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  1. I did a test early in v1 of EGLL I let about 20 aircraft build up requesting pushback Paused the simulation, then gave them all permission Unpaused the simulation In theory they should all complete this at the same time However it is not the case As above, the most noticeable are the remote stands at Terminal 4 449 / 450, 451 / 452, 453, 454, 455 and 456 Pushback approved, expect runway 27L / 27R The aircraft is taken taxiway T However, with the command Pushback approved, expect runway 27L / 27R via W S The aircraft performs a shorter, more accurate and expected pushback I am not sure why this happens The faulty stand is 211 at Terminal 2 Pushback results in the aircraft spinning through 180 degrees In my most recent operation Yet another two aircraft waited some considerable time before moving No other aircraft nearby (something that still does affect some of the stands) I need to take some notes on this to see if it is the stand, aircraft type or airline I have noted City 1018 is one
  2. Yes, I was of the opinion that was the observation being made, from approving the pushback to the aircraft actually moving I agree, once the aircraft has completed the move the time is very short However, there are a number of stands at EGLL where the pushback time (movement) is rather long I know one of them is due to the incorrect placement, which I had previously reported that it needeed fixing, but that is now broken permanently - This aircraft spins through 180 degrees then lines up on the taxiway There are also the remote stands at Terminal 4 where the pushback is incredibly long, if you do not specify the route at pushback I am aware of this now
  3. I have found the pushback time varies sometimes I have even had one aircraft that did not move for about three minutes
  4. 06:00 and 15:00 are my usual start times 15:00 is runway change time The simulation usually commences at 14:50 I therefore set Runway 27R; arrivals on 27R with departures on 27L The main issue is the holding points at 27L are not quite configured correctly You cannot send an aircraft to A3, you have to send to A2 via A3 A1 and A3 are not linked, A2 and A3 are linked However, once the last arrival at 14:59 has appeared, swap over 27R to 27L This can result in some aircraft waiting a considerable time at either 27R or 27L to takeoff In extreme cases you may even get a go around
  5. Searching in the Full RC List tab, which I then print I have never used any of the other tabs
  6. Whilst we wait for the final Master List For this next release could the airline Etihad be corrected please I keep searching for this but nothing is found as it is not spelt correctly
  7. Yes, required for the period 2013 to 2018 schedules This is one of the disadvantages where an airline rotates aircraft types over different days, OMDB where the A380 was used two days per week Also, as far I can work out it was missing from several other major airports where it would have been expected (such as LAX) The major advantage is that with the Master List the required combinations can be determined
  8. Tested again, same response aircraft has pushed back and requests Taxi Ready
  9. Does not work with EGLL, a departure runway has to be included Assuming the test was a single runway "Negative, callsign"
  10. Sadly it does not help me If I need to upgrade my computer again it would take me about 6 months to do so (plus waiting for Windows XI)
  11. This may be helpful I started with Tower 2011 However my computer would not run Tower 3D I purchased a new computer to run Tower 3D Could you please provide details for the minimum computer specification required? This may be useful in advance for anyone with computer systems that would be border line or would not be able to operate the next version
  12. As per my original post, I am aware there were three liveries I was having difficulty trying to match them to what was available in Tower 3D Ironic, the latest version is correct, and more correct than the other two I had hoped to include all three, but as the other two have livery errors there is no point including them In EGLL the text for the logo looks blurred, but I suspect it is due to it being so thin
  13. Many thanks, version 32 looks the best
  14. My EGLL timetable is summer 2018, so the A340-600 was operational I am just trying to work out which livery was correct at the time
  15. This does not seem to match, as this livery is small script and blue stripe near the tail
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