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  1. I am nearing the end of creating the realistic OMDB schedule Comparing Schedule Information graphic there appears to be quite a difference, as I am near on 1000 movements Interesting though that we both have a fall in traffic around 15:00 to 18:00 However, I have a higher ratio of arrivals between 04:00 and 06:00, and departures between 07:00 and 10:00
  2. I am aware of that This is more of a general note for future reference At least there are updates to the liveries, and as each takes place I can then come back to this topic to see if I can update the aircraft on the schedule Equally, I noted some differences between the original OMDB release and the one I have I already have EDDM and have managed to update some of the aircraft It looks as if CYVR will also fill some of the other gaps, plus give some options
  3. Saved as JPG, using screenshot keeps the look
  4. Excellent, thanks for that This has also solved the overlap so the image is no longer partially greyed out Much to easier so that I can see the gaps in the schedule I can now screenshot and use in future
  5. REAL COLOURS - IndiGo Airlines : A321 not available Only A320 alternative A321N not available Only A320N alternative Daallo Airline : B733 Not available
  6. I was hoping I could amend the Terminal numbers, but there is no Airport Editor As a result I can amend the Terminal file, but it has left me with some parts of the airport that do not quite match the charts and real life usage Apron G (PadG) Stand G22 is missing (incorrectly assigned to RemoteE, see below) Apron N (RemoteE) Stand G22 is incorrectly assigned to RemoteE There are only three stands Stands H1,H2 and H3 For some reason the game has five additional ones Apron S (not included) Stands S1 to S15
  7. I found several of these in the Real Traffic schedule They are identical flights, separated by just a few minutes They have different flight numbers but are clearly the same flight As a result In the case of arrivals one aircraft arrives and departs, the other does not In the case of departures one aircraft arrives and departs, the other blocks the gate from the commencement of the game until it departs Here are three examples, but I found several more : AMD, DXB, 320, 6E, 73, 01:56, 12:00, 1, 6E AMD, DXB, 320, 6E, 71, 01:43, 12:00, 1, 6E IKA, DXB, 340, W5, 63, 09:31, 12:00, 1, W5 IKA, DXB, 340, W5, 61, 09:15, 12:00, 1, W5 MCT, DXB, 20N, OV, 247, 10:11, 12:00, 1, OV MCT, DXB, 20N, OV, 243, 09:46, 12:00, 1, OV
  8. Great tools I am now using Schedule and Callsign However, after each use the menu along the bottom obscures the bottom of image created (Schedule) and the search menu (Callsign) Google Chrome
  9. I found numerous errors in the Real Traffic schedule Duplicate aircraft was the biggest issue, and existed in Tower 2011 EGLL as well I even ended up with some in my own, but have now corrected all of them I have not had a duplicate aircraft on the same gate, yet However, I am continually having an error with any aircraft attempting to pushback from Stand C32 Where is the best place to make a report?
  10. I have not read this Please advise where this can be found
  11. I have now had this next one more than three times, issue affecting Stand C32 Any aircraft here accepts commands but does not move Equally, if there is an aircraft on Stand C33 is appears to be blocked Deleting the aircraft on Stand C32 is the only method at the moment to resolve this Please advise
  12. This issue now appears to be resolved Shutdown / restart made no difference Opened the window to get some fresh air, and now all commands are recognised Got me on that one!
  13. 1 : No background noise I am aware of, microphone tests show input in the red (ie silence) 2 : I have all these options off, plus the computer speakers are out of the range of the microphone 3 : I had a similar issue with Tower 2011, but only had to complete the third level of speech training to resolve that one; even with completing the advance speech recognition the issue still exists 4 : I do not let go of the shift key at all! An entire phrase goes in, the callsign is incorrect; in some cases the incorrect callsign already exists so I have do delete the entire call
  14. This time it is a Emirates flight DXB - ACC - ABJ ABJ - ACC - DXB It looked strange when two aircraft were next to each other requesting pushback, and then I noticed the Flight Numbers were the same! Sadly not the only one I had overlooked A further Two flyDubai and 13 Emirates Further complicated by discovering two flights also operate a triangle! DXB - CEB - CRK - DXB (Emirates) DXB - PZU - KRT - DXB (flyDubai)
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