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  1. I was excited to see that Tower 3D supports "land and hold short operations" (LAHSO). However, it still generates a penalty. Example: I had a CRJ cleared to land on PHL RWY 17 and instructed to hold short of 27R. The pilot read back that instruction. However, when I cleared another airplane for takeoff on 27R while the CRJ was still on the runway, I got a penalty. The whole point of LAHSO is so you can do just that - it certainly should not be giving a penalty! The program should not be "looking" further down the runway than the hold short point when determining runway conflicts.
  2. Thanks - I did a search for "JFK penalty" but got no results. Good to know they are at least aware of it.
  3. Here's the situation: Traffic taking off on 31L from the KE intersection while other traffic lands on 4L. (This is how JFK operates in real life). When the landing traffic on 4L crossed 31L I got a 500 point penalty, even though there was no actual conflict. The whole point of intersection takeoffs is to allow other traffic to cross the takeoff runway behind the departing traffic. Should not be getting a penalty for that! This would seem to indicate a programming issue that will affect any similar situation, not just JFK. The penalty does not occur if the departing traffic is ho
  4. Here is a link to the FAA's Capacity Profiles for major US airports. Each airport's page includes the normal runways in use for arrivals and departures as well as the hourly capacity for visual, marginal, and IFR conditions. This information makes a good starting point for developing your ops plans. https://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/profiles/
  5. SFO I have spent many hours sitting in the parking lot at the south end of 1R (before it was closed after 9/11) and listening on the scanner. Normal operations (90% of the time) consist of arrivals on 28L/R and departures on 1L/R. 1L departures are generally limited to RJs but I have seen an occasional mini-bus (A318/A319) depart 1L. Most traffic departs 1R. Some heavy a/c cannot accept 1R and they have to depart 28L/R. I enjoy working SFO, the crossing runways make for an interesting challenge.
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