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  1. Hi Charles, Don't think so. This one was looked at quite a bit in development of the airport, looking at YT videos, google earth maps, FR maps and Internet research. Wasn't helped as there was/is construction work going on, which included demolishing part of Terminal 1, rebuilding what was there and trying to future proof the terminal for work to expand it to become more "international". Terminal 1 only has 9 gates now and the building's east of the end point have been demolished and the area is now storage for vehicles and some hard stand areas for storage of aircraft. Southwest currently uses Gates A5-A9. On April 1, 2020, the airport will activate Gates A1-A4, which will see Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines moving to Terminal 1 to use these gates due to lack of room for immediate expansion in Terminal 2. Two of the new gates will have traditional jetbridges, while the other two will be modified to allow passengers to board the aircraft via rolling stairs or ramps at the request of Frontier to allow quicker turnaround times" The developers agreed to split Terminal 1 into 4 distinct areas of 1A to 1D which is matched in the krdu_terminal file: Terminal_1A: AAY,FFT,NKS (2 gates) Terminal_1B: AAY,FFT,NKS (4 gates: Gates 1-4 in text) Terminal_1C: SWA (5 gates: Gates 5-9 in text) Terminal_1D: SWA (4 gates - hard stand and yes it does look like they are parked in a field!) In reality, as it is today, only 1C is actually used, by SW, but the file was future proofed to some extent (for 2020) by adding 1B with AAY, FFT and NKS. 1A and 1D should really be left blank but (not used as overspill for 1B and 1C respectively) it helps to stop aircraft not spooling etc if the published RT full day schedule is used. IF you are pedantic like me, I try to operate as accurately as possible and run this with only 1C (SW) at present , adding AAY, FFT and NKS into Terminal_2D and use @battlehawk77custom snippet schedules and it runs fine but each unto their own. Hopefully this answers your question but as I am 3,811 miles from KRDU Tower as the crow flies and have researched this via the wonderful world of the internet I may have some things completely wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gary
  2. AlaskaGuy Look at my excel sheet for more info but for Sun Country here is the detail and what airports they are in etc As @hexzedhas said, beware of later RC overwritting re issued RC unless you have renumberred updated manifest files. B737_sy KBOS sy Sun Country Airlines B737_sy KJFK sy Sun Country Airlines B737_sy KLAS sy Sun Country Airlines B737_sy KPHX sy Sun Country Airlines B737_sy KSAN sy Sun Country Airlines B738_sy KBOS sy Sun Country Airlines B738_sy KJFK sy Sun Country Airlines B738_sy KLAS sy Sun Country Airlines B738_sy KLAX sy Sun Country Airlines B738_sy KMCO sy Sun Country Airlines B738_sy KSFO sy Sun Country Airlines New 2019 Livery B738_sy TIST sy Sun Country Airlines
  3. I don't think Sun Country would fly into Gatwick so I assume this is on the wrong thread
  4. Not sure if you are making a statement here, making an observation or asking a question as difficult to breakdown/understand what you have typed. From the copy of the RC I have for LFPG there is no _zf file in there nor do any flights appear in the published schedule, which may explain why whatever you tried to add came in as a white plane. Although as you say it does appear in the airlines_lfpg file, albeit incorrectly as duplicated for Athens Air and Azur Air Ukraine which as I have stated is not correct, this does not mean that a RC color is in fact in that manifest file. IF, as I suspect, you are indeed asking does the B77W_zf appear with a livery at OMDB, I am reliably informed that it does indeed appear with a Azur Air Russia livery ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Revision to the latest version posted (Vers 13a) Have changed the way airlines that have now ceased operations are reported and IATA codes reused. This should stop issues like the Athens Air/Azul Air Russia issue kindly spotted by @ashman99for me in the OMDB update!๐Ÿ˜ฅ (Thanks Ashton ๐Ÿ˜) @nyergesdesignplease note for future RT releases and airline files that the line KTK, ZF, AZUR AIR, Azur Air, Ukraine should be KTK, ZF, AZUR AIR, Azur Air, Russia. The Ukraine airline (not currently used in the TD3 game) is UTN, QU, UT-UKRAINE, Azur Air, Ukraine Gary
  6. Will investigate but there are 2 ZF's in the airlines file. ATW, ZF, ATHENS AIR, Athens Airways, Greece KTK, ZF, AZUR AIR, Azur Air, Ukraine Athens Air went out of business in 2010 and should be removed from the airlines file now and the name changed for Azur Air Ukraine to Azul Air, Russia (and they do fly 777's) as Azul Air Ukraine is UTN, QU, UT-UKRAINE, Azur Air, Ukraine Will investigate more and update once finalised
  7. Updated Version 13 to include the additional OMDB RC published. Additions added to support the improved OMDB RT in the RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v17 published recently and to get the best out of @battlehawk77OMDB - Dubai International - Real Traffic Schedule - Autumn 2019 schedules.
  8. A list of airlines which can be grouped by region......now where have I seen that before in a list! ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜œ
  9. Hi Chris, You really need to start a new topic for stuff like this but as an answer to your question the answer is no. There is no military option in the current format of the game at present. Gary
  10. Simple answer is it will never work. If you look closely there is no taxiway for it to exit on as in real world operations they do not use Rwy 14 for landings, only take off. To land on this runway they would need to pretty much fly between the tower and terminal buildings and car parks and also cross over the two main runways to land which I don't believe is allowed under airport SOP's They do however use it to land GA on RWY32 (seen it whilst watching on Flight Radar) and exit to the GA ramp via Charlie taxiway and this works fine as do take off's from RWY 14, although I have personally never seen this in live operational monitoring. Hope this helps. Gary
  11. Thank you for your opinion Craig, I, along with small band of others, do indeed try and help Gabor and Vic out with suggestions on RC and airport design etc for upcoming releases and test and offer feedback. However, at the end of the day, I do not own FeelThere or Nyergesdesign and have very little influence in how they run their businesses and I would suspect that as we are now some 22 airports or so into the current operational (albeit unsupported in terms of development) model, with a new version hopefully on the horizon, there would be little appetite to change this. As with all forum members, I can merely make suggestions and try and influence the future model development and price structure that way. Gary
  12. Thanks Andrew Yep agreed. Not a game I would buy as it doesn't come close to what we have but some learning from it for aircraft graphics etc in it
  13. GAME GRAPHICS I am sure those long in the tooth forum members are aware of this game, so apologies if I am going over old ground, but I came across this game and a lot of related YT videos the other day. It's a Tablet/Phone based game but with some cleaver downloadable software you can play it on PC. LINK TO ANOTHER GAME REMOVED Now as a game this has a LOT of things wrong with it (ruddy expensive to get the different liveries and made up airports etc) and in many aspects not a patch on what we currently have and improvements that we WILL have in TOWER XX but what I do like are the much improved graphics on what we have now (clearer, sharper, one off liveries, more custom views and tugs not doing the twist and shout shuffle on push back ) and serves as the basis of what we should get as a minimum in the next version. Particular likes are the flaps and reversers operating on touchdown (even to the extent of only the inner 2 engine reversers operating on the A380!), wheels up on take off giving a cleaner line and also the fact that when the aircraft turns in the air it actually "banks" to mirror the turn and on approach it does seem to follow some waypoint turns, not straight in from 20 miles away. IF we ever get to the point in the next version of actually landing and taking off using designated RNAV points at airports his would look cool. Proves it is possible but time will tell.๐Ÿคจ
  14. Good day to you all, By popular request (demand!) I have updated the Master List (now Vs 12) to reflect the KRDU RC pack issued last week. @hexzedhas already provided a full description of what is in it in his previous posts but to answer the question overnight on the SouthWest Livery thread ( @tbruno19 ), yes it does contain the revised livery on the three SW 737's in it as well as the updates on the United A319 included in the KSFO pack. Also the Spirit A320 has been updated to the yellow livery plus 2 new A20N's for Spirit (in yellow) and Frontier have been included so for you US Airport fanatics this is probably worth a purchase. Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚ PS : Before anyone asks I DO NOT HAVE any influence on getting the request for a consolidated central all encompassing RC Pack to cover all the liveries in the game produced. ๐Ÿ˜† However, I do feel this is a good idea moving forward and one that should be considered for the next version if not palatable for this version of the game
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