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  1. Hi, Is there any practical way to manually edit / add navaids to the VOR.fsc and NDB.fsc files ? I have resurrected the Antarctica Pegasus NZPG airfield in my FSX and discovered that ZPG does not appear on the FSC 10 map. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  2. Dear Pete, Thank you for all that you've done over the many years for us FS addicts. You would be worthy of much greater gratitude than I (myself) can offer. It's impossible for me to imagine the number of hours you have expended to enrich our enjoyment of the aviation business and hobby. Very best wishes for a happy retirement. And happy holidays too ~:) Ken Boardman
  3. Thank you Pete. I apologize for the submission to FAQ forum. I was reading the FAQs and began typing my question not remembering I was in FAQ forum and realized my error too late (after submission ~:/ Best regards, Ken
  4. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM Hi Pete, I'm an FSX Acceleration (ab)user ~:) I've used your awesome FSUIPC payware program for years, and also Makerunways.exe, WideFS / Client.... Tonight I suddenly realized that I don't actually know much about using Makerunways.exe. When do you recommend that it be executed ? When (if ever) is it required to be executed ? Should it be executed following Navigraph database updates ? Or the installation of new payware or freeware sceneries ? Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  5. Update / follow-up > Used ADE 175 to create an exclusion poly and after I figured out where to place the cvx file, and installed the new folder in FSX Scenery Library GUI, etc. UELL looks great. Ken
  6. Hi, I'm using My Traffic Pro (6) with Win 7-64 and FSX Acceleration . I flew to UELL (for first time) and noticed many trees where they shouldn't be ~:) on tarmac, in the parking areas. Although I haven't checked them all, I have no known similar problems at other airports that I visit more regularly. Is this UELL tree issue this a known issue ? Is there a fix for it ? Thank you, Ken Boardman
  7. Thank you for the fast reply and the information Pete. I will look for some numbers to try. And perhaps contact PMDG. Best regards, Ken
  8. Hi Pete, I would like to assign a control to a button on my CH controller that would toggle some of the panels that apparently can only be opened using the FSX Views pull down menu. The panels that most interest me in this regard are the PMDG B744 QOS II and PMDG B777 Lower Overhead Panels. If you could offer any tips or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much. At this time I have assigned controls to L and R sides of a 4 way hat switch that switch views as next view and previous view (in FSX default keys, that would be the "a" and "SHF + a" ). But I'd naturally prefer a more direct approach ~:) Best regards, Ken Boardman
  9. The 225 code worked perfect. I am also able to apply this FSUIPC procedure to assign a button that makes the Yoke disappear. Now I need to decide how I want to program my buttons. Thank you for your fast responses and all the valuable information. Best regards, Ken
  10. Thank you again Reinhard, for the list. I will keep it where I can find it when needed. And I will try the 225 (GPS panel) code asap. Do you happen to know how controls, buttons that are programmed in FSUIPC interact with programmed JStick, etc buttons (ie Saitek, CH, Thrustmaster) that have been programmed with the stick manufacturer's software ? Do they override, peacefully coexist, etc. ? I have always used the manufacturer's software (mostly CH and Thrustmaster) to program my buttons. Best regards, Ken
  11. Found the Window Idents in the Panel.cfg. I may be on the road to success. What generates the Window Ident(s) ? Or are the Window Idents arbitrary ? The Window Ident that I need to use for the gps window pop-up is "GPS_PANEL". When I enter this into the FSUIPC parameter block on the Key Presses tab, it does not transfer to the right hand side with the other entries /data when "Confirm" button is pressed and the key combo (CTL + /) doesn't work. When I experimented with a different Window (Radar pop-up) that has a number (instead of words), all the data transferred to the RH side of the FSUIPC window tab, and the experiment worked. I use a CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pro Pedals. I have been using the CH Control Manager to program the buttons. Is this interfering in any way with what I am trying to accomplish with button programming in FSUIPC ? Or does the button programming In FSUIPC override the CH programming ? Thank you, Ken
  12. Many thanks Reinhard. Still not sure how to determine the window ident, but I am going to certainly try figure this out. Best regards, Ken
  13. Thank you Reinhard. I am not sure where or how to apply the Panel ID parameters. Also, Where are the window ident numbers / parameters located so I can look them up? I apologize, but I haven't had much experience with this type of control assignment technique. Best regards, Ken
  14. Hi Pete, I'm still flying the FSX Acceleration. Hope to get to try P3D soon. I've read that the latest version is 64 bit. My PC is a bit "long in the tooth", so I'll likely install P3D after I build my next PC. The Capt Sim C-130 I've been messing with had a Radar pop-up assigned to the Panel.cfg "Windowo8", and the "Shift + 9" key combo. The GPS(500) appears as Window16 in the Panel.cfg with no keys assigned to activate it (Sim Icon activated only). Captain Sim assigned all of the Shift + .. key combos (1 through 9) to pop-ups other than the GPS. Since having a GPS toggle assigned to a stick button is more important to me (than the Radar) I decided to try "bashing" the Panel.cfg by copying / pasting the GPS (Window16) section of the Panel..cfg into the "Window08" section (deleting the Radar section). Basically replacing the Radar section lines with exact copy of the "Window16" GPS lines. I left the Window16 (GPS) section "in place" because I figured the Sim Icons GPS button function might be affected if I removed it (Window16). I then assigned Shift + 9 key combo to joystick button and it now toggles the GPS pop-up. A nice surprise ~:) The GPS Sim Icons button still functions correctly also. As they say, " I'd rather be lucky than good." Best regards, Ken
  15. Thank you for the fast, informative reply Pete. I haven't had experience with L:Vars or Lua but I will pursue your tips. Best regards, Ken
  16. Is it possible to use FSUIPC to assign a keyboard command that will make the default GPS pop-up window appear (and disappear)? The C-130's "Sim Icons" feature provides for this; but I haven't been able to determine how to assign the GPS pop-up function to a joystick button. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  17. The MJC Q400 rudder trim functions great now (with reduced sensitivity) via CH Fighterstick HAT #2. Thank you again, Ken
  18. Dear Pete and Thomas, Thanks so much for your help with this > for answering my question, and for pointing me to the right place for finding more info in the FSUIPC docs. Yes Pete. I am hoping to use the offsets to reduce the (FSX default) rudder trim sensitivity. Best regards, Ken
  19. Hi Pete, Below are some offsets I discovered in the Majestic forum. I hope to use them to enhance the MJC Q400 rudder trim control with one of my CH Fighterstick hat buttons (button 2). RUDDER TRIM LEFT Control sent when button pressed: Offset Sword Decrement Offset: x0C04 Parameter: 20/-16383 RUDDER TRIM RIGHT Control sent when button pressed: Offset Sword Increment Offset: x0C04 Parameter: 20/16383 I'm sort of new at this offset business. I'm thinking that one way or another these lines are intended to appear in the FSUIPC.in file. Is it possible to enter / add the above rudder offsets directly into the FSUIPC.ini file ( "[Keys.Majestic Q400]" section ?) via Notepad ; or must they be entered into the FSUIPC user interface while running FSX? I already have created an MJC400 specific profile. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  20. Hi Pete, I followed your advice, removing the Frame Rate monitor, and changing the sampling frequency to 20,000ms. I've noticed some improvement in RCV4 communication (less delay of responses), but I'm thinking that I may just need a speedier laptop. I've started saving my allowance ~:) Thank you again for your help with this. Ken
  21. Thank you for the VAS Monitor timing adjustment tip Pete and for the edit / illustration. I look forward to trying it very soon. Best regards, Ken
  22. Sorry Ray. I know better, I just missed it. Best regards, Ken
  23. Hi Pete, Below are the contents of the VAS Monitor's Readme file and the contents of the "VAS_Monitor.lua" file : Readme file : Monitoring Virtual Address Space (VAS) in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The attached LUA file will enable you to monitor the free VAS in FSX. This version has been slightly modified to match FSUIPC Lua Standards by removing WND_REGULAR from the font declaration as it's not a standard command. Requirements. ------------- Microsoft Flight Simulator X WideServer.dll v6.78 or later. WideClient.exe v6.9.9.9 or later. Small area of free space on WideFS display. Installation. ------------- Copy the attached VAS_Monitor.lua file to the folder where WideClient.exe is installed. Configuration. -------------- Start FSX. Then start WideClient on the WideFS PC. Once a connection has been established the VAS_Monitor display will appear near the top left of the screen. As well as an instantaneous frame rate readout the free VAS is continuously calculated and displayed. You can adjust both the size and position of the display by adjusting the values in the LUA file. It is possible to adjust the font and font size but I’ve left those at the default. The top line of the LUA file contains the values that determine the position and size of the display:- w = wnd.open(“VAS Monitor”, WND_FIXED, left position of display, position from top of screen, width of display, height of display) The default values are:- w = wnd.open(“VAS Monitor”, WND_FIXED, 0, 100, 523, 100) If you wish to alter the back colour, text colour and font lines those can be altered in lines 2 -4. Be aware that if you minimise WideClient.exe the lua display will not show. I am very grateful to my good friend Pete Dowson for creating this file. I hope you also find it useful. Ray Proudfoot Cheshire, England 10 January 2014. ====================================================================== The contents of the VAS_Monitor.lua file : w = wnd.open("VAS Monitor", WND_FIXED, 0,100,523,100) wnd.backcol(w, 0x000) wnd.textcol(w, 0x6c0) wnd.font(w, WND_ARIAL,-3) -- Update the display at 500 msec intervals (see event at end) function mytimer(time) wnd.clear(w) fr = ipc.readUW(0x0274) if fr ~= 0 then fr = 32768/fr end fr = math.floor((fr * 10) + 0.5)/10 mem = ipc.readUD(0x024C) memmb = math.floor((mem/1024) + 0.5) wnd.text(w, "Frame Rate " .. fr .. " fps\nVAS free " .. memmb .. " Mb") end -- Adjust timing to taste: 500 = 1/2 second event.timer(500, "mytimer") ===================================================================== Thank you for looking into this, Ken
  24. Thank you for the fast reply Pete. The attached Readme text file will reveal the VAS Monitor I am referring to. It's a Lua file that is added to the WideFS folder on my client laptop and provides a handy real time display of the current free VAS and current FSX frame rate. My (client) laptop is kind of old and slow (like me) and when the VAS monitor is running, RCV4 communication / responses slow dramatically. So, ideally I'd like to be able to control the small VAS Monitor / window in such a way that I can start it up "on the fly" to do a quick check of the free VAS and then close it, and repeat this several times during a flight. Thank you, Ken
  25. Hi Pete, I've been using the VAS Monitor on my Wide Client laptop. Is it possible to disable / re-enable the VAS monitor "on the fly" (during a flight)? If yes, how is this accomplished? Thank you, Ken Boardman
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