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  1. Hi! I had the same problem. An uninstall and install of FSL A320 bineries fixed it. I also downloaded the latest FSL A320 .197. /Curt
  2. curts

    STB for FSX-SE Update

    The update works very well, thank you! /Curt
  3. curts

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Updates

    Yes, now I have the correct version. Thank you! /Curt
  4. curts

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Updates

    This takes me to a download of 3.0.15! /Curt
  5. curts

    ctd crash !!!

    I have this problem back again and I can only use schedule Autumn 2012. I can't understand what has changed. /Curt
  6. curts

    ctd crash !!!

    Hello! I have had this problems with schedules "Spring 2013" and "My Traffic Live". Only "Autumn 2012" has worked ok. After delete of the B763FMX folder both schedules now seems to work fine. /Curt
  7. Ok, thanks will have a look. /Curt
  8. Hi, I get no AI traffic at FlyTampa St Maarten (TNCM) 1.7 using MyTraffic 5.4c! But, I do get traffic with UT2. This is with FSX accel. Any idea why this is? /Curt
  9. curts

    Help needed for next update

    Name:SuperTrafficBoard V3.1, Version:, Publisher:SimMarket
  10. curts

    sorry, error 3 detected

    What was the answer to this problem? I have the same problem. Started maybe two weeks ago. /Curt
  11. Hi, Bought MyTraffic Live earlier today. But I get this message then I try to start my first download. Regards, Curt
  12. curts

    STB V3.1 SP3 Update 2 now available

    The link for download on this page seems to point to the wrong file. After using this update I have version I notice that the link in this forum points to the correct file. I now have version /Curt
  13. curts

    Failed Compiling Airports Database

    Hi Dan, Your problem is not the same as mine. It seems that the Airport compiler can't find a file called runways.xml. Try to run "Make Runways" under Configuration before running "Compile Airports". Look for errors after "make Runways". /Curt
  14. curts

    Failed Compiling Airports Database

    Hi, I have run STB3 with trace on and found two scenerys that caused the Compile Airports to abort. The first one was Norway_scenic and the second one was Portugal. After removing these two and running Make Runways and Compile Airports again, all is now fine. I think it was *garbage* characters in these files that was the problem. /Curt

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