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  1. Hi Friends Are you aware of any open source traffic injection tool in FS2004. i am looking for some demo code for traffic injection. Thanks Arya
  2. i found multiplayer sdk for FS2004 which is nothing but a poorly captured word document. If anyone has working multiplayer code where we could inject a AI aircraft in multiplayer environment, please do share
  3. i was wondering how guys used to write multiplayer server program before FSX/Simconnect. Is there any open source multiplayer server/traffic program? Do anyone has source code for AIbridge?
  4. thanks. i tried accordingly , it is working. Here enclosed code snippet -------------------------------------------------------- AI.id=1; AI.lat=47.431507; AI.lon=237.692002-360; AI.alt=432; AI.hdg=62697; AI.gs=95; AI.vs=817; strcpy(AI.idATC,"MY PLANE1"); AI.bState=0x8C; AI.com1=0x2010; FSobj.Write(0x1F80,sizeof(TCAS_DATA),&AI); //setting autopilot master switch strcpy(AI.idATC,""); AI.id=5; AI.lat=48.431507; AI.lon=123.0; AI.alt=832; AI.hdg=62697; AI.gs=95; AI.vs=817; strcpy(AI.idATC,"MY PLANE2"); AI.bState=0x8C; AI.com1=0x2010; FSobj.Write(0x1F80,sizeof(TCAS_DA
  5. Hi I want to simulate multiplayer condition in my desktop for FS2004. I want to emulate traffic server via my own program and want to control the aircrafts (speed, position...) Is there any way I could inject traffic data via tcp/udp socket? Is there a format/data structure for multiplayer traffic and where I could find this information? As Pete said in other occasions, FSUIPC is not intended to create multiplayer conditions. Regards Arya
  6. <p>Hi I was trying to simulate TCAS traffic on FS2004 using FSUIPC V4.999W and later verifying the TCAS info via Pete's TrafficLook tool. I simulated a plane and could see the plane on Traffic look. ------------------------------------- AI.id=0xFFFFFFF5; AI.lat=47.431507; AI.lon=237.692002-360; AI.alt=432; AI.hdg=62697; AI.gs=95; AI.vs=817; strcpy(AI.idATC,"N72577"); AI.bState=0x8C; AI.com1=0x2010; FSobj.WriteAndProcess(0x1F80,sizeof(TCAS_DATA),&AI); ----------------------------------------------------------------------- AI is
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