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  1. I have now successfully added the four missing stands for Terminal 5 T524 to T527 On my first attempt the line was not long enough and the aircraft were not sitting entirely within the stand! I do not know why they were not included, although T527 is quite small and is really only suitable for A319 and A320 I now have to add the missing taxiway... However having added the missing stands I now understand the process required
  2. Aer Lingus / EIN use four stands, for some reason the game requires five stands EI711 has a turnaround time of 45 minutes, the same as the issue that affects FlyBe When I amended EI711 to a departure time of 09:35 instead of 09:30, the issue then moves to EI155 which is the next departure Amending EI155 to a departure time of 09:55 instead of 09:50 move the issue to the next departure EI381 Amending EI381 to a departure time of 09:55 instead of 09:50 moves the issue to a later departure, as the next two departures have a turnaround time of 50 minutes So back to my original request, where is the minimum turnaround time applied in the game? Is it hard written into the program?
  3. Apologies, but you may have misunderstood this Passengers depart from Terminal 2A Gate 01, and are then taken by bus As a result it is not possible to create this gate and link, as it does not exist I have also now discovered there is a temporarily a similar one in Terminal 3, whilst two stands are being modified
  4. I need this for Terminal 5, four stands are present but not linked I have tried to create the links but cannot figure out how to do this A link to this member / thread would be appreciated
  5. Yes, I appreiciate I have now fully modified the original files, it is more realistic However, it is easy enough to create a hybrid that combines the schedule (as at last week) with the airport terminal files The only common issue would be FlyBe, I would have no option to create terminals that do not exist, so that issue still exists! ie Create a EGLL airport, that only serves Flybe, and see what happens!?! As for EI711, I will try to work out today why this does not work correctly, but initially this also suffers the same problem with a turnaround time of just 45 minutes, whilst all the other (EIN) are 50 minutes or greater
  6. I have also now fully populated Terminal 2 (Terminal 2A and 2B), and found another that causes an issue EI700 creates a second aircraft that is not required, confirming a minimum turnaround time of 50 minutes In this case the solution is to use a Terminal stand that does not actually exist! Ironically, it is only used once to release this flight
  7. Please LOCK this topic, no more replies required
  8. This issue has been resolved today Main-PC confirmed as Hard Drive failure (£105 to replace) Profiles swapped and cloned So both laptops are identical again Contract sent to third party, to permit laptops to be swapped, which was confirmed very quickly The software was running without any issues on Laptop-Two This laptop has now been renamed as Main-PC
  9. Interesting, tried other start times and there is still one additional aircraft 06:00 (two) 08:00 (one) 10:00 (one) 12:00 (two) 14:00 (three)
  10. For EGLL the UTC and schedule time should be the same, UK, and not noticed I have had to adjust times on any flights Game started at 06:00, Runway 27L only game.log -> file Only the FlyBe / BEE flights are required, I have removed everything else so that I can work out why the simulation creates the second aircraft schedule.txt -> No change, see above London_Heathrow_Airport_terminal.txt -> You may prefer to use Terminal_2l: BEE (as this will put these two aircraft into the two stands on Terminal 2B) The original terminal file could also be used instead as it should not make any difference Terminal 2A-FlyBe.jpg -> Tower2011 assignments created, which results in two aircraft at 06:00 and end of dayTerminal 2A-not in use.jpg -> FlyBe actual assignments, which only requires one aircraft at 06:00 and end of day London_Heathrow_Airport_terminal.txt game.log
  11. I use my computers for commercial purposes, not gaming Tower2011 is the only game for PC I have purchased since 2002
  12. Sadly here in the UK a new Hard Drive repair costs about half the cost of a new laptop, about £100 / $120 against £200 / $240 There comes a point where if it has been repaired twice, there is no point repairing a third time...
  13. Noted several aircraft that use Terminal 4 and have 50 minutes turnaround Created a test schedule, and anything less than 50 minutes appears to result in a second aircraft being required / generated (if there is sufficient spare stands) or the aircraft being dropped game-FlyBe.log -> Just the BE flight details, removed all the generic content (build data) Terminal 2A-FlyBe.xls -> Tower2011 assignments created, which results in two aircraft at 06:00 and end of day Terminal 2A-not in use.xls -> FlyBe actual assignments, which only requires one aircraft at 06:00 and end of day schedule.txt -> file created from the FlyBe schedule game-FlyBe.log Terminal 2A-FlyBe.xls Terminal 2A-not in use.xls schedule.txt
  14. Added Flybe flights, which are unusual for EGLL as they do not use the Terminal and the only (scheduled) TurboProp flights My schedule file shows : beginning and end of the day there is one aircraft four stands required minimum turnaround 40 minutes However, Tower2011 starts the day with two As a result through the whole day there is always one aircraft present, at some points there should be none I suspect there is a minimum stand turnaround time being applied by Tower2011? (possibly 50 minutes)
  15. Would be cheaper in the long term just to replace both laptops, rather than just the Hard Drive
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