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  1. Thanks for the info @John Dobson. I will give it another try. I look forward to the future additions.
  2. I have recently been pointed to WASM for accessing MSFS2020 Lvars and Hvars for integration into LINDA using LUA code. I am able to read and write to Lvars but the Hvars have got me confused. I have searched the documentation and thread for clues without success. For the A320Neo both Lvars and Hvars lists are incomplete for full control of the aircraft (eg. MCP data output and buttons missing). As far as I understand, Hvars are related to events. Can someone point me towards suitable notes on how to respond to and trigger Hvars in LUA?
  3. LINDA should do what you need. It uses FSUIPC. See https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/427-linda-downloads/.
  4. If it is any help I have been running MSFS2020 on the ground (C172) with engines running using FSUIPC7 (disconnect beta) and LINDA for over 24 hours. Inputs via SimConnect have been minimal (axes and button ipc.controls calls) and no scenery updates. I have restarted LINDA many times for development testing. There have been no disconnects to report.
  5. I don't have this file path on my installation. Do I need to create it?
  6. Hi John I did a 55 min flight this morning (with a 20 min pause) with the 'official' FSUIPC7 beta (28 Aug)' connected to LINDA and PlanG map. Everything worked fine until I was descending for a visual circuit. Then I had a full disconnect of all axes and buttons and the PlanG map froze. I had to turn off FSUIPC7 auto connect, manually disconnect and re-connect. Everything came back with no problems. I have not yet tried the 'trial' version you posted above with the optional switch.
  7. Hi John I believe FSUIPC7 provides sufficient information to allow me to list the available MSFS aircraft programmatically (using 0x3C00 and 0x3E00) for LINDA. Add-on aircraft are accessible via the ..\localcache\packages\community and \official\onestore. I am assuming future add-ons will be required to be located in the \community directory like ORBX which uses a shortcut to the ORBX library. This is work in progress.
  8. @borgfan The information is available after a little investigation. 0x3C00 - returns the \simobjects path as you state (simobjects\airplanes\{aircraft}\aircraft.cfg). 0x3E00 - returns the path to the \packages location (c:\users\{yourname}\appdata\local\packages\microsoft.FlightSimulator_{code}\ localcache\packages). The localcache is a shortcut that points, presumably, to the hidden MSFS install location. If you strip off the last \packages directory (returned by 0x3E00) and add the \simobjects path (returned by 0x3C00) you will get the full path to the aircraft.cfg. eg. c:\users\{username}\appdata\local\packages\microsoft.FlightSimulator_{code}\localcache\simobjects\airplanes\{aircraft}\aircraft.cfg). I hope this helps.
  9. FSUIPC7 runs in the System Tray. You need to exit the application from there to clear the hanging background task.
  10. @earthdog/ @Firefly if you are interested in using LUA then LINDA 4.0.0 provides an easy interface for creating LUA functions and linking to MSFS 2020 via FSUIPC7. The issue at the moment is that functionality is limited to the use of legacy controls and offset. LINDA provides functions for the majority of these.
  11. Hi John/Pete With the latest MSFS 2020 update, I have a new beta version of LINDA (v4.0.0) working well with FSUIPC7 beta. No drop in FPS being experienced and I am able to run with ultra settings. Using the default functions based on available offsets and controls, LINDA provides control of VRi Combo MCPs and Logitech/Saitek flight panels as before. Congratulations on a great job.
  12. Pete, I have checked the control 66237 with the G36 (I don't have the B58). It is a toggle function and takes no parameters. It sets/resets bit 1 in offset 0x3125.
  13. @szeliga90 On the G36 the Aux Fuel Pump switch moves from off to high via low. This is the same when using the mouse or the control 66237. The offset 0x3125 goes from 0 to 1 (bit 1). If you look under Options/Controls, filter ALL and search for Fuel you will see those controls I mentioned before. We are limited to these at the moment.
  14. I am as much in the dark as you regarding Lvars and their inclusion in SimConnect. Normally, default aircraft do not use Lvars, only those from 3rd party developers like PMDG. I will take a look at the G36.
  15. @szeliga90 Based on the original MS spec, the control for the Fuel Pump is 66237. This turns on/off all fuel pumps (up to 4). The status of the Fuel Pump switch is indicated by offset 0x3104 (0 off/1 on). You can also use the offset 0x3125 to set the available pumps on/off (bit 0=pump 1, bit 1=pump 2, bit 3=pump 3, bit 4=pump 4). There are also controls 66339-66343 that toggle the electrical fuel pumps (all/1/2/3/4). This has the same effect as above. I can find no Fuel Pump High option and I don't have the B58 in my available aircraft to check. I suggest this setting is outside the defined offset/control range and relies on internal variables (Lvars) not yet exposed through SimConnect.
  16. Thank you. I had not seen that behaviour but it makes sense.
  17. At present, you have to go to the system tray, right on icon and click show to display the FSUIPC7 window. This enables users to confirm that it is connected to MSFS. My suggestion was for the window state (show/not show) be remembered in FSUIPC7.ini so that it returns to the last selected state when FSUIPC7 is started. It does not to be always on top.
  18. @RainerM if I might chip in here. I do not use SerialFP2 with my VRI MCP panels except to install the FTDI serial to USB drivers. As the support developer I would recommend you investigate LINDA 3.2.6 which works with all VRI combo MCP panels and P3Dv5. There is a 30s delay on P3D closing before the MCP is released. This was added to FSUIPC6 to ensure that the P3D background task correctly terminated. This should solve your issue.
  19. An additional delay was added in FSUIPC6 when it closes to ensure that LINDA could correctly terminate before the VRI MCP connection was terminated. This was because a P3D background task was left hanging. LINDA does not use the SerialFP2. I will read and reply to the thread.
  20. I do not believe there is any additional slowing down when reading and writing to VRi Combo MCP panel comport. I found I had a coding error (bad reference) that was stopping me getting the read working. Your advice allowed me to track this down and fix it. Using LUA with ipc.control statements does not show any observable delay when changing data (like heading).
  21. Thank you for access to the FSUIPC7 7.0.0-beta (26 Aug 2020). May I make a few suggestions before you formalise the release? The Show window should be made persistent. The FSUIPC7.exe File Description property should be changed to 'FSUIPC7 for MSFS'. At present the Task Manager process name appears as 'IPC Interface and More, for MSFS' which may not be clear to users. I have checked the following offsets as set out in offset status 0.3: 0x3124 = Flight Simulator version (1 byte) MSFS = 110 for version 11. 0x3304 = FSUIPC version (4 bytes) in hex 0x70000002 = 7.0.0 0x3308 = Flight Simulator Release (2 bytes) gives '13' (xD) for MSFS (P3D-64 bit was 12 and FSX 8). I hope this is useful.
  22. Just for feedback. With the debug options you suggested and LogOptionProtect=no, I was able to see all read and write to Vri COMPORT and I can confirm that the MCP is working correctly for me.
  23. Thanks Pete. I suspect you are correct about the SimConnect delays. I have removed as much load as I can and am getting a high fps but I can see delays in processing of inputs/outputs.
  24. I have been testing FSUIPC7 with LINDA. I am able to output data to the VRInsight MCP panel without problem. However, receiving data (ie buttons) is problematic or intermittent. I was briefly able to read some data but this is inconsistent. Previously FSUIPC was able to log this data for testing purposes. Can you assist?
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