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  1. ridgeskimmer

    Active Window

    Thank you guys...now it works!
  2. ridgeskimmer

    Active Window

    Many thanks John, unfortunately that hasn't done the job Regards Mike
  3. ridgeskimmer

    Active Window

    So does it need ext. focus(h) at the end? What exactly do I type? Then how do I put that in modules folder?
  4. ridgeskimmer

    Active Window

    So would the LUA be ext.gethandleP3D.exe ext.focus(h)? sorry I’m new to this! thank you
  5. ridgeskimmer

    Active Window

    Hi, Can anyone help with this issue? I'm using multiple monitors with P3D. One main monitor has the P3D running on it and others have addons running in them i.e Fs Flight control, Vatsim, etc. When im working in one of those monitors then they become the "Active" screen and if i then press a key command for then main P3D flight sim it doesn't work as that, at that time, is not the "Active" screen. I have to first move the mouse over to the P3D monitor and click on there. This is a faff on! So my Question is, is there anyway of assigning a button command using FSUIPC to revert back to P3D as the "Active" monitor or is there any other work around? Many thanks for any suggestions Regards
  6. ridgeskimmer

    [RESOLVED]V4 Recording Issue

    Any chance of looking at this please Fabio?
  7. Hi, Great that Version 4 is released. However I can't get it to record or at least save a recording. I press record and it says recording. When I press STOP it just says 'Load Flight file for a situation' It doesn't bring up any window to save as?? Surely it should be giving me an option to save as? Can you help?
  8. ridgeskimmer

    Multiple USB Interface boards

    Yes got it now Pete and i'm getting somewhere with it now thank you so much it's a great tool :-)
  9. ridgeskimmer

    Multiple USB Interface boards

    Sorry that should say above I’m NOW getting a letter in joy stick box!
  10. ridgeskimmer

    Multiple USB Interface boards

    Ok thought that was going to be too easy! I did as you said and changed the .ini file. I then plugged both boards in to seperate USB ports. I’m not getting a letter in joystick box and when I push a button I get a number as before but obviously I presume matched to this new joystick device? However the same happens now on my original controller too. I thought that would have stayed at 1?? Anyway I then changed the .ini file back to NO thinking all would go back to original but no that’s now showing a letter and I’ve lost my original settings! Could you maybe tell me where I’ve gone wrong or a simple talk through on the method again? thanks
  11. ridgeskimmer

    Multiple USB Interface boards

    Many thanks for your reply. I’ll give that a go
  12. Hi, Im trying to convert an old Flight Sim Console to use with P3D V4. I need more than 32 buttons. Is it possible for me to use 2 of Leo Bodnar's 32 button boards and configure using FSUIPC? I have succesfully programmed many buttons on one board but when i then connect the other board FSUIPC is just assigning the previous button numbers 1-32. Is there a way of doing this? Thank you
  13. Hello, Just wondering if any news on the update? Thank you
  14. Hi Pete, wonder if you can help me. All the functions of FSUIPC wotk fine but when I click on GPSout the program crashes every time. Any ideas what's happening and how to fix? Many thanks Mike

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