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  1. Pedantic G

    LEBL runway 02 issue

    This was a reported bug error when the airport first came out. It's fine for arrivals but not departures. Never really tested as the runway is never used for departures in real life operations only arrivals. (As per airport operational procedures) Gabor is aware of issue for any planned SP for the airport
  2. Pedantic G

    Schedule Poll

    You trying to lead the jury there Pete! 😂
  3. Pedantic G

    Updates for tower 3d Pro

    Interestingly Jeff Favignano hinted that something was being developed on his recent Gatwick airport You Tube video.Mentioned towards the end that no more development (as we all know) and that a new one was being developed including better speech recognition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr45F8iZDOs&t=359s Might be just him speculating I suppose
  4. Thanks for the info..Will update the Master File to reflect this for the next version 🙂
  5. Pedantic G

    T3D! CYVR

    Think that would be a long shot as not sure the current game coding could cope with that one (and as we all know the door has been shut on any development of the current platform!) Probably need to add this to the wish list for the next version once opened up on the forum (along with helicopters which @battlehawk77would love as well!)
  6. @cHabu As @ashman99correctly states they have been added to the LEBL RC file. In addition to the A332 there is also the A321 in Level livery (this also flies into EGGK as part of @battlehawk77's Custom Schedules) under its correct call sign, details for both as below: Type_Code Airport Code Airline Name A321_vk LEBL vk Anisec Luftfahrt GmbH (Level - Iberia) A332_lv LEBL lv Level (Iberia) Hope this helps
  7. Can you provide some flight details like flight number, days it operates as have spent some time looking at the traffic for Vancouver for the up coming release and never seen it? Thanks
  8. Pedantic G

    Help required

    EDDM is due a Service (upgrade) Pack from the developer to fix some issues (being tested at the moment) so I would hold off on that one for a while and watch for update messages on this forum. It should also have a Real Color update (as per the Forum vote request) at the same time! 😁
  9. Pedantic G

    How is the Session Time (session stats) calculated?

    Don't know the definitive answer Pete but from what I have seen the session time DOES NOT stop when you hit pause. It keeps rolling until you end the session from my experience but I am sure there are more intelligent guru's out there with the actual answer. G
  10. Pedantic G

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Ta muchly
  11. Pedantic G

    NEO AIRCRAFT - Community Input Required

    Yep. Sad times. There you go Gabor @nyergesdesign. 2 less to do ☹️
  12. Pedantic G

    I've heard of rumours of an edited "pushback" code

    Where did you put this Pete in the file. Can it go anywhere?
  13. Pedantic G

    Current Versions Sheet

    @FeelThere Ariel Think this needs updating now for the JFK RC update recently released by Gabor at @nyergesdesign 👍 Gary
  14. AlaskaGuy, I am sure they will be added as and when if they fly into any of upcoming airports or any updates to existing RC Gary

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