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  1. 1/ I have tried with default and addon, and starting with default and moving to addon, with the same results (and all aircarft types).

    2/ Axes are assigned in CH. Following CH and CMFS instructions I 'Reset Defaults' upon entering FS9 to force the CH rig over the default commands.

    3/ Separate axes for each engine.

    Here it's important to note that I have changed nothing in my CH setup or Maps, or the way I installed FS or FSUIPC. All previous installs have worked to a 't'.

    4/ Not Aircaft Specific. When I realised something was wrong I tried that and got no luck.

    You mention "Short Names": that must be deeper into FSUIPC than I have been: is that in the .ini? Where is that?

    Although the CH calibration does little more than confirm that everything is okay - everything is ok! All the sliders/buttons, etc perform correctly, all the corresponding numbers are equal (I mean there's no one axis that's visibly out of sync) so the only further re-calibration I could do is in FSUIPC.

    Which is where I get negative values in the detent, and 'Rev' showing on my 767 N1 gauge until about halfway up the lever travel.

    If I had an older version of FSUIPC I could try that. At present it looks as this is a 'failure to communicate' between this version and my setup.

    This might - might - depending on whatever help you are able to give me - be the time to drop the CH software and try and do everything in FSUIPC. Once I have it figured out it's one less potential stumbling block for FS to worry about.

    Thank you for your patience.

  2. "If you are using FS with separate axes for each engine, then there are a total of 5 zones on the axis range -- below full reverse null zone, then the reverse range, then a null idle range (the "centre" settings), then the forward thrust range, and finally a null zone above full thrust. ........"

    When you say this, do you mean,

    a) in FS9

    b) in FSUIPC

    c) this version of FSUIPC

    My current setup worked with the previous version of FSUIPC. I changed nothing in the calibration of the CH units or Maps. FS is recognizing them correctly. If I remove FSUIPC everything works correctly.

    Might this have something to do with the new ability of FSUIPC to deal with axes?

  3. For the first time since getting my CH hardware set up in tandem with FSUIPC and working to my limited requirements (about 18 months and at least 4 re-installs ago) I'm now having trouble with the latest FSUIPC - 5.536.

    I now have no throttle lever movement visible for about 40% of the aircrafts' quadrant and no increase in N1. Then it comes in in a rush, but then takes an age to spool up to 100% N1. Levers back to 50% and I'm back to zero power.

    In the FSUIPC .ini (under Separate Throttles) it shows negative values until about halfway through the lever-travel: the detent is shown as -1632, which is clearly way off the mark.

    I have changed nothing in my setup: it's a new install and I just dropped everything in place, added the 5.536 andhere I am.

    Ani deas what might be going wrong?

  4. I currently run a 19" monitor (with an ATi 9800Pro) but want more screen. What would a 1280x720 resolution do to 2D panels and VC cockpit views? Would things be too stretched out and would the gauges be easy to read still?

    The monitor I've been looking at is a Fujitsu Siemens 27": that's the quoted max res. (Shame it's in 'trendy' silver finish.)


  5. Podes fiar plenamente nas freeware SRTM do Simviation: o unico chato é que têns k instalar-las uno a uno.

    Comprei há pouco FS Global e a verdade é que estou um pouco arependido porque parece - parece - que tarda más tempo em enfocar e a mostrar ás formas coretamente, e rapidamente se desenfocam outra vez (e á minha maquina nao lhe falta caballos!)

    Desculpem o Portugues maís que rascoff, pero sou um bife e estou fora de Portugal há dois anos e a ficar enferrujado. Nem sequer sou 'tuga e já 'tou com saudades!

  6. Uodate:

    I still have textures missing from Ibiza, and it causes problems with the coastline, which stands away from the land with sea between.

    However, Mallorca is fine and LEPA is a perfect match.

    I would post a screenshot but I can't figure out how ro reduce a jpeg to a specific file size rather than to specific dimensions. If you are interested I could send some - or perhaps someone here could kindly tell me how to reduce to a file size in PaintShop Pro.

  7. Yes.

    However, I had HUGE difficulty in installing the Baleares photoscenery. I ran the install program four times and only now has it unpacked and installed the full scenery. The installer takes a long time and hangs up, and the first three times unpacked only a small part of the textures, leaving large areas of the islands with default textures.

    I have 53 scenery files and 26,159 texture files in mine. I would be interested to know how many files you have in yours.

    Do you have the Canaries VFR scenery from FSPlanet? With no problems? Mine has problems with the built-in elevation mesh not showing properly.

    FSPlanet gives NO customer support. I have been informed by members of other forums that FSPlanet is considered a 'suspect' or 'rogue' company.

  8. If anyone has these VFR sceneries bought from FSPlanet (or anywhere else) I'd like to hear your comments please.

    My Baleares has loads of missing textures and my Canaries won't show the elevation mesh correctly.

    Since buying these products I have been told that FSPlanet is considered a "rogue" site, which explains why I have had no response to my e-mails.


  9. I was just browsing the forum and saw mike_cyuls' post and mention of Spain VFR.

    "Great", I thought, as I live in Malaga and enjoy getting a birds' eye view.

    And then I saw the Gib/La Linea screenshot and my hopes were dashed: that greenish-yellow colour is just too wierd for me! Must be all that weed everybody smokes all the time here.

    I have a demo of Malaga which I think must have been from their site and uninstalled it 'cos of the green tinge.

    I've looked at the site and the screenshots again but I'm still unsure: can someone comment on the packages they have installed?

  10. I don't recall this happening before: when I run the origional Simwings Malaga 2003 zip to install in FS9 I get a folder called 'setup', which includes scenery and texture folders, a whole bunch of dll's, LC and AI exe's and a setup icon labelled PTSIM, which wants the 2002 folder.

    Should I just install everything manually

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