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  1. No Problem Alan..we're good :) I saw the "Traffic3D_Sounds folder but I remember one install that I had all these numbered folder like utlive aircraft folders with just a sound ai inside. Well anyway. Where is the soundai I should back up..the default for UTLive (if so where is it?) and is the uninstaller inside the "Traffic3D_Sounds main folder. I haven't reinstalled yet. I guess I will read more. Thanks Alan, Bob M.
  2. I just bought your product on SimMarket.. I had a situation where I installed your product and it created all these folders inside UTLive with just a soundai in each. Is that correct..also I went to uninstall the product..I don't believe there is an uninstaller and I used Revo to uninstall it and that was a mistake. It uninstalled my entire UTLive. program..so I had to start over..not happy. I have not reinstalled it until I hear back from you. Thank you, Bob M.
  3. STB and UTLive

    OH...LOL Have a Great Day Simon :) Bob M.
  4. STB and UTLive

    Hey Simon...guess who lol....Question...I have decided to go back to UTLive.....I know that it is not supported...I don't remember how I set up the options to tweak this but if I can't.....is there a way in the config tab to turn off the question marks so they are at least not showing..... Thanks Simon, Bob M.
  5. UT2 Logos

    Simon..Thanks... Well its installed with an fsx exe and all the work arounds and ut2 works BUT......well hummmmm........lol Bob M.
  6. UT2 Logos

    hey Simon...until some more work is done on UTLive..I have gone back to UT2..I notice in the selection that UT2 is not listed but UTLive. Which of these selections should I pick? Thanks, Bob M.
  7. UT2 Logos

    Well thank you so. I am getting ??? in Scheduled/Due on left in statusboard...do I need to tick something different in the tabs? Bob M.
  8. Thank you Pete....you're so to the point. lol Happy Holidays, Bob M.
  9. I have a Saitek Pro Yoke and a rudder (Tiny Box-VKB) that does not have toe brakes. Later Tiny Box pedals support toe brakes. Ok My problem... I want to use the Red Button on the right side of yoke to apply brakes. Push button to apply brakes and push button to release brake. I am using the keyboard . to set or release choke at gate because I can't get the parking brake to hold..this is the only way I can get the plane to stop backing up. I can use fsuipc or a few commands for p3dv4.1 to do. Whats the best way to do this. Hope I am making sense. lol. 2- When I release brakes the pmdg 737ngx goes like a "bat out of hell". I can I slow this beast down..without hitting brakes. I am using the throttle quadrant 1st lever for throttle and I do have reverse set up ok. When I am taxing..would like to keep the plane around 10 mph and not 50mph..lol Any help appreciated. Warmest Regards and Happy Holidays, Bob M.
  10. Thanks Pete...got her working ok, Enjoy the Holidays, Bob M.
  11. I have assigned a button on Saitek Yoke for Parking Brake but for some reason when my scene loads..the 737ngx keeps backing up and eventually the brakes will hold. Maybe I don't have it set right in FSUIPC 5. Little help. Thanks for the assist. Bob M. FSUIPC5.ini
  12. Absence

    The Very Best to you Burkhard!!!!! Bob M.
  13. STB and UT Live

    I just installed UT Live today-just releases and it show flights departing, arriving but in far left corner..it says scheduled with ???... any way to filter or correct that? Maybe also to filter whats coming in in the next hour or so. Board arrival and departure jammed pack at Atlanta. In the setting UT Live.. the traffic is at 100%. Traffic in sim is set to zero. Thanks, Bob M.
  14. STB and UT Live

    Thanks Simon and every one for your assistance.....just trying to tweak it...Have a great day! Warmest Regards, Bob M.
  15. STB and UT Live

    Thanks Paul... where's Simon...Jk. Got fs real and my utlive is set spawn thirty nm but not what to do on the board control... On Stb in settings etc.,.Thanks for such great support!!! Bob M.
  16. STB and UT Live

    Simon..Its working ok..P3dv3 has a bad happen of not staying with system time. Just checked it and if was not right... Reset it and Super traffic Board is working great. Any way to change a setting about the bubble and diversions? Also..can I have the STB track traffic say with one hour or two or say 30-50 miles radius. out as oppose to stuff further out and keeping the board display down a little. No problem Simon if its not in the realm of the program. Thanks, Best Regards!! Bob Morehead
  17. STB and UT Live

    Its working pretty good but how do you correct the time. It shows Sunday 17.19; 26 March 2017; right now its Tuesday April 11 at 948am (-5 Zulu) or east coast usa. What does it mean when flights are diverted. Means ai's are on a collision course? I do have it on a network. Thanks, Bob Morehead
  18. STB and UT Live

    Thanks Simon..the traffic board on ut live is kinda funky..not sure it shows arriving and departing at same time. Thinks it one or the other. Your quality of board is so far superior. I see traffic on yours but not sure maybe if I can tweak it. Always been a fan of your Simon. Thanks, Bob ps I network mine too :)
  19. Real Traffic

    I have STB on network..which is connecting and all is fine. My question: I have Real Traffic and PSXseeconTraffic http://www.lekseecon.nl/PSXseeconTraffic.html It reads the data from the simobjects.cfg file and injects ai in real time. If I wanted to know what flights are landing and taking off...is there a way to do this with stb. I know the stb connects when I change the setting in p3dv3 traffic to show traffic without Real Traffic running and stb see and show on the traffic board what flights are landing and taking off. When I turn the traffic off.in the menu of p3dv3 .stb is connected but shows no traffic...Is there a way to do this? I am aware that it is not configured but maybe way around this? Might be some other users that are using these other programs. Thank you!! Bob M.
  20. Real Traffic

    Thanks will look at it. Bob M. Thanks, Bob M.
  21. Hey Simon..been a while.. I have stb and ds on two different computers. My ds is on the p3d computer (call it client i guess) but on the stb side i cannot get it to connect to p3d. I allow thru firewall and i have tried ip and computer name. I have a paid fsuipc on p3d. Do I need to reinstall fsuipc or where do I look. Pretty familiar with networking and have worked with stb over the years but no error messages on stb load up and i guess it tries to connect but it doesn't..any ideas? Thanks for all your hard work and the best to you!! Bob Morehead
  22. Spoke too soon :)

    Well I had everything running great UNTIL I installed ASN and then everything went south. I believe part of the problem is xml corruptions. Nothing loads except fsuipc in menu. Stb data server won't connect tp P3dv3.2 now and subsequently stb won't display on client. So at standstill for now. I have the latest fsuipc and the latest (today) of stb. My Ai Traffic.exe no longer connects on client machine to p3dv3.2. I took asn out but that didn't solve anything but I know and read posts about xml corruption and "ansi". Well anyway..any body got an ideas. I will upload the dll.xml and my exe.dll and see if anything looks wrong without asn. Thanks, Bob Morehead P.S. I have never seen any of the prompts from p3dv3.2 about allowing a program access like in the old FSX days.. I probably need to manually add? dll.xml exe.xml
  23. Spoke too soon :)

    Thanks Simon!!! sent you an email.. Bob Morehead
  24. Spoke too soon :)

    Don't ask me but it just started working out of the blue kinda. Data Server connects...shows up in menu...BUT on the client..this ( show up now so once I figure that all..maybe airport will load lol Bob M.