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  1. On 6/10/2020 at 7:46 AM, Pete Dowson said:

    If they no longer exist, but are present in the default airport data, then they need excluding in an add-on scenery file. Then MakeRunways will no longer list them.

    How is this exclusion done, as this is where I believe the problem lies; in the default scenery. How does one create and exclusion in an add-on?

    Thanks Pete.

  2. On 8/16/2018 at 4:49 AM, spokes2112 said:

    If FSUIPC 5 contains the same run functions as FSUIPC 4 then take a look at the
    \modules\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC Documents\FSUIPC# for Advanced Users.pdf
    look for the "Programs: facilities to load and run additional programs" section.

    If it all carried over from FSUIPC 4 then something like the following "may" work - (as an example)

    The above will give a 10 second delay "after" the sim is up and running.
    Again this is under the assumption that the facilities are still available in FSUIPC 5

    No hurting in giving it a try.. Pete will be back soon and can give further advise.


    Thanks. tried it and it works.

  3. Hi Pete;

    I seemed to have solved the problem. I decided to strip down the rudder pedals on the co-pilot's side, which was giving the problem. I found one of the wire connectors slack on the brake pot. Securing it properly to the pot has fixed the problem, or so it appears. So all flight control usb devices are functioning correctly now.

    If you still want the data requested I have attached for your perusal.

    Thanks very much,


    Current User.reg.txt




    Local Mach.reg.txt

  4. 15 hours ago, Pete Dowson said:

    Sorry, what do you mean by the "Left" and "Right" sides? I don't understand. The axis assignments tab only has one place where it shows the values received from the axis,and that's top centre.



    Pete, left side means Captain's controls (yoke, rudder & brake pedals); right side means co-pilot's controls. It's the co-pilot's side (controls) that do not work.


  5. Hi Pete;

    I am using two Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals and CH Yokes on Prosim 737 with FSX:SE and your most recent FSUIPC4. Recently my #2 (right side) Yoke, Rudders and Brakes have stopped working. When I check the windows "Game Controller", both Yokes, Rudder Pedal devices are attached, identified and working properly. When I go into FSUIPC to the Device Assignments only the left side works correctly; the right side is not picked up by moving the yoke, rudder or brake pedals.

    This has only recently started happening and I can determine why. I don't think it's the USB's because they are all identified and working within the computer system; am I wrong in making this assumption?

    Can you help me solve this?



  6. On 11/3/2013 at 4:57 PM, sikorsky77 said:

    Hi Pete 


    Sorry , i use only P3D and nomore FSX  


    but good news, the point advance for Linda side: in an old post you had with "Flatdog" in 2011 about the previous generation of pokey55U,

    i known now how to activate signal of button to be detected in Linda

    in the pokey Software,  you have to activate a "Digital Input" in main setting of pin connected , then, in the "Joystick Settings" in "Device" menu, associate the pin to a joystick button

    sorry to have abused of your sunday time, but i don't know why, when i made a search in your full forum i didn't find these topic (i find it via a home cockpit builder site)



    for FSUIPC , my list of Hid Joystick range from 0 to 7 and from P3D side , the virtual joystick pokey in the list of joystick

    have a good end of day and thanks for your today support


    Thanks very much Thierry, you helped me solve a similar problem, getting FSUIPC to recognize an input from Pokeys.

  7. Hi Pete;


    Can you tell me how is it possible to select the line number ten (10) using the keyboard (or Buttons in FSUIPC) when displayed by P3D for GSX, ASN or ProATC onscreen menus. I tried zero (0) but that does not seem to work, also when the menu has a line ten (10) in its display, the other line numbers also do not work. The line numbers 1 to 9 only work when ten (10) is not displayed.


    I have been using FSUIPC to select these menu line numbers in FSX, but since I migrated over to P3D some only work as explained. FSX displayed a line zero (0) after the line number nine (9) in onscreen menus, but P3D displays (and correctly so) a line number (previously in FSX as zero) as a ten (10) in these onscreen menus (GSX, ASN and ProATC).




  8. Hello;


    I installed My Traffic 6 following all installation instructions exactly, and placed the "My Traffic" folder in FSX scenery between Addons and Propellor Objects as suggested in instructions to avoid conflicts (we recommend that you move the MyTraffic folder down between “Addon Scenery” and “Propellor Objects” to avoid conflicts with other add on airports. After this, the usual scenery indexing takes place and your airports should be populated.); however, my "FlightBeam KIAD" does not show their extremely detailed and well rendered terminal buildings, but the FSX terminal.


    When I removed the KIAD 'BGL' files from the MyTraffic-Scenery folder, the buildings in FlightBeam KIAD are rendered correctly. Clearly the MyTraffic scenery is conflicting with the FlightBeam KIAD scenery (set at priority 1 in the FSX scenery). I am now wondering if this happening to my other add-on scenery (FS DreamTeam, Latin VFR, BluePrint, etc.) in FSX?


    Can someone connected with the MyTraffic team explain why this is happening, considering your installation note referenced above? Is it OK to delete the BGL file from the scenery folder or change the .BGL to something else without affecting the operation of MyTraffic?




  9. Hi Burkhard;
    I just purchased MT6, but I am getting very little traffic. I turned traffic in fsx to 100% to get just maybe one aircraft. I followed the instructions exactly. I used MT5.4c before (Uninstalled) which worked perfectly. I added the My Traffic to scenery as instructed etc.
    Nothing. I get no AI traffic, I operate out of TTPP and with MT5.4c I got British Airways, LIAT and Caribbean Airlines operating in and out of the gates, with my FSX traffic sliders airlines at 35% and general aviation at 25%. I don't see any of these with MT6, and the sliders are at 100% with very few aircraft.
    Help needed to resolve this.
    This is what I did to install MT6:
    1. Removed MT5.4c from FSX scenery.
    2. Uninstalled MT5.4c from windows7 and manually deleted any folders left remaining.
    3. Installed MT6, to recommended folder C:\MyTraffic Professional.....\
    4. Located FSX to where it is located - C:\FSX\ and pressed OK to save settings.
    5. Located MyTraffic to its recommended folder C:\MyTraffic.....\ and pressed OK to save settings., cfg files checked to confirm correct locations.
    6. Added MyTraffic to FSX scenery and placed it between Addon Scenery and P...?
    7. Then I ran FSX starting at my base airport TTPP with sliders at 100%.
    No traffic, at least not like before with MT5.4c.
    What did I do wrong?


    Edit Update: Problem solved! My apology, I forgot to select my schedule (Spring 2015) and it was not in the install instructions. Again my apologies.


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