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  1. Thank you for the quick reply and for the MakeRwys information. Best regards, Ken
  2. Ref > My specs are FSX Acceleration running in Win 7-64 The download page recommends MakeRwys Version 4.7.0 for FSX users running in the Win 7 environment. I have been using MakeRwys ver for some months without noticing any obvious problems. Have I been perhaps experiencing problems which aren't so obvious ? ~:) Just trying to ensure that I am getting the best from MakeRwys. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  3. Hi, What enables the current wind speed and direction to appear in the top left hand corner of the Map ? Is there some sort of automatic connection of FSC to Simconnect for this data or perhaps FSC reads the data directly from FSX ? I use AS Next for my weather. Is it involved in the display of this data on the FSC Map ? Best to all, Ken
  4. Many thanks for all of the insight and suggestions Pete. The QW plane is quite the (FSX) VAS hog so it doesn't surprise me that it is suspect regarding other issues. I do like to fly the plane though. I will certainly give your suggestions a try. Best regards, Ken
  5. Hi Pete, The error states >> "fsuipc, wait. can't get D008 to change from 32677733 always 32677733" Has only happened two times and I was flying the QW B788 both times so perhaps the plane has something to do with it. Ray told me to contact you ~:) Best regards, Ken
  6. Please see screen cap of the error at the link below. I have not seen this before over my many years of RCV4 usage. I've seen it twice in past three days and afterwards RCV4 stops responding. Has anyone else experienced this who can explain what it means or how to avoid the problem ? I use RCV4 via WideFS with FSX and Win 7-64. It happened while flying the QW B788. https://www.dropbox.com/s/734wrox8wiyj2ld/RCV4 Error.jpg?dl=0 Thank you, Ken Boardman
  7. Many thanks for the fast reply Volker. That took care of it ~:) Best regards, Ken
  8. What would cause the (gps) fixes (pyramids) to be present on the map without their labels ? They were there before when the map range was set to 50nm or less. But not now. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  9. Well, seems I spoke too soon. Worked great once and then didn't work. So I've set the mini mouse axis to the Rudder control in FSX Controller Setup and for now I'll just live with rudder moving with nose wheel > with luck, in the same direction (and correct direction ~:) Best to all, Ken
  10. It would seem that at some point someone (perhaps even me > face is red now 🤡) had disabled the mini stick axes in the (advanced) FSX Throttle settings. After resetting the CH Throttle axis setting to default, the FSUIPC axis assignment for "Steering Set " worked as normal and it works great ! > NW steering without rudder movement. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction, and thanks again for the indispensable FSUIPC software. Best to all, Ken
  11. Thank you for all the fast replies and for the helpful tips and advice I always calibrate the controller in CH Manager only Thomas. Attached are the three files you suggested I submit. Will follow up after trying John and Pete's suggestions. Best to all, Ken FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4.ini
  12. To all, I use FSX Acceleration in Win 7-64 and Registered FSUIPC. I've been trying to use the "Axis Assignment" tab in the registered Ver of FSUIPC Ver to assign the "Steering Set" option to my CH throttle's Mini Stick "X" axis. With a "clear slate" , each time I move the mini stick in any direction to get a mini stick X (or Y) axis to populate the "Axis #" block, only the throttle's "Z" axis will appear there. For troubleshooting / testing I have tried disabling the throttle axis in the FSX options controller axis tab settings but get the same results. Any tips or solutions for other things to try will be appreciated. Screen Cap attached. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  13. Hi John, I apologize for the delay in responding here. Thank you for the tip. Just was looking for a more graceful / alternate way for my lazy self to use FSUIPC to create permanent saves. I think I found what I need in the FSUIPC interface. It is the " Also Save to a Flight Called: " feature. Screen Cap attached. Ken
  14. Thanks so much Volker. No need tlo back up the files now ~:) But I'll save the information in case I need it later. I have been starting FSC from a batch file which also starts other utilities which I had been closing before FSC had finished starting. When I let FSC finish starting and THEN close the utilities the FSC Intro pop-up vanishes. You "hit the nail right on the head" and I sure appreciate it.. Best to you and your programmer, Ken
  15. Thank you for responding Volker. I may try a reinstall of FSC. Which folders would you recommend backing up prior to reinstalling ? I have 3 in mind, but I'll wait for your recommendation. Best regards, Ken
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