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  1. Oh Vic, Now you have ruined the wildly incorrect guessing game some like to play! đŸ¤Ŗ
  2. You know what the next question will be Vic! 😂
  3. All, As I know there is a lot of interest in this SP and to answer the specific question raised on what has been released I can confirm the following for those that are interested (Some were forum raised and others the beta testers spotted when testing the SP fixes) FIXED - Line Up for take offs on Runway 22L is now aligned to centre of runway (spotted in testing SP) - Taxiway Foxtrot/Delta Loop 22R/22L Issue fixed (Forum Bug posting - Multiple forum postings) - Terminal 1_A2 Missing Jet Bridges now added! (Forum Bug posting by @ashman99and I know he will be happy about this 😁) - Hold Point Missing 22R TO 22L on a couple of taxiways (spotted in testing SP) - Pushback irregularity in Cargo North terminal fixed (spotted in testing SP) - Jetbridge Connection issue in Terminal E gate fixed (spotted in testing SP) NOT FIXED - Taxiway Lima/Golf "Squeeze" North of LG Intersection (Forum Bug) We spent a lot of time trying to fix this issue but the space available to allow A/C to pass correctly on Lima and Golf is not available without the A/C being way off the actual lines on the ground scenic and looked really unrealistic. We tried but it looked appaling. The workaround is that Controllers should tell northbound taxiway traffic to hold south of taxiway crossway L/G to allow passage safely without collision/close proximity warnings/penalties coming into force. Think I got them all - Enjoy Gary
  4. Thanks for the spot. File updated. Will be in the next version when released with whatever airport comes out next 🙂 SalamAir took over the IATA Code OV when Estonia Air folded in 2015
  5. Look in the omdb_airplanes.txt file (or indeed any since then). This is the reference point for schedule builders to show you the correct 3 digit aircraft code to use in your schedules for what ever airport you are doing and then cross reference this to my community Master List to see what airport the RC is in.
  6. Indeed it is. Think Gabor added this only in the OMDB files and it's the 74n_5x in all others its in
  7. What do you want to be advised? Speaks for itself. Indeed it is in the manifest 021- Assets/Resources/airplanes/Textures/B78F_5x.jpg and is a B78F-78F-BOEING 747-800F CARGO
  8. Adding it to what? As has been pointed out before, RC is not updated for each airport unless specifically carried out by Nygeres Design which is very very very infrequent. So if you wanting them to update those above just for EDDM RC you will be waiting a long time, if not forever.
  9. Use the airplanes.txt file for an airport (in your case OMDB) to search and inform you of the 3 digit code to use for schedules
  10. Thanks Ashton. That is the case. I couldn't have made it any clearer and put this in 2 places but this guy never reads stuff properly and fires off keyboard warrior statements. It was only a few months ago I got moaned at for not releasing the latest RC detail spreadsheet minutes after NygeresDesign released a new RC pack..You can't win! đŸ¤ĻđŸŊ‍♂ī¸
  11. Was before AlaskGuy. @Braf123456already pointed that out in the Master List Forum topic on Monday for me. I try to capture all the new update versions in the Master List and note them but sometimes miss some. I am only human after all 😂 Will be correct in the next version out whenever that will be following a new airport release. G
  12. AlaskaGuy, Read the forum.....Gabor clearly stated on Tuesday that he had fixed the installer.
  13. He has already stated the plan and I am sure it has not changed in the week since you last asked the question!
  14. Master File Vs. 19 Published with KSEA RC details added and updated on ceased airline/aircraft types operations where known and a couple of minor corrections thanks to a couple of eagle eyed viewers. I have also added the details included in the soon to be released RETRO RC pack from Nygeres Design.
  15. Rick, You don't say what time your schedule starts showing the heavies but I suspect its earlier in the day. Gatwick heavy traffic is (or was) pretty much for the popular western destination traffic (USA, Canada, the Caribbean islands etc) and their traffic patterns are predominately early to mid morning arrivals with a similar pattern for out-bounds, hence there is very little traffic later in the day (this is the pattern your will see for the Virgin, BA, TUI and Norwegian etc heavies in the schedule). There is very little heavy East bound traffic apart from Emirates 3 times daily and the occasional African continent flight, hence the lower later time traffic flow. No Cargo traffic either to speak of. Gatwick is predominately for European short haul flights so will be the little "bird" most of the day. The sad thing is that @battlehawk77schedule is probably going to be the busiest it ever was with heavies now with VIrgin and BA likely to pull out of Gatwick for long hauls (moving most back to Heathrow) and Norwegian in financial trouble. ☚ī¸
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