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  1. As I said before Daniel, already raised with FT for a potential SP. It's up to them now.
  2. It was the question over a year ago! (and we all know the answer to the original question). So Charles, you are not going mad, just the rest of us (well me in particular)
  3. So you are comparing 2 different games then? In this version (Tower 3D Pro) it is split into 2 as Terminal_Cargo1 and Terminal_Cargo2. If you don't want B747's to be in Taxi Z for extreme accuracy then just move the airlines with B747F in them to the other one. Simples
  4. So what you are saying is that in the game the Aircraft DO NOT fail to pushback, its just that in the SOP's 747F's SHOULD NOT reverse back, they have to be tugged to S from Z! (and I thought I was Pedantic!) As has been said before you cannot make any gates in this version of the game Aircraft specific (you can make it a light, medium or heavy but again if you make it heavy anything up to this can park there) so to get to this level of detail (and I am sure EGLL is not specific to this) is pretty much impossible to do. You could I guess force ALL aircraft in these spaces to be tugged to S
  5. Please attach a picture of the gate(s) you are talking about which will not allow the heavy reverse. Thanks
  6. Nevermind....I meant where the aircraft Holds on the taxiway, not which taxiways have hold points. Think this subject has been done to death now with the recent postings on the logic in the game! Thanks all for the comments. It's up to FT now to see what they can do. G
  7. Yep, that was my concern. Moving the holding point closer to the runway could screw up the exit runway distance and then cause a new set of issues! 🤦‍♂️
  8. So @WildCard, in @andredragtspeedbird example above its holding at Pattern B ( atvthe runway ahead marker) not Pattern A (closer to the runway) as it should be to enter the runway?
  9. What's that got to do with hold points? Was on about where they hold, not what type
  10. Noted. Will add to the bug card on the runway threshold issue. 👍
  11. Did raise this during final testing but think this is an issue due to conflict in the runway exit dynamics (internal game stop point logic) vs the hold point onto the runway logic but will raise this to get them to look at this again if they wish . With such low traffic at the moment its difficult to see where they actually hold as most flights get immediate clearance! @andredragt- Can you raise this as a separate card and I can link the short cut to this to the Bug report please - For info for those on the forum I will raise the following 3 issues on the internal FT Bug Report Board for
  12. Daniel, So, with your knowledge of the coding, and what is/is not possible in the game, in the LHR example above if FT changed this and put in the displaced threshold, and using 09R as the example, the starting point of the runway would be adjacent to the intersection of Y1/S (effectively eliminating the current small spur of S that leads to the current starting point of the runway). Therefore, when giving the command "Expect Runway 09R" the game would highlight the route to this new starting point at this intersection of Y1/S, or near as damn it, not at N8 as it does now but the landing
  13. Think the issue here is that the start of Runway 09R defaults to the N8 intersection and therefore it does not recognize N10 or Y1 as part of the Runway and hence you get the negative back if you say xxxx Runway 09R at N10 (or Y1) - just tried it and I also get the negative. Believe this is linked into the comment andredragt raised in the starting point of the runway. I have just tried to it using the following commands: BAW456 : Runway 09R taxi via B, Y1 and S (or even ignore the S works) - It holds at Y1 as it should and then give the command to continue taxi etc or line up and w
  14. I don't believe I said anywhere that they Never use full length! But as you say let's not have a discussion.
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