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  1. Im looking forward to buy STB and i have few questions. Does it work good with P3Dv4.3? And using UltimateTrafficLive, with various AI addons placed on another drive? Does it actually control AI and actually avoids GoArounds for real? I mean both User-AI GAs and AI-AI GAs. Does it slew AI or does it brute-remove AI? Will i see AI disappearing in case of conflicts? Using STB on the same sim pc, do i have to play Prepar3d only in windowed mode? If anything is not working as expected, am i eligible for refund? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello!

    May i ask you how can i get startup and shutdown sounds to my AI in V4?

    Thanks a  lot!!!

  3. omg you are right, sorry pete!!! today im out of this world
  4. thanks, i found it in the ini. but i swear it is not in the documentation :)
  5. Hi Pete! how can i set a faster read update for the offset? cant find it in the documentation. Thanks a lot!
  6. I have a slighlty different question: Is there a particular reason why TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT closes the ATC (default atc) window?
  7. Thank you Pete for your kind answer! I know default ATC is poor compared to RC PFE and others. But I just wanted to do something about the default one. My goal is to use the default ATC, but never show it on the main FSX pc (one can use AUTOOPENATC=FALSE in cfg). I've found out how to control it via WideFS using the "button" programming, simply sending to main FSX pc the keystrokes 1, 2, 3, and so on. Now I just need Readtext.exe to read it. But as I can understand from your answer, it is just not possible. Correct? Thanks again!
  8. Hello Pete! It's since days i'm looking for some kind of little software that allows you to control the atc (even the default one) from a networked client pc. Found absolutely nothing. What i would like to achieve is to read the atc on the networked client, and use the client to send back responses and commands. so, i will not have no atc on my fsx pc display (the audio would be ok, btw you can hear it anyway, and dont let fs to show up the atc when they call you). So i'm starting to think about developing one by myself. The first, and only question i got for you is: wideclient
  9. Hello, is STB compatible with My Traffic 2013 from Aerosoft? (NOT X)
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