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  1. Oddly, I have not employed this with Tower 2011 (2018 schedule) I almost always never had a queue of aircraft, but maybe I should enforce a departure distance of 180 seconds and compare
  2. Apologies I had assumed it was 90 seconds, but that is arrivals
  3. You do not need this since 2019, LHR / EGLL swapped to time separation of 90 seconds You can decrease this slightly depending on departure route / heading It was already in place for arrivals from 2015
  4. British Airways are still receiving the latest B777-3, none of their B777X yet As above, I would expect it about three months after deliveries commence
  5. Which others are you comparing to? I also have EDDM (Munich) I use this to compare hardware, and have to agree OMDB does vary in comparison I assumed it was due to the complexity of OMDB
  6. I only have OMDB, but it does vary depending on view number of aircraft in view Probably + / - 25%
  7. Yes, that would be acceptable, just send a PM that an Old fossil has been dug up in error
  8. Why did my visit yesterday bring this up as a new topic? Apologies for digging up this old fossil!
  9. Is the EGLL terminals map for Tower 3D Pro available yet?
  10. In my edited version of Tower 2011 EGLL, I have split Terminal 6 (Cargo) into two Taxiway Z does not permit B747 Equally, if you observe Heathrow airport B747 on Taxiway Z are very rare due to this restriction, as it ties up a tug for a long time
  11. EGLL Airport Operations / Briefing 1.6 Taxi Procedures 1.6.1 Ground Ground Movement Restrictions Restrictions to Large Aircraft Point 3 : All B747-400 ACFT on TWY Z must be under tow Taxiway Z Stands 611, 612, 613, 614, 615 and 615 As a result B747 on Taxiway Z have to be reversed out on to Taxiway S
  12. Heathrow is similar, no chance! One side is basic, the other does not allow B747F to reverse
  13. N1, N2E, N2W, N3 and N4 If not, which ones?
  14. All heavy except A380, N1 All heavy. N2E N2W N3 N4 is optional, preferred for long hold for separation
  15. Departures from 09L and 09R are less frequent I have had two flights from 09R, both B777, once from N11 and once from N10 Compared to departures from 27R, there is quite a long roll from intersection N11 and is usually only used if wind is less than 5 knots As a result N10 is more common
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