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  1. @EliGrim, I tested your KLAX-schedule today, and it was a lot of fun! Thanks for a great schedule! 👍 /Peter
  2. Thanks for a great custom schedule!! I've played Friday afternoon from 17.00, and it's a lot of fun!! (I didn't get the Monday to load (full day, but start at 07.00), it did never pass 63% at the loading screen.) Thanks again! /Peter
  3. Thanks, I have to try this one out! I love the LEBL-airport, it's my new favourite airport! (But I hate the bugs with EZY not being able to pushback now and then). /Peter
  4. pkorkala

    1970's Vintage Airport and Aircraft

    I would love to call out Pan Am!
  5. Thanks for a great schedule! I played two hours today (from 12.00). There were a coupleof issues (two?) with GA-planes not found by voice command. I don't remember exactly what the callsign was, but it was something like displaying N1111AA but it was called N-1111AA in the command, hence the voice command didn't find the plane. If I encounter it again I'll write the actual number down. If you want to look at it right now you can look somewhere between 12.00 and 13.00, and it certainly was a GA (and I loaded the schedule for the whole day, not single hours). Thanks again, I'll play this schedule again for sure!
  6. pkorkala

    Plane not holding short, crash...

    Thanks! The only earlier command I gave to FDX619 was Taxi to apron via Y. I continued to play after this incident, and it worked better when I didn't give the "hold short"-command. I'll try to make this situation up again in the next simulation-round, to see if this is a repeatable bug. /Peter
  7. Hi there controllers! Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug? I'm running KMEM, and told FDX619 to hold short of RWY 27. He replies that he would hold short of RWY 27. 30 seconds later he has totally forgotten what he promised me to do, and runs into an departing aircraft of RWY27... The game of course gives me -1000 points in reward. Is the hold short command useless, and I should monitor every single plane in proximity of a RWY? Thanks! Peter, ESSA
  8. Thanks @crbascott and @cwalfy1! Can I edit the schedule-file and just delete one of the two lines? /Peter
  9. Hi guys! There was a strange thing just now when I was playing EDDM from 11:00 and forward. It's the original schedule. One plane, TOM2407, was handeled correctly and given clearance to land on Runway 8R. Here's what happened: 11:51:45 the plane made a successful landing, and I was given +10 points 11:52:29 the plane is telling me he is GOING AROUND... And bespite the plane is visible on the ADIRS and showing the given path to the Terminal, it's ALSO visible at the DBRITE, but without tag. If i click on the T-symbol it says TOM2407. 11:52:51 I was confused about what to do, so I tried to give command to Contact departure, but TOM2407 is replying with Negative. I tried it once again with the same result. 11:53:13 I got fined with a penalty of -500 points for a unhandeled plane, TOM2407... Is this a bug? Or should I've done something different? /Peter
  10. pkorkala

    Been having fun with delays

    Thanks anyway CL30! 16 hours is quick enough for me! And thanks for info about the issue with multi monitor setup, @crbascott! This explains why I couldn't figure out how to do it. Guess I'll have to place the strip on the main monitor for this gameplay then... /Peter
  11. pkorkala

    Been having fun with delays

    Wow, what an awesome idea!! I'll have to try that out! How do you type in EDCT in their strips? Just click and type? /Peter
  12. Thanks andredragt! Now I now why it told med he's going around. And also how to handle it! /Peter
  13. pkorkala

    Airport with most intercontinental traffic?

    Thanks Braf and Ben! I'm seriously addicted to the game now... I've installed some custom schedules now, and it works great! I also bought KSFO today. Yes, I have both Real traffic and color! I haven't bought real color for Orlando and KSFO yet, but there's only a handful of white airplanes so it works for med atm. 🙂 /Peter
  14. Hi! I'm a new player since about a month, and I've already bought the Orlando DLC. I'm planning on buying the DLC-bundle (KATL, KJFK, KLAS and KSAN) on the next Steam-sale - if I don't have to wait too long... Which airport of all of the DLC's contains most international/intercontinental traffic? And if we exclude the DLC's in the bundle? I'm in love with this awesome game!!! 🙂 Thanks, Peter
  15. Hi and thanks for a great schedule! One of the arriving planes, N738SY told me it's going around while landing. I didn't know what to do to handle this, so I ended up with -500 point for this... What should I do when a plane tells me that it's going around? Send it to departure? Thanks! /Peter, (played this for about a month, and I'm totally loving it!!)

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