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  1. Hold points on A4 & A5 have moved closer to the runway as far as possible without looking stupid and too close to the runway and it enables aircraft to pass by on Alpha without stopping (unless you try and stick a heavy off of these intersections which I do not believe is realistic anyway). I am sure one missing stand is not going to stop your enjoyment of the game! 🙃 In any event make the most of the SP guys and girls as there will not be another one... 😉
  2. Good description Craig.. I have "borrowed" this and @hexzedwords to amend the wording in my spreadsheet to specify this 🤗
  3. Although the E195 E95 EMBRAER 195 REGIONAL JET is listed in the airplanes.txt file there is no model for this in the RT airplanes_pack1. manifest file so it will not show up. (see the airplanes_codes tab in my Tower 3D Pro - Real Colors/Aircraft Master List by Airport file sticky listing which details those planes that actually DO NOT have a fuselage body in the game despite them being listed in the each airports airplanes.txt file)
  4. All, Once you are able to download the SP released yesterday by FT (don't ask me why you cannot as I have nothing to do with that side of it), these are the changes made based on the SP fixes I sent to FT on 29th March. SPF1: FIXED SPF2: FIXED SPF3: UNABLE TO FIX PROPERLY SO LEFT ALONE AS MINIMAL IMPACT IF COMMAND TO TAXI TO TERMINAL/RAMP/APRON GIVEN IN "TIMELY" MANNER AND THIS REALLY ONLY IMPACTS LANDINGS ON 27R AND A HEAVY GOING TO A11 ETC PASSING A HEAVY AT A10E. SPF4: FIXED SPF5: FIXED SPF6: FIXED SPF7: FIXED SPF8: FIXED SPF9: ALL OK SO NO NEED TO CHANGE Othe
  5. No idea Brad does it? Compared to what? Are you saying too small/large against something else?
  6. Hi All, Its been a while due to no airport releases but Master File Vs24.0 released now with ZBAD RC details, errors in previous version corrected and known airline operational fleet updates. The more observant of you will work out that in the ZBAD RC release there are far more aircraft and liveries in it that currently fly into ZBAD and with Gabor's agreement I asked for a larger number of additions to be added to the RC to make it more value for money for people purchasing it. There are a number of reasons for this. 1. ZBAD is a relatively new airport and due to Covid th
  7. All, Service Pack fixes sent to FT for review and hopefully agreement to move forward with at least some of these. SPF1 Displaced Threshold Changes to Runway 09L & 09R - HIGH IMPACT SPF2 Rename YA2 and Y1 to N11 and connect to start of Runway 09R - HIGH IMPACT SPF3 RWY 27R at A10E Exit Point - HIGH IMPACT SPF4 Move Hold Point on A3 to stop conflict - MEDIUM IMPACT SPF5 Alpha Taxiway Hold Points onto 09L/27R and 09R/27L -HIGH IMPACT SPF6 Add new link (SN1) between S1 and N1 - LOW IMPACT SPF7 Pushback Fix on 5 gates onto Bravo correct release position - LOW IMPACT SP
  8. Requirements List input now closed Will compile the final list and then post what I have sent to FT to review and hopefully agree to devote a resource to work with me to produce and SP Gary
  9. Very true... you can get wind coming at you in all directions at all times of the day. Interestingly looking at the average stats for the last 16 years its not far off! 🤣
  10. The ability to set up and input the weather/wind etc at the start of each session was on the "wishlist" from memory ideally linked to some sort of real world real time package like some of the leading FS games. I think this has been raised before but the arrow in the Command Panel in the game appears to be facing the wrong direction it relation to the specified wind direction (Thought the arrow head should point into the wind)? This is showing wind at 10 knots at 296 degrees which if have not forgotten my school education (which was many many years ago) would indicate that its blowing 10k
  11. Tower 3D default (I guess not calm) but if you get this message you need to switch runway operations. Nothing I can get fixed
  12. Thanks, I will add a card to check the pushback release points in the gates in this section backing onto Bravo
  13. All, I need to bring this topic to a conclusion by the end of tomorrow to get the potential fixes to FT for review and hopefully developer scheduling. Thanks for the input so far and I will update the posting at the start of this posting with what I send to FT for their review once sent. For info, as an update on point 4 HIGH IMPACT - Hold points for 27R I have been carrying out some tests on the A1- A3 taxiways for feed into the start of 27R in the last couple of days, with some input from another couple of well known forum contributors, and will not proposing any changes to this as
  14. What ever you do with your own files is up to you and your suggestion is logical and in fact is exactly what I did in my own custom schedule I put together for testing
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