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  1. Pedantic G

    LEBL Bugs

    I am putting together an email to Gabor for any updated SP for LEBL 're a similar thing I have noticed on the hold points on delta1 and echo1 for Rwy2 and where aircraft hold short of 25R on M so will add this to the email Jonas. Rgds Gary
  2. Pedantic G

    LEBL Bugs

    Maybe that's why Barcelona never uses RWY 2 for departures in the "real" world ! 😂
  3. Pedantic G

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #15 -- Barcelona v1.0 -- Fall 2018/19

    This is correct and happens at other airports ( ie KBOS, KLAX, KJFK for example) If 7L was active for arrivals there would be a conflict. The same happens on Kilo for Runway 2 and at the other end at 25R. To pass this just issue a hold short of Runway xx or taxiway x to stop them holding but IF planes are landing you will get a conflict. Gary
  4. Pedantic G

    Newer flight number style

    Completely agree Wayne/Vic/Kev Would make life a lot easier. Would just need to remember to add any "custom" schedule additions each time a FT updated version came out as it would not necessarily include these? Gary
  5. Thanks Updated in latest version issued today Gary
  6. Updated in latest version issued today. Thanks Gary
  7. Pedantic G

    Real Color - A New Concept

    That's a programming issue so will be down to Gabor to look at G
  8. If you open up the A4 PDF file and look under Ethiad (page 23) you will find the answer.....It's No by the way😉 The only Ethiad aircraft in any texturepack are the A388 (KJFK), B77L (KLAX) and B77W (EDDM & KLAX) G
  9. Dear Controllers, The updated version has now been uploaded following the release of Barcelona (as always produced in an A4 and Letter format) 😀 Gabor has been a busy boy these past weeks and this has been a biggie with some 24 new airlines to add and 132 manifest lines to update! 😥 Its also included 2 new aircraft types in BCS3 - Airbus A220-300 (Swiss Air and Air Baltic) and the CRJX Regional Jet 1000 (Air Nostrum). For info if you haven't spotted them yet in game play some updated liveries for the easyJet A319 and A320 and Air Europa A332 have been included in the LEBL RC release to bring them into line with current operational liveries. Also note, not all new airlines/liveries will be seen in the published schedule which comes with RT for Barcelona as these have been added for those clever individuals that create custom schedules and with future airport releases in mind 😉 As always I try and spot errors but its getting a monster now so if you do spot any errors/issues let me know the details and I will amend those details that I am able to control for the next release of the PDF file. Thank you to those that have sent me some updated information since the last release in the threads above. Off for a beer now! Gary
  10. Pedantic G

    Real Color - A New Concept

    Thanks for the kind words but it's Gabor and his team at @nyergesdesign that do the hard work. I just do some testing and give him problems to fix and make livery suggestions which he then has to fix and make good! Mind you I have given him quite a few headaches, hence it took a while to finalise and release but it is a fun airport to run and operationally challenging if operated as per real life scenarios 👍
  11. Just finishing off and double checking. New version will be released tomorrow morning UK time 😉
  12. Pedantic G

    New Years 2019 KMCO CUSTOM Schedule- Updated

    Thanks for this. Looking forward to trying out. KBOS might be a good call for an updated one, especially as the Level livery a322 in the new LEBL RC flies into it now! 😁
  13. Pedantic G

    Real Color - A New Concept

    That is the issue with the game that everyone moans about for all airports..it loads up to 8 hours worth and if nothing departs nothing can get in until the terminals free up. That's why many on this forum suggest using the snippet custom schedules (2 to 3 hours worth) that people produce (or create your own) to reduce the amount that loads in to solve this issue 😀. This is a game logic issue, not anything that Gabor at nyergesdesign controls. 😪
  14. Pedantic G

    LEBL Runway and taxiway charts

    Only normally does that for terminal 2c flights (easy jet etc) but unfortunately that is an issue from that side of the airport due to game limitations. I normally follow the default routing for these and play 25R "chicken" across the runway or route them via B GN E7 E1 etc and hold them at S, then reroute via S, M, D1, K 😫
  15. Pedantic G

    LEBL Runway and taxiway charts

    Hi Kev, Have done a fair bit of work on LEBL with Gabor, doing some testing and suggestions for changes and airlines for schedule and RC etc and have attached some of the documentation I found when I was looking into the operations of Barcelona (probably more than you need but the larger document is good for insomnia but does give some good taxiing operations once you can find them !). Due to the limitations of the game logic a number of taxiways have had to be merged but it still operates pretty well and realistically. I suggest watching Flightradar to see how it really operates which I have been doing for a number of weeks now to test but basically in 95% of the time I have looked the West routing (using the 25's) is used during day light operations (7am to 11pm) with the 25L for departures (except some of the heavies do go off 25R especially if 25L is backed up) and 25R for arrivals. For 11pm to 7am the airport switches due to noise restrictions to the East set up (again used for 95% of the time I have looked at it in real life) with arrivals on Runway 2 and departures on 07R. On very rare occasions due to wind this can be operated using 25L for arrivals and departures. I know Joe has done a YT video on this using a different runway config which gives some good clues on how to operate but for what its worth these are my hints and tips from observations and testing: * For 25R arrivals they will turn off to the left towards Terminal 1 so for Terminal 2 arrivals you will need to instruct to vacate right on P5 or P6 otherwise it can get pretty clogged up moving around the airport. Ditto for 7L arrivals if operating an Easterly 7's set up (ie instruct Terminal 2 arrivals to exit left). * If using the 25L for Terminal 1 departures the path to G1, G2 or G3 is pretty self explanatory but for Terminal 2 they game suggests crossing 25R and then follow D1 & K. If you watch Flightradar operations this does not happen if arrivals are stacked up for 25R (which is quite a lot of the time in daylight operations) so the actual path is to use S, M, D1 and K (or S, M D1, K for Cargo operations) * If you really want to operate realistically I really do suggest watching FlightRadar for actual operations and quirks as it really helped me and if you really want to be Pedantic like me and operate under RNAV departures you can instruct 25L depatures to turn left 179 degrees at 500ft and 7L departures to turn right 090 degrees at 500ft as in real life. Watch the YT videos and FR as it really does happen 😂 Probably way too much info but you did ask! Have fun operating 😉 Gary Barcelona Current.pdf LEBL Maps.pdf

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