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  1. Hi John, Thanks for the comment, I'm still learning! I sold the GoFlight stuff, but I like incorporating your comment into the script. Maybe I can test it in a window. Happy Easter! Frans
  2. I made this function for the GoFlight MCP: function VS_Hold(offset, value) if (value > 9900) then value = 65536 - value if (string.len(value) == 3 ) then value = "-0"..value elseif (string.len(value) == 4 ) then value = "-"..value end else if (string.len(value) == 3 and value > 0) then value = " 0"..value elseif (string.len(value) == 4 and value > 0) then value = " "..value end end if (value == 0) then value = " 0000" end gfd.SetDisplay(GFMCP, 0, 3, value) end event.offset(0x07F2, "UW", "VS_Hold") Just adjust it to the number of positions of the GF166's display and replace GFMCP with GF166. By the way, thanks for commenting the lua-script for the GF166! Frans
  3. Hi Anders, All you have to do is: place the file GF_166.lua in the FSUIPC folder an add in the FSUIPC.ini file the following: [Auto] 1=Lua GF_166 This will automatically start the lua file. But the Pollypot software also works. It is of course your own choice! Frans
  4. Hi Anders, John, There is already a lua-script in the user-contributions subforum: Take a look and see if this meets your expectations, or adjust the script to your own needs! Frans
  5. One of the two .NET was not installed. Everything works great now! Thanks again for your help and the wonderful plugin! Regards, Frans
  6. Run with ".\pilotsdeck" displays the following message:
  7. Yes, tried unblock command in powershell, .NET 6.0.8, True, .NET 4.8.04084 installed. Starting the executable in PS: Pilotsdeck is not recognized (see the attached screenprint). Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi @Fragtality, thanks for the nice plugin! Unfortunately, the dropdowns do not work for "Action Types". I have already done everything as described in the readme. Also made an exception in the Windows Defender on the whole Streamdeck folder. No Log is created by the plugin, so I can't attach it. What else can I try? Plugin version 0.7.6 -FSUIPC 7.3.10 registered version - MSFS SU10 - Win10 - Streamdeck is installed on C and FSUIPC on E:/. StreamDeck0.log
  9. Hi, Switch with the left button to COM1 and NAV1, with the right button to COM2 and NAV2, and swap the active/standby frequency with the middle button. With COM1 and NAV1, the left LED is lit, with COM2 and NAV2 the right one. COM frequencies are displayed in 3 decimal places, NAV frequencies in 2. Tested in P3Dv4 and MSFS. Not a complicated script, but might be useful to someone. Frans GF_166.lua
  10. Hi John, Everything works fine with 7.2.17a. Thank you for the quick solution! Frans
  11. Hi John, the WASM enabled and everything works again, so take your time for the fix. Thank you for your great support. A happy FSUIPC 4,5,6,7, ? -user! Have a nice weekend! Frans Edit: I see there is already a new version, I will try them right away, thanks again!
  12. Hi John, Thanks for the quick response. Yes, plane on the runway ready-to fly, waited about 1 minute, then pressed the two buttons and closed the sim. Do the changes in 7.2.15 and 7.2.16 affect the behavior of events in lua-threads? I'm asking because I see this in the log: 250 LuaFiles from: "E:\Prog\FSUIPC7\LuaFiles\" 266 *** Cannot find preset file: 'E:\Prog\FSUIPC7\myevents.txt'
  13. Hi John, In 7.2.15 and 7.2.16 my event luas no longer work. For my GoFlight stuff I use two luas, one for the radio (GF-166) with which the buttons, rotaries, leds and displays are programmed, and one for the other leds and displays (GF_Leds_Displays). The buttons of the latter are set via the FSUIPC menu and that works correctly. For the log file I pressed two buttons: toggle pitot heat (menu) and frequency swap (lua). In 7.2.14 everything works correctly. Did I miss something when upgrading? Thanks! Frans FSUIPC.zip
  14. Hi Gary, the PRESET MANAGER is located behind your Windows-Taskbar. Switch to full-screen MSFS (alt-tab). Frans
  15. Hi Pete, Thank you very much for your quick reply and explanation. I'll do some more testing. Running the installer again is of course done quickly. Have a nice day! Frans
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