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  1. Success. I did receive a response from PFC and their suggestion worked. Risking public embarrasment, I will share their feedback so as to help future users. "When you tested the unit with ASA and FSX did you have your battery master on? If not make sure that it is on, on the earlier version of our systems the battery master needs to be in the on position for the elevator and aileron to work properly. " I moved the system to a quiet room and can now hear the hobbs meter ticking over when the battery master switch is on. My earily testing had the switch on, but I had software configuration issues. I didn't feel overly clever when I read PFC's note and realized I had overlooked this issue (now that my software install was correctly sorted). As expected, the protocal switch has to be in the PFC (to the right) position. Pete, thank you for your trouble shooting assistance. I am now a registered owner of a FSUIPC license.
  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for your prompt response. I loaded FSUIPC4 to create a modules folder for fsx in which to place PFCFSX.dll as per the user instructions. I have read the complete user instructions before posting as I didn't wish to be one of 'those people'. "For FSX, you must install FSUIPC4 first if you‘ve not already done so. The FSUIPC4 installer will create a Modules folder, and it is onto that folder you then must copy the PFCFSX.DLL." This is the version of pfcdll I downloaded from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html PFC DLL 2.40 includes 4.40 for FSX My understanding of the hidden switch under the throttle quadrant is to change protocols from Elite to PFC. I don't have the historical knowledge to comment further on Elite vs PFC. The numbers I'm referring to are from the pfcdll calibration screen. When the switch is in the Elite mode, the input values for the aileron and elevator jitter between 0, 17 and 23. When the switch is in PFC mode, the input values for the aileron and elevator stay locked at 64 (I'm assuming this is a 0 to 127 scale and they're reporting they're in the middle). I have unchecked boxes other than the two I'm trying to isolate and only have aileron and elevator selected. I'm happy to pay PFC for support. I've phoned and emailed them without a response. I'll try again. Thank for writing comprehensive documentation. I was pleased to see 49 pages of detailed explanation when the industry standard is terse by comparison. Jeff
  3. My PFC Cirrus II Yoke is not responding in FSX. With FSUIPC 4.853 installed, the device is recognized over COM1 within FSX. Throttles and switches respond correctly, but the yoke reports a solid '64' in the configuration screen. Throw the hidden switch under throttle panel and the numbers jump to '17' and flicker to '23'. Some details of the configuration: Precision Flight Controls Cirrus II Serial Flight Console (w/hidden switch under throttle panel) Windows 7 64-bit (fresh install) FSX with Acceleration Pack Lava PCIe Serial Card - 64 bit driver / tested with known working serial cable FSUIPC 4.853 pfcfsx.dll Opening up com1 via putty, I'm able to ascii scroll by as I throw switches and push buttons. The yoke also seems to send data (was trying to ensure it wasn't a hardware failure). Additional efforts: I've also tried the ELITEFS serial driver without success (same issue with yoke not working). My original goal was to get this device working with ASA IP Trainer. ASA provided me with CirrusBATD.dll and it was also unsuccessful. I'm very encouraged that Pete has gone to the trouble to author and maintain FSUIPC. I'm looking forward to being a registered user and practicing for my IFR rating. Thank you for your assistance.
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