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  1. Thank you, we are checking it together with Aeroplane Heaven. Vic
  2. We are following this topic. Vic
  3. Bob, We appreciate your and every else's loyalty and support. But when we don't have enough information to announce we simply can't. If we would have something we would be the first (and whoever knows me for a while sometimes I spill the secrets even before official announcement as I love to tease everyone) to announce it. At the moment we are fixing a few things with our EMB (Covid didn't help us and one of the member is unreachable, we have no idea what happened to him). The other team is working on the next version of Tower which is a pretty open "secret". Thank you Vic
  4. Hello, Which Prepar3D version? Thank you Vic
  5. Hello, The recorder is Eric's project, we just help him by distributing it and the sceneries are using different SDKs. We are still don't have anything to announce about MSFS planes. Thank you Vic
  6. Thank you, I hoped it will be welcomed by the community. Vic
  7. Of course I could've edited it out but you know me.. I love to tease πŸ™‚ I'm glad you like it. We (as far as I remember, but please don't quote me) implemented all requests about schedules. Right now we are working on things such as the editors, but as it goes now we plan to announce the product (not the ETA for release) by next month. By then I hope to show you some screenshots or even a video. No promises indeed πŸ™‚ Vic
  8. Let me explain what you see. There is a BTV callsign with a BTV livery. It can park to the BTV gates (let's say Brickyard in Delta Connection liveries at DAL terminal) Also a BTV airline with a Cargo option. The callsign can be the same (BTV) and it will park at the cargo terminal so Brickyard would be parking at the Cargo terminal (indeed this is just a non real world situation as Brickyard is not a cargo airline) BTV also flies for CTV (United) and DTV (American) so it can park for to the CTV (United) gates and the DTV (American) gates too. What I didn't share (but already implemented) BTV is defined as a US airline. It lands at KLAX which is defined as a US airport so BTV can go to a BTV domestic terminal or the BTV International terminal too as the airport knows if the airline is US or not and can split the same airline to domestic or international terminals. I hope we fulfilled every request for the schedule makers πŸ™‚ Thank you Vic
  9. Dear Folks, When it happens, please try to turn off your wifi. If it helps, please provide us your tower version (pro, non pro, steam), your windows version (with date) and attach the log. If turning off wifi doesn't help, please post it in another topic. Thank you Vic
  10. Dear Folks, So we have a single report with a single log file that shows a crash when the video driver is loaded. To keep this topic clean all posts without logs and report of the game's version (Pro, non Pro, Steam) will be deleted. We are looking at this issue, but without logs we can't. Thank you Vic
  11. You bet! πŸ™‚ I hope you will like that we will show when the time will be right to share πŸ™‚ I also think we will make you personally happy too as many (if not all) of the schedule related requests made our "must" list.
  12. It is very unlikely it has anything to do with the server change, but please help us by telling us if it's Steam, non Steam, Pro or non pro. Also we need the logs in order to look into this. Thank you Vic
  13. What you describe here is the job of the approach/departure controller. This is (and lots of more) is available in our Tracon! 2012 simulator. Vic
  14. Please don't expect answer from us, but we are actively monitoring this discussion πŸ™‚ Thank you Vic
  15. Dear Folks, We toy with the idea of releasing some airports for MSFS2020 and we would like to have a solid beta team for that. Please post here if you are interested. You must be over 18 and sign an NDA. If you are interested please post your computer's specs here. Thank you Vic
  16. No problem. If you pay the same price that sim cost πŸ™‚
  17. Please wait for our announcement coming out in the next few months (and make sure to sign up to our newsletter). It will potentially answer your question πŸ˜‰ Vic
  18. Hi BjΓΆrn, Thanks for the professional attitude! If it's just editing a cfg file no no other hack is involved, then yes, please share it πŸ™‚ Thank you Vic
  19. I would note one thing; we do not handle Real Color or Real Traffic. It's done by Nyerges Design and until you noted I wasn't even aware of the change πŸ™‚. Vic
  20. Tower SE is a payware software. Only customers have a link. This is not a freeware software. Tower! 2011 should work under Windows 10. Please check the FAQ and provide the necessary information so we can help you with the issue. Vic
  21. Hi Anders, Thank you and yes, please feel free to upload it. Thank you Vic
  22. I can confirm; unfortunately this is not available. I apologize if you got a contradicting information. Vic
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