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  1. I don't think Craig was implying Eli that sadly, this may take much longer than we'd all like in relation to you getting this fully up and running. I think he was implying that sadly traffic volumes in the real world will take a very long time to get back to where they were before this Global outbreak and sadly I think he is very correct in that statement.
  2. Is this an actual photo or an artist's impression of what it will look like?
  3. Don't know if its OFFICIAL or not but the subject title kind of gives it away! 🤔
  4. Sounds like these gates are the issue so need to report it in the area designated for this at: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87812-tower3d-airport-bugs-and-errors/
  5. Correct. Its not a RC Pack loading order issue. Probably got over zealous with copying down the New Version cell as there were 253 lines to be added for the EDDF RC (the biggest yet) and didn't get a chance to review and test each individual line for this one and adding all these new liveries lately is a nightmare. From memory there were discussions to add this but as it was not flying in real world in that livery at the time of the RC being put together, it wasn't. Its on the radar to add to a future RC release for a new airport or updated current airport RC that this flies into. The world hasn't ended, no one has died and it's not in a white livery and you get a nice mix for UA liveries now as in real world. 😬 Version 16.2 uploaded on the front page Ps. Thanks @ATC AlaskaGuy for spotting
  6. Spotted and fixed the error in the updated file in the main link. The B738_tk was listed twice in the EGKK detail and indeed one of these should have been the B38M_tk. Thanks @ATC AlaskaGuyfor the spot
  7. Sorry. I guess it should be ATC AlaskaGuy to be correct then
  8. Good day all. By popular request (well by ATC AlaskaGuy anyway) updated with the Master File Vs.16 to reflect associated RC for recently released EDDF RC and the long awaited LEBL forum requested RC update. Enjoy
  9. No worries Neil. It's all ready to go but just waiting on some info from Gabor before releasing.
  10. Well put @Avwriter. This is not unique as applies to a number of released airports. If you want to run the airport properly then just don't select the options and follow Airport Ops rules pedantically for your own enjoyment (which for my own personal gaming I do but that's my choice) Others can just play it as another game and play it how they want to without real life Ops restrictions for their own enjoyment (as do some YT streamers!). You pay your money and take your pick 😁
  11. Dinner will be ready when Dinner is ready as my old Mum used to say!. And you are correct @crbascott, it is V16 next 🤔
  12. They sound like Disney characters on helium! 🤣
  13. To be clear, the KRDU airport or RC files have not been updated since release last year, it was the RT schedule that was corrected and updated earlier this year so if you have recently downloaded the RT files then you are covered.
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