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  1. Hi, sorry to post on an old thread. I've now switched to Ultimate Traffic Live. Are the sound files in "Sounds for UTLive" the same as in the package released in 2014 (A CONSTABLE - TRAFFIC 3D SOUNDS FSX P3D)? I don't really want to pay for the same files again, although I realise that a new purchase would save me time setting everything up manually. Many thanks, Dominic
  2. Hi Pete, In P3Dv3, I had CTRL+X set up for the open close RCv4 simconnect window. This was set in RCv4 itself where you can programme a command to open and close the window. In the FSUIPC menu in the Hot Keys tab, I had "Toggle FS Display Window On/Off" set to CTRL+X also. Finally I also had AdvDisplayHotKey=88,10 set in FSUIPC.ini, which I think correlates to CTRL+X. I'm not sure exactly which one was opening and closing the window but I'm happy to test by turning each setting off one by one if that's helpful. Yes, in P3Dv3 it did. For example if I had the window turned off during the cruise and then I received a request to contact the next sector the window would pop up. I used to do the same but then I started using MCE and the developer of that suggested running both RC and MCE on the sim machine to prevent any latency issues. Not using MCE yet on v4 though, so I don't think this is interfering with the window in any way. Thanks again, Dominic
  3. Thanks Pete. Toggle FS Display Window On/Off is still in my Hot Keys tab and the AdvDisplayHotKey setting is mentioned in the guide for advanced users. I've since found that if I close the window with the red cross in the corner I can get it back if I press a key to select a RC transmission (e.g. request higher altitude). So that's one way around it for now. Or I can just leave the window up on the screen. But if you do manage to find a solution to opening and closing the RC window with a key press later in the month that'd be great. Thanks again, Dominic
  4. Hi, I'm trying to use RCv4 in a Simconnect window in P3Dv4.1. I had this set up and working well in P3Dv3.4. In v4.1, RC options show in a Simconnect window when I start that programme and I'm able to interact with these options. Everything seems to work. Apart from that I can't open and close the Simconnect ATC window. Following the instructions in the FSUIPC user guide and guide for advanced users, I've added AdvDisplayHotKey=65,11 to FSUIPC.ini. I've also set CTRL+SHIFT+A in "Toggle FS Display Window On/Off in FSUIPCs Hot Keys tab, and set CTRL+SHIFT+A as the keypress to toggle the ATC window in RCv4 itself. But nothing happens when I press CTRL+SHIFT+A. I can close the Simconnect ATC window using the red cross in the top corner, but then the window never comes back. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Dominic
  5. Pete, you're a genius. Not had a single crash since I changed the button scan interval. Thanks, Dominic
  6. Thanks Pete. I have no controllers installed on the client PC so I will try setting ButtonScanInterval=0 and see how I get on. Thanks again. Dominic
  7. Hi, I tried dxdiag - no errors were found in the logs. I also tried running WideFS on its own and still saw the same crash. Dominic
  8. Hi, I'm trying to run it with SimPhysics. Best, Dominic
  9. Hi, I run FSX in a networked configuration with FSX SP2 + latest version of FSUIPC on one PC and WideClient on another. Both PCs run Windows 8.1. I can get WideClient to connect but after a while it crashes. For example today I first started running it at 1745. It crashed at 1805, again at 1811 and then again at 1853. The error is always the same (see attached file). The faulting module seems to be DINPUT.DLL The FSUIPC and FSX machine works with no problems. Do let me know if you need any more information. Thanks in advance. Dominic wideclienterror.txt
  10. I fixed the issue! I used the Controller Settings within FSX to reset the controller assignments and now all seems to be working fine. Thanks for all the help. Dominic
  11. Thanks very much. I'll follow up on your suggestions. Regards, Dominic
  12. I've tried deleting the [Axes] section and reloading FSX. I don't see any joystick assignments, CH Manager is not running and FSX Controllers is disabled. But I still have the problem of the skipping axis values. Only moving the throttle slightly still causes one axis to go from -65 to 16383 and another from 0 to -16384. The other four axes seem to be working fine. I've previously checked the Aerosoft Forums and managed to get one of the throttles working with the LUA scripts. But I can't get these scripts to work on either of the axes with the jumping values. I think if somehow I can resolve the values problem I'll be able to get it to work. Would a full reinstall of FSUIPC help at this point? Thanks, Dominic
  13. Pete, Barry, thanks for the tips. I'm away at the moment but will follow up on your suggestions when I get back home in a week. Thanks, Dominic
  14. Thanks Pete. Sorry for creating the second thread by mistake! Generally I use FSUIPC for the controls and leave the FSX Controllers option disabled. But I did once mistakenly try to calibrate the throttle through FSX. I remember that caused me no end of problems and I had to delete and completely reinstall the controller. I wonder if this could be the source of the problem if FSUIPC remembers the old controller. Do you know how I can delete all the assignments so I can start again and calibrate with only FSUIPC rather than CH Control Manager or anything else? I suppose you never know, but I suspect a hardware issue is unlikely as the throttle is only a few months old and the PC only a month old. Thanks again, Dominic
  15. Hi, I'm using a resgistered copy of FSUIPC to calibrate my CH Throttle Quadrant. All has been working generally fine, but I've recently had some problems in getting the throttles to work with the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. Two of the throttle axes dont seem to work, as the throttle is too jumpy (one axes skips straight to the Climb detent, missing all of the manual mode, the other works ok in the low ranges then skips the Climb and Flex detents and moves to TOGA). When I looked in FSUIPC I noticed the raw position values of the throttle levers seemed to be skipping a huge amount of the range. For example, only moving the throttle slightly caused it to go from -65 to 16383 on one axis and from 0 to -16384 on the other, completely missing all the values in between. I've recalibrated using the CH Manager and all looks ok there, but I'm still getting this problem in FSUIPC and can't figure out why. Nor can I seem to find an answer here on the forum. It's worth noting that the other axes seem to work fine. First time I've posted here so let me know if I haven't posted enough information. Many thanks!
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