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  1. That will surely wont be included (and please don't call me Shirley 😉 ). We are either real world aviators or serious fans. We don't want to see explosions. This is a long standing FeelThere policy and will likely remain until I'm on board. Vic
  2. The current KLAX airport without any changes. This is how's a current airport looks in the new weather engine.
  3. So far we have 6 kind of clouds modeled (more to be added). Now you add coverage, wind, height and you get a pretty complex system 🙂 Throw that user editable weather suggestion to the wishlist (unless you already added it) please. I like the idea 🙂 More to come Vic
  4. Craig, the opening doors on the new plane model should suggest some improvements in that department too. Vic
  5. Shom, About the missing spoilers: Have you applied the SP1? Do they "re-appear"when closed ? is the aircraft on the ground or in the air at this point ? Are the spoilers on both sides missing or just one ?
  6. Matty, Can you please keep them? We got them, but please don't (yet) remove them. Thank you Vic
  7. Dear Folks, Our EMBv3 was compatible with P3D5 with the exception of one plugin we use for the cockpit glass. Until we implement SP2 to receive an update for this plugin from it's developer l, in addition to other aircraft updates, you can enjoy the EMBv3 under initial release of P3D5 (the version prior to Lockheed Martin's service patches) by modifying it a bit: * Please go to the plane's panel folder and locate the file named "A2A_windshield.dll". Either rename it or remove it (after you made a backup) and the plane will work. * Also we recommend adjusting the Mipmap VC textures under the Graphics setting. Please note that Lockheed Martin's recent, late May '20, service patches to version 5 and version 4 of P3D have broken many components to the aircraft simulation. These new incompatibilities are being researched and service patches will be released once solutions are found. At this time feel their recommends using a pre-May '20 version of P3Dv4. Thanks for your understanding and patience. - Vic & feelThere team.
  8. Could you please re-test it again? If you look some other post someone just reported the opposite stating the left spoilers are OK.
  9. Hi Matty, Please also attach the .fxml files Videos are fine, but we need the saved files so we can reproduce your issue. Thank you Vic
  10. FeelThere


    Dear Folks, The EMBv3 currently is not compatible with P3D5. We will check what is causing the crash and the plan is to adjust our current model. Since the sim is out for less than 24 hours we can't comment it yet. Please don't flood the forum with posts about P3D5, they will be deleted. We will get back to you as soon as we'll have an answer. Thank you Vic & the FeelThere team
  11. It was a temporary glitch, should be working by now. Thank you Vic
  12. We can't test the video, that's why we need the saved flight. If it's not the situation where we can reproduce the problem then it's useless. Please re-create the problem and save the FLT file just at the TD. Thank you Vic
  13. Matty, We would like to see the plane not reducing the AT to idle. Is it included? Vic
  14. Please give us the requested saved flight. Vic
  15. Please give us the saved flight at top of the descend of this approach. Thank you Vic
  16. Little by little 🙂 It's hard for me to keep it back too so I will try to leak out some as soon as I can even the team is against it 🙂 Vic
  17. Good points, thank you for all! Vic
  18. FeelThere


    Dear Folks, We know P3D5 will come out next week. We are not in the beta team and we don't have more information than you have. Once we have it then we can see how's our EMB is compatible with it. Perhaps some of you will know even sooner than we do. Please stop asking us about it, we have no answer yet. Once it's out and you can report compatibility please do so but until then please do not reply to this post or open a new one about it. We will remove them. Thank you Vic
  19. Matty, Thank you for the video. Could you please post saved FLT files so we could reproduce it? Thank you Vic
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