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  1. Hi Paul , I will check out your FSUIPC client DLL and send you a pm. Arun
  2. Can you confirm the NWI is called "New Weather Interface for FS2004" in the FSUIPC SDK folder. I couldn't find instructions on how to use this header file just a text document with it describing what each part of the file does. It is probably very simple however I cannot figure it out . Arun
  3. Hi Pete, Im using "UIPC_SDK_CSHARP Revision 1.13" as I found in the SDK. After looking at the offsets you mentioned I came across B800 , "Weather at requested location (READ) For ICAO ID or Lat/Lon written in CCxx area.". In the NWI I came across offsets which are mentioned in the offsets status pdf . So I assumed I was to try the offsets above it which where labelled FSX and beyond. I understand you cant help with C# however I will still post what I came up with incase you can spot anything wrong: bool result = false; result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Read(0xB800, 4096, ref token, ref dwResult); //where do I specify the ICAO ID? result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Process(ref dwResult); result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Get(ref token , ref dwResult); int globweather = dwResult; Console.WriteLine(globweather); Running this shows me the following numbers on the console (Global weather was enabled) : 1247369539. Also looking at offset B000, I enter a fsx format Metar, observing the FSUIPC log in FSX showed me a few however , I was not able to decode it as it was nothing like metars I have seen. Is this metar applied globally? Arun
  4. Hello , I'm trying to make a weather injector for fsx , where the user inputs for , for example, the surface wind and the program injects that into the simulator. I am very unsure about how this is done, Looking at the FSUIPC for programmers pdf I found the offsets list , after successfully getting the airspeed from the simulator from an offset i went to Changing the surface temperature , as this is one of the options available in my program. I found the offset 0EC0. int token = -1; int dwResult = -1; fsuipc.FSUIPC_Write(0x0EC0, 10, ref token, ref dwResult); This is an extract from my inject function. Using the included example project I was able to produce this. My questions are , what is int token used for ? All other variables in the example project where commented apart from token however I couldn't figure out what token was used for. In addition to this regarding the weather aspect of the offset list , how do I tell whether I am getting or setting a value. Is this surface temperature being set globally or for the nearest weather station? Is there an easier way to search for the offsets I need ? I also noticed it would be 10*256 as the actual temp in the simulator , is this correct? Many thanks, Arun
  5. Ok , yes I have connected to fs and have printed heading and speed ect. Yes I have been studying java
  6. Hi Pete, fsuipc_wrapper.WriteData(3380 , 32FA , ?); I can see it takes int aOffset , int aCount , byte[] aData but I dont know what any of these are. Is this correct? Sorry as I'm new i'm not sure how this works. I looked at the api under the doc folder but still couldn't figure it out. Arun
  7. Hello , I have been learning java and have tried to use the FSUIPC java api to get information and send information to fsx. This has worked fine however I do not know to send messages to fsx. In the example provided with the download prints information on the simulator and aircraft and also sends a message to fsx saying ,"Hello world". I have looked hard through the example code and searching the web but couldn't find out. Many thanks, Arun
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