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  1. Thank you for this awesome schedule! I love it! I played 1500-1700 yesterday, and it was loads of fun! I did manage to make it without penalties, but it was hectic now and then. I superb addon! Thanks again! /Peter
  2. Thanks @EliGrim! I'll just delete the line then, thanks! /Peter
  3. Hello, One plane is appearing twice. 1DZD799 asks for pushback 10:55 and 10:58. There's no way of separating these two planes with identical call signs. Other than that small issue - I love YMML! It's a fun relaxing airport to controll!
  4. No I usually play in stormy conditions. But now that you asked I tried it, and it worked with calm weather! I exited and tried to load it with stormy weather, but then I'm stuck at 72% again. How is that even possible?? Does the weather really affect the schedule?!? Thanks @hexzed! /Peter
  5. Thanks for the reply @ATControl -- Joe I tried it again, and it stops at 72%. I've attached the log file. output_log.txt
  6. @Avwriter - thanks for these operational guidelines! They worked great, and did add a lot of fun and realism! Thanks again! /Peter
  7. Wow, this was hard... But a lot of fun! Thanks for the schedule @ATControl -- Joe ! At first I tried the one hour schedule for 13.00, but it stuck on 70% something. Then I tried the schedule for the whole day, and it did load 100%. Thanks for a great challenge, Joe!!
  8. Thanks, this really is a great schedule! And it's awesome to have the runway configurations attached as well! I fire up the simulator with stormy conditions, and then I look in the attachment to see which configuration to run, according to the wind, to keep it as realistic as possible. A lot of fun!! /Peter
  9. Hello! ATControl has released a video with a preview of YMML DLC!! 😎😎
  10. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to trying this one out. Once I've played the original schedule a bit. And I really have to say that the attached photo looks very nice! I didn't know Vancouver was such a beautiful city!
  11. What? What do you mean? I bought it an hour ago and it's a lot of fun! But not as busy as I had expected. Maybe the evening rush is more busy than the morning hours...
  12. @EliGrim, I tested your KLAX-schedule today, and it was a lot of fun! Thanks for a great schedule! 👍 /Peter
  13. Thanks for a great custom schedule!! I've played Friday afternoon from 17.00, and it's a lot of fun!! (I didn't get the Monday to load (full day, but start at 07.00), it did never pass 63% at the loading screen.) Thanks again! /Peter
  14. Thanks, I have to try this one out! I love the LEBL-airport, it's my new favourite airport! (But I hate the bugs with EZY not being able to pushback now and then). /Peter
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