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  1. So I'm guessing no one else is having this problem? So Strange!
  2. Hi Scoob, Thanks for the help; *I'm on Win7 Pro, *Nope, I've never seen the radar display in the feelthere AC *I do not get any kind of test screen for the WX. I'm not even sure what that is???? I definitely get Wx control box in the MFD (Says what mode the WX is in and I can also tilt it, etc) but nothing that says Wx Test. I can't find anything about a test screen in the manual either. *Nope this is my first real addon AC so I haven't ever used any weather radar. Do you think I should try to uninstall/re-install FSUIPC? I'm going to try and install the widescree
  3. Hello Everyone, So I've tried everything under the sun (Followed all the Q&A tips, etc) for getting the Weather Radar to show up on my Embraer 175/195 and nothing is working. Please help if there's any tips or tricks to getting this to work! Advice would be greatly appreciated as I really do enjoy this AC! Here's what I've tried: 1. Enabling WX in the Config program 2. Enabling on MFD 3. Trying it first in 2D Cockpit 4. Made sure my FSUIPC is installed correctly (There's some stuff about weather there but I don't think it applies to the 175/195 AC 5. FSX SP2 is installed
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