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  1. Deleted text...I got confused. Combination of age, no glasses on and just got up! 😫
  2. Updated the Master File with Vs.15 to reflect associated RC for released RJTT Airport.
  3. Sure is.....I was wondering the same 🤔
  4. Here you go Ben. DC-10, D1C, BCC, BR, CALEDONIAN, British Caledonian, UK https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6745676 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9535240 DC-10, D1C, LKR, GK, LAKER, Laker Airways, UK https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8112758 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6473687 Transport for my first trip across the pond from Gatwick to Los Angeles at the age of 21 (just!) B707-300, 707, BAW, SPEEDBIRD, British Overseas Airways Corp. (As per ashman99, I'd suggest changing this to a different code like B1, BOA) https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6839062 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/5992768 B747-100, 741, BAW, SPEEDBIRD, British Overseas Airways Corp. (As per ashman99, I'd suggest changing this to a different code like B1, BOA) Original version, not 747-400 https://www.airteamimages.com/boeing-747_G-AWNH_boac---british-overseas-airways-corporation_310118.htm https://www.airteamimages.com/boeing-747_G-AWNB_boac---british-overseas-airways-corporation_192467_large.html
  5. @cHabu Chris, Try @battlehawk77custom schedule for KRDU as a lot of work and testing went into this Gary
  6. Military has never been an option in this version of the game but has been raised as a wishlist item if and when a new version is released
  7. I guess shortly after when the deadline for submitting the requests to @hexzedhas passed Neil! It clearly states "Submissions will be accepted until midnight UTC 11th January 2020" 😎
  8. Cheers Craig and Happy New Year to you. Another one to add to the list of checks!
  9. Strange one this one as the duplicates that Craig highlighted seemed to have been fixed in the RT update recently put out by Gabor. Have had a quick look this morning and there are a few more of what I would call genuine duplicated flights (ie too close together or duplicate codes on the day and therefore one should be removed/ameded) CLT, RDU, 321, AA, 1645, 22:16, 12:00, 1, AA CLT, RDU, 319, AA, 1645, 22:03, 12:00, 1, AA EWR, RDU, E75, YX, 3669, 18:34, 12:00, 1, YX EWR, RDU, E70, YX, 3669, 18:14, 12:00, 1, YX MCO, RDU, 321, F9, 1190, 13:17, 12:00, 1, F9 MCO, RDU, 320, F9, 1190, 09:14, 12:00, 1, F9 RDU, CMH, E75, YX, 6003, 12:00, 20:18, 1, YX RDU, CMH, E70, YX, 6003, 12:00, 01:26, 1, YX RDU, IAH, E75, YX, 3713, 12:00, 08:58, 1, YX RDU, IAH, E70, YX, 3713, 12:00, 08:55, 1, YX However, there are a large number of flights that seem to arrive and then return to the same point of origin or transit onto another destination using the same flight code for each flight after hanging around for an hour or so. My knowledge of internal US flights is minimal so not sure if this is common practice or not and as KRDU is the probably the first genuine smaller domestic airport in the game maybe this has highlighted an issue which the schedulers needs to be aware of. Gavin ( @battlehawk77), as an ex smaller regional flight crew is this common or is this just a schedule mess to be fixed?
  10. Ha ha. Probably not but got the reaction wanted I guess. I am with you as it looks like a pre/post production technique I have seen before called Particle Snow effect or something similar possibly. Good idea though and another reason for "seasons" ability etc if/when the new version comes out 😁
  11. You stole my thunder..😂 Have another up my sleeve. Just trying to find a left and right photo so I don't fall foul of Ben the policeman! Noticed he didn't tell Vic off for not following the rules..🤣
  12. Hi AlaskaGuy, Nope the 2 ATN planes in the manifest are not in the Amazon Prime livery (Gavin did ask for this but it appears the standard one was applied to the new cargo variant) .Have noted for any further RC requirements for upcoming airports to add the Amazon Prime one if we can) Also in testing this one today spotted that the line code in the KDFW_airlines file is incorrect and any ATN flights will not spool. This should be amended to the following to work: ATN, 8C, AIR TRANSPORT, Air Transport International, United States @battlehawk77 has already updated his custom schedule files to reflect this as per his posting earlier @nyergesdesign(Gabor) please note to amend your RT file to reflect this if and when you update the RT for any schedule update if you are doing one.
  13. I an sure I will be proved wrong but in real world there are no heavy gates at Melbourne at Term 3 and 4 and it appears the developers mirrored this in the DLC. Watching airport Ops all the heavies seem to go from the International terminal (Term 2) and as @hexzedhas stated you do need to add Jetstar and Virgin Aus to Term 2 to get their heavies to spawn. Not ideal but I think you will find @battlehawk77did this in his custom schedules again I could be wrong but not near my gaming PC to check at present. The downside is that you CANNOT restrict gates on this game to Heavy only (as the development team tell me everytime I mention this!), so you will get other Virgin and Jetstar flights in Term 2 as well. This is an issue at ALL airports and will not be fixed in this version of the game as as we all know development has stopped in favour of the new version and this issue is on the wishlist to be fixed. I have run @battlehawk77 snippets with this terminal amendment config and all works fine. I will add the requirement to add at least a couple of heavy gates to Term 3 and 4 to any Melbourne SP list IF one is planned. Message Ends! UPDATE 16/12/19 Added to fix list
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