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  1. So on the strip when it appears does it say 74n or 748? If the later the line in your schedule file should read C#, 74n
  2. When you say not showing up do you mean the actual flight or you are getting a white aircraft? What is the flight detail in the schedule?
  3. based on previous activity this will probably take a while based on his other priorities
  4. All, Version 10 now posted with the recent OMDB RC detail added Gary
  5. Pedantic G

    So what's next?

    Technically England is part of a bigger island with Scotland and Wales! 🤣
  6. New version will be posted as soon as I confirm what is in the OMDB release 😜
  7. Guess its midnight 31st August NZ time as still 9 hrs to go in the UK! 🤣🤣
  8. Get the SouthWest and Spirit update required as long overdue but it will take 7 years to do the United Fleet in the real world so no rush! 😉
  9. Pedantic G

    Tower3dPro - Runway alert on Intersection Departure

    Kev, The landing distances are set by @nyergesdesign for each aircraft and are not airport specific and its the same distance for every airport published. Gary
  10. Pedantic G

    Tower3dPro - Runway alert on Intersection Departure

    Not to mention KSFO!
  11. Pedantic G

    EDDM Real Color SP?

    No worries. Better from me rather than the mods! No..don't think @nyergesdesignhave uploaded the RC update yet. Gabor?
  12. Pedantic G

    EDDM Real Color SP?

    Braf....don't shout! Read the forum rules!: the use of ALL CAPS in posts and subjects is reserved for the developer(s), and moderator(s) for announcements.
  13. Ha ha...nope hence I said custom schedules but you already knew that! 😉
  14. Version 9 is now uploaded 😊 This now includes the RC from the recently released LPFG (Paris CDG) and updated EDDM (Munich) RC, which should be out any day now to coincide with the SP on EDDM, kindly done FOC by Gabor @nyergesdesign. Just update your original link for EDDM to get this. I am sure @hexzed (Ben) will be running a new poll soon for the next one once he gets the OK from Gabor. Hopefully this will be one of the US Airports so we can get some of the updated liveries in the game, Southwest, Sun Country and Air Wisconsin for example. Some exciting additions to these releases, notably the introduction of the 787-1000 (B78x) in the LPFG RC in the Air France and United Airlines livery and the B789 in the new WestJet livery. Etihad liveries have also had a makeover to the new design. Also, for the first time, Gabor has found a solution to the bug bear of all Cargo fans in that they now appear without the dreaded passenger windows. There are too many to list so just click on the “Non Window Freighter Version” drop down in the comments field in the Full RC List tab. The bad news for all the custom schedulers is that they now need to update all their schedules to reflect the model changes! ☹ The EDDM RC update included pretty much all the forum requests consolidated by Ben and this also includes some more NEO models which include: A20N_km Air Malta A20N_ib Iberia Airlines A20N_lh Lufthansa German Airlines A20N_pc Pegasus Airlines A20N_sk SAS Scandinavian Airlines A21N_tp TAP Air Portugal A20N_u2 easyJet A21N_u2 easyJet As always, a reminder, PM me with any errors or admissions you spot or comments for future releases and don’t forget to download the latest updated Real Traffic version to take advantage of these models. The 738 Max (B78M) light issue reported by @alaskaGuy2018should be fixed in the RT update as well. Happy controlling G
  15. Pedantic G

    Troubleshooting chart

    "I think it's gonna be a winner, just like your lads in the 1st Ashes game!" oh we are going down the cricket route are we 😂......hold me back @hexzed! 🏏

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