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  1. thanks for the good help guys it was indeed the download of the latest version of RT that solved the problem.
  2. het het werkt nu bedankt voor de hulp het was idd dat je de laatste versie moet gebruiken.
  3. hello guys, i need some help with an issue. i bought eddm today for 3d pro today and at startup it doesnt load het realtraffic so now i got the law360 names and RJ1 jets. i have been searching and even reinstalled al 3d pro add ons i got. all is working fine but not the eddm airport. what im i doing wrong. install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\. but when i look in the specific map it doesnt show anything of the installed any suggestions?
  4. Hell again, here is an other question. when a plane that is travelling to for example Gorlo or Andik and needs to be sent over to the center frequentie, the center freq that is shown in the manual is not corresponding. For example the plane that travels to Gorlo plane needs the be sent to the freq 135.75 but it refuses. Only the freq 135.45 is working. its the same for Andik maybe someone has the answer to this
  5. Hello, when i want te give a ils landing clearance for the 18C the plane says " negative". settings in the start screen are set on arrival runway 18L and 18C. Then i thought maybe the altitude and speed was the issue, so i set the speed to 200 an altitude to 2000 result was negative. maybe someone has the answer kind regards Dennis
  6. i checked, but norton doesnt block it and it runs onder aministrator mode that it. the other airports are working fine exept eddf
  7. i managed to start EDDF, but it works very slow and therefor it is not playble. can someone help me solve the problem
  8. yes i do. two runways then when i press start the " loadingbar" starts and it takes an half an hour to get to the end and still it won't start
  9. I bought the add on EDDF for tower 2011. when i select it, it looks like it starts but it hangs at the end. do other have the same problem? Windows 8. I7 intel processor 3,4GHz 12 GB memory
  10. can i get some help please!! When i want to make an new TMA and i create the runway's for the airports it craches. saving it in other namens doesn't help and i don't know how One note works i can create everything but the runways. What am i doing wrong?
  11. Good morning Tower2011! and Tracon players and builders, I play Tower2011! and Tracon for some time now and with great pleasure . I am very satisfied with the voice commands you can give compared to other ATC simulators. Meanwhile I have bought various Add-ons and they are piece by piece great. Yet I encounter a small problem which I do not find on this forum page. I have the idea that (mainly) at Tracon my PTT button hangs. When i played the simulation for about 10 minutes and I push the PTT button to talk to a (random) plane, then the name of the previous plane I spoke to keeps coming back in the command display (it sort of freezes). I have to pause the simulation and have to click on different places on the screen, with random mouse clicks (left, Center, right) to get it running again. Within 2 minutes it starts all over again. Is there anyone who has the same problem, or better, is there a solution for it? (additional info I play with 3 screens). Builders, Many thanks for the great game and add-ons. it is very addictive. ps is there a possibility that there will be a add on for the Dutch (EHAM) sectors soon? Kind regards, Dennis.
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