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  1. hi barbs and romeo, you just have to assign joysticks in the fsuipc and thats all Shahdad
  2. Hi pete, I have another question, I flown using the assigned axises in fsuipc. The problem is the brakes ( left and light toe of the rudder ) are just so harsh!! Before ( when i was in windows 7 and i didn't have this problem ) when i was using the brakes they worked so smoothly. say that when i was pushing the left or right toe of the rudder, if i pushed a little , it had less impact in braking . If i was pushing harder, the harshness of the brakes would be increased. Also for the rudder (for going left and right on ground) , it worked so fluently before. Now if i want too go right or left
  3. Hi max, I had read that compatibility solution. In fact at first i thought that the solution was thesame asyou did. But actually after some minutes, it loses connection again. It just increases the time before disconnection. But after i assigned the yoke and the rudder in FSUIPC, the problem never returned again. Even after in the control menu of the fsx, in the controller type droplist, the joysticks can't be seen anymore and there is only a MOUSE YOKE option. For sure , this the only 100% working solution for this problem ( because i have tried all the other solutions ) and you should hav
  4. another question if you don't mind, is it possible to assign the view options ( specifically zoom option by mouse wheel ) through FSUIPC to the mouse wheell for zooming?
  5. i have assigned all the yoke and rudder axises to fsuipc, and it worked even when then yoke and rudder lose connection to the FSX!!!, thank god the only problem i have now is that, as you know, for rudder if you press the left or right toe it loses brake instead of braking!! i mean that if you don't push the rudder toes, they are as if it is pushed !( i mean it brakes ) in fsx controller setup i configured this problem by using the REVERSE option if front of the joystick assignment. how can i do that in FSUIPC?? thanks for your help PETE
  6. i have done this using mouse macro and it works like a charm! my question is , if after i assign the yoke and rudder in fsuipc, yoke and rudder lose connection to fsx, do they also lose connection to fsuipc or not?
  7. no i have the panels working with no problems at all, just the yoke and the rudder disconnects! how should i assign the yoke and the rudder functionality to fsuipc? i use it only for switch panel, how should i ddo for yoke and rudder? thanks in advance
  8. hi, thank you for answering me, i don't know! it is a sense that saying me it has to do something with fsuipc ( i have the registered version ) and yes i use fsuipc for my switch panel but not my saitek yoke. i don't know what should i do . I am a member of a virtual airliner ( pilotofpersia.com ) and everytime i want to make a flight , it just disconnects and ruin my flight !!! do you have any suggestion?
  9. Hi, I have a problem with the fsuipc installed on fsx. i had windows 7 about 2 weeks ago. everything worked fine until i have upgraded to windows 8. after that , everytime i try to start a flight, in the beginning the yoke responses correctly, but all of a sudden it disconnects from fsx!! it means that the FSX doesn't see the Saitek Yoke and Saitek Rudder in CONTROLLER TYPE in the CONTROLS settings ( in fsx ). I know that the yoke and the rudder is still connected to the computer and function, because when i check the Joystick Settings in the Control Panel of the windows 8, i see that i can
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