3DV4.3

    Is the 175 working? There are some reported issues with 4.3. 4.2 was stable but it seems that the code 'improvement' in .3 is causing add-on problems.
  5. scoobflight

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Read the second paragraph of Wayne's original post @alaskaGuy2018.
  6. scoobflight

    Stutters when handflying the E-jets in P3D 4.2

    So you have both ejet v1 and v2? You also have a the 130/5 and 140/5 and Legacy?
  7. scoobflight

    Stutters when handflying the E-jets in P3D 4.2

    Needing to know which plane(s)? The 170? 175? 190? 195? Linage? Behavior same in all models? When did you purchase & download?
  8. scoobflight


    Some discussion of free liveries in this thread -
  9. Have you followed all the suggestions in the SPEECH ISSUES assistance thread? https://forum.simflight.com/topic/83886-speech-issue/
  10. scoobflight

    Ejet 17-192 v2 does not work on P3D V4

    Did you buy the P3D version? The FS9&X versions will not work in P3D.
  11. scoobflight

    EDDS is released

    Folks. Be polite and respectful. Posts found to violate this expectation will be removed.
  12. scoobflight

    Tracon SE and Ksan

    Quoting the airport's www - Nighttime Departures / All Aircraft – No person shall operate any aircraft on departure from the airport between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. (2330-0630) local time, unless they meet the exceptions criteria. Non-Stage 3 Aircraft – No person shall operate any aircraft on departure, or perform an engine run-up at a power setting above idle power, from the airport between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. (2200-0700) local time.
  13. scoobflight

    RC Bundle - Why No Update Yet?

    feelThere releases the new installers to vendors after the release is on feelThere's site. It is up to each vendor then to release to their customers. You need to contact fspilotshop for information on their release schedule.
  14. The RC files are updated using the same link used when you received purchase confirmation from BMTmicro.
  15. The purchased product updates are redownloaded using the link provided by BMTmicro when first purchased. The user mods are shared depending on the author.

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