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  1. I got it solved. Don't ask me how. I am a stroke survivor with no short term memory capabilities so therefore can't explain what happened.
  2. Version 9.7 build 21 August 2017.hf2 P3D V4.5 WIN 10 Volker I shut down my PC last night and FSC was working fine. This morning I went to run the database and the entry for P3DV4 was missing. I have tried to find a copy so that I can reload but Sim Flight doesn't seem to have a version 9.7. FSC won't work at all now. Help.
  3. Notwithstanding that the capital city of Plymouth and main airport ( Bramble )were wiped out when the volcano blew in 1995 - 1997 there is still an airport there John Osborne (TRPG) yet nothing on island in FS Commander? I guess this is a P3D error not FS Commander?
  4. The wind speed indicated on the moving map (weather downloaded from NOAA) is taken at what altitude?
  5. OK when I added the Legacy Simconnect files I got my wind speed and direction back. I forgot to add these Simconnect files after my latest Windows 10 complete crash where i had to start with fresh reloads of everything. Sorry to have bothered you Volker.
  6. Sorry but they are from 9.7 (see photo)and yes that is the number for the Database Manager I have 9.7 hf2. I get the same message as your top photo but no ambient simulator wind speed or direction. I do get the Outside Air Temperature though. This all after I upgraded FSUIPC to 5.121b. Could is be a simcoonect issue? This from FSUIPC install log: Now checking for a SimConnect.XML file ... ... No SimConnect.XML file found. This is okay.
  7. P3D V4.1 FSC 9.7 Build 21 August 2017 hf2 FSUIPC 5.121 download Win 10 64 bit 2 monitors It is connected however I get this, and this
  8. Cycled once more and the wind and direction disappeared once more.
  9. Never mind I cycled through the fsc mini window and it came back. When I cycled once more it disappeared again.
  10. I seem to have lost my wind speed and direction in the fsc window. It does report ambient temperature. I have tried downloading NOAA weather but that didn't change the loss of wind speed and direction
  11. Managed to get FS Commander to work with P3DV4 using FSUIPC 5.
  12. No problem with me paying for a brand new version. At a loss at the moment.
  13. OK my problem was that i had P3D in a drive and not a folder. Have corrected that and now it works. Danke.
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