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  1. I have never done this before As the UK is slowing down again I have some spare time I am quite happy to share my heavily modified files and test this over a shift (summer 2019) It does mean I will need to send you all the required files and you need to backup your current installation However it is real fun as near to real life (before Tower 3D) Runway 27R arrivals and Runway 27L departures Real color works best, otherwise many aircraft are white Sadly some of the latest will be white; BA A380, China and so on
  2. RyanAir had requested the word Max was not used on their aircraft when they placed the order and preferred the numerical reference instead
  3. I have a copy of the plans, and the current phase of construction is nearly completed The next phase is also extensive, and is basically a mirror image of the current construction to the west, which also includes Terminal demolition The final phase is Terminal 2C
  4. I am glad EGLL is quite some time away The airport is still under going redevelopment at Terminal 2, but once completed (hopefully) in the middle of 2021, it will be ideal for conversion from Tower 2011 to the next generation The middle section from Stands 213 to 216 and Stands 233 to 236 is well underway I would recommend waiting until Taxiway K is completed
  5. In Tower 2011, I handover as soon as the Successful Takeoff is received In Tower 3D, I include the handover as part of the Cleared to TakeOff, "Callsign XXX Cleared for takeoff, Upon reaching altitude one thousand contact Departure" You may find this useful for busier airports
  6. This could be helpful if EGLL (Heathrow) is updated There are several times in the Tower 2011 version where I have to select pause in order to catch up when there are lots or sequences of movements to be completed, which in reality would have been covered by two or more controllers
  7. All your aircraft will be white However, you will still need to rename the original files and folders, in case you want to roll back to your original version I also plan to backdate the schedule to take advantage of some of the older liveries that are in the original (current) Tower 2011 aircraft colours (Real Color)
  8. I have heavily modified EGLL for Tower 2011, but it is still not quite perfect It will not work with the standard configuration of EGLL for Tower 2011 As a result you would have to rename the original files, create new folders and then insert the files that I use This may affect other airports for Tower 2011, if you have any My current schedule is from Summer 2019 However, I have had to remove the FlyBe aircraft due runway conflicts and spare aircraft that I have not been able to resolve Some aircraft are also white, as they have been added since 2014 (such as the BA A380) If you are prepared to accept these risks, then I can put together some instructions and ZIP file
  9. Looks like the fresh full installation I have performed has corrected an issue As discussed, by default with Runway 27R for arrivals Departures from Runway 27L : Any aircraft that was sent to Runway 27L, by default uses N1 I had previously tried Runway 27L at N2E, N2W, N3 and N4 However once given Line Up And Wait, would simply spin around and go to the end of the runway (as if they had been given Runway 27L without the At instruction) This no longer happens, as a result I now have the ability to line up four aircraft on Runway 27L It was even worse for departures from Terminals 4 and 6, when using Runway 27L at S3 and S4E These aircraft would not even line up, and crossed the runway! This too has resolved itself
  10. This is one of the reasons I have gone back to Tower 2011, it is far more customisable
  11. The OP is referring to Tower 3D Separating aircraft out so that specific liveries are allocated to specific terminals This is only possible where the liveries are specified in the airport files Using the Aircraft Master File is required for this, and then purchasing all the liveries in which those airports are applied The codes are then transferred to the terminal file, which the OP does not want to amend, but it is the only way to complete this I do not have CYVR, yet I assume the following : Air Canada Air Canada Jazz Westjet are all available within both CYVR and the Aircraft Master File In Tower 2011 it is a lot easier, but time consuming
  12. No, not in Tower 3D, that was what I was working on All the aircraft are in correct liveries However it did mean purchasing three real colour packs Tower 2011 I knew I would end up with white planes as a few years had passed I could correct this more, but without a master list of aircaft and liveries it is a gamble to work out the correct ones to purchase
  13. I heavily modified Tower 2011 EGLL (Heathrow) last year Sadly due to a Windows 10 update a few months later it stopped working, but earlier this week I fixed that issue Earlier this year I started on Tower 3D OMDB (Dubai) I was hoping I could modify that in the same way The only issue I have remaining is there is no method to edit the stands, there are only specific terminals and groups of stands However, you can duplicate aircraft and callsigns, this is similar to the same process I used for Tower 2011 EGLL It does mean some of the ICAO / IATA codes are not in the standard format However, so long as you are organised and avoid duplicates there are no issues You can then send specific fleets from one airline to specific terminals
  14. Installed the following : 24GB RAM 240GB SSD, and moved Windows 10 and all programs to this drive Gigabyte GTX 750 TI OC 2GB Doing so has resolved the issue with Tower 2011, and is running again without any issues Tower 3D is also vastly improved, compared to the 1GB on-board Intel HD graphics The main monitor returns 30fps to 45fps and the second monitor (ADIRS and Strip) varies between 5fps and 35fps (it seems to be low when there is little or no changes required) However in the ADIRS the vertical lines for aircraft flicker / alternate between white and yellow, as the aircraft move between positions Any assistance to solve this minor issue appreciated
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