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  1. Hi John, I apologize for the delay in responding here. Thank you for the tip. Just was looking for a more graceful / alternate way for my lazy self to use FSUIPC to create permanent saves. I think I found what I need in the FSUIPC interface. It is the " Also Save to a Flight Called: " feature. Screen Cap attached. Ken
  2. Thanks so much Volker. No need tlo back up the files now ~:) But I'll save the information in case I need it later. I have been starting FSC from a batch file which also starts other utilities which I had been closing before FSC had finished starting. When I let FSC finish starting and THEN close the utilities the FSC Intro pop-up vanishes. You "hit the nail right on the head" and I sure appreciate it.. Best to you and your programmer, Ken
  3. Thank you for responding Volker. I may try a reinstall of FSC. Which folders would you recommend backing up prior to reinstalling ? I have 3 in mind, but I'll wait for your recommendation. Best regards, Ken
  4. To all, I use FS Commander Version 10.0.5 with FSX Acceleration in Win 7-64. FSC starts and runs as normal; however the small intro window is remaining open and insists on being “on top” on my main monitor screen (I use two monitors). Is there some setting I can make, either in the FSC UI or in a .ini file perhaps, to force the FSC Intro window to close after FSC startup ? I looked through the FSC.ini file for a line such as “ Show_Intro=0 “ (or 1) but I found nothing similar to that. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  5. Many thanks for the fast reply and all the interesting tips and suggestions Pete. I'll be putting them to use tonight. Ken
  6. Hi Pete, I use the FSUIPC autosave feature in FSX Acceleration. I see when it saves at a specific time, that it creates 3 "save" files including a weather file. There are times when I would like to take these 3 files and make them a permanent save so I can re-fly it (perhaps a low visibility approach) several times for practice or to get my heart rate up ~:) How can I convert the temporary nature of an FSUIPC autosave three file group to permanent ? I tried changing the file name of the three files in the ../Flight Simulator X Files folder; however this flight (with changed file name) doesn't appear in the Load Saved files feature in FSX Free Flight screen. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  7. Hi, Is there any practical way to manually edit / add navaids to the VOR.fsc and NDB.fsc files ? I have resurrected the Antarctica Pegasus NZPG airfield in my FSX and discovered that ZPG does not appear on the FSC 10 map. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  8. Dear Pete, Thank you for all that you've done over the many years for us FS addicts. You would be worthy of much greater gratitude than I (myself) can offer. It's impossible for me to imagine the number of hours you have expended to enrich our enjoyment of the aviation business and hobby. Very best wishes for a happy retirement. And happy holidays too ~:) Ken Boardman
  9. Thank you Pete. I apologize for the submission to FAQ forum. I was reading the FAQs and began typing my question not remembering I was in FAQ forum and realized my error too late (after submission ~:/ Best regards, Ken
  10. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM Hi Pete, I'm an FSX Acceleration (ab)user ~:) I've used your awesome FSUIPC payware program for years, and also Makerunways.exe, WideFS / Client.... Tonight I suddenly realized that I don't actually know much about using Makerunways.exe. When do you recommend that it be executed ? When (if ever) is it required to be executed ? Should it be executed following Navigraph database updates ? Or the installation of new payware or freeware sceneries ? Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  11. Update / follow-up > Used ADE 175 to create an exclusion poly and after I figured out where to place the cvx file, and installed the new folder in FSX Scenery Library GUI, etc. UELL looks great. Ken
  12. Hi, I'm using My Traffic Pro (6) with Win 7-64 and FSX Acceleration . I flew to UELL (for first time) and noticed many trees where they shouldn't be ~:) on tarmac, in the parking areas. Although I haven't checked them all, I have no known similar problems at other airports that I visit more regularly. Is this UELL tree issue this a known issue ? Is there a fix for it ? Thank you, Ken Boardman
  13. Thank you for the fast reply and the information Pete. I will look for some numbers to try. And perhaps contact PMDG. Best regards, Ken
  14. Hi Pete, I would like to assign a control to a button on my CH controller that would toggle some of the panels that apparently can only be opened using the FSX Views pull down menu. The panels that most interest me in this regard are the PMDG B744 QOS II and PMDG B777 Lower Overhead Panels. If you could offer any tips or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much. At this time I have assigned controls to L and R sides of a 4 way hat switch that switch views as next view and previous view (in FSX default keys, that would be the "a" and "SHF + a" ). But I'd naturally prefer a more direct approach ~:) Best regards, Ken Boardman
  15. The 225 code worked perfect. I am also able to apply this FSUIPC procedure to assign a button that makes the Yoke disappear. Now I need to decide how I want to program my buttons. Thank you for your fast responses and all the valuable information. Best regards, Ken
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